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Latinos Auto Service & Repair General Auto Service & Repair Shop Welcome to Latino's Auto Service & Repair, Inc. of Loudoun County. We are located just minutes off of Route 28 in Sterling, Virginia.

For the past 12 years, Miguel and his team of mechanics have provided quality service to Northern Virginia residents throughout Fairfax and Loudoun counties. Because of their experience in automotive repair, you can be assured that you will receive the highest quality work, done right the first time. Free estimates are provided and no work is done without your approval and complete understanding of the repair diagnosis. less

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Latinos Auto Service & Repair Located in Sterling VA Since 2003We Specialize in Domestic & Foreign Vehicles and medium D...

Latinos Auto Service & Repair
Located in Sterling VA Since 2003
We Specialize in Domestic & Foreign Vehicles and medium Duty Truck Gasoline and Diesel we do all mayor and minor Repairs and Factory Recommend Maintenance for more info you can call at 703-430-1840 or Visit our Web Page at

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Latinos Auto Service & Repair's cover photo


You'll need to bring your car in periodically for engine tune ups, which include actual work on the engine or motor, or electrical tune ups, which involve work on the spark plugs, cables and replacement of the distributor cap.


Some vehicle items that need to be changed when they're worn out include the air filter, spark plugs and cables, windshield wipers, headlights, blinkers, brake lights and engine timing belts. Some of these you'll need to have us do for you.


Keep an eye on the air pressure of your tires. Having your tires aired up at the right psi is important to your car getting good mileage. If one tire is low, air it back up until it reaches the correct level.


Have you ever wondered why your check engine light might come on and off without you doing anything to fix it? In some cases, your light will only come on when the problem is actually occurring, which could be an intermittent issue.


Has your car recently failed an emissions test when it's otherwise been running fine? If your spark plugs are in need of replacement, they can have negative effects on emissions and overall engine performance.


Does your car ever begin shaking when you hit the brakes? While this could have many causes, the two most common are issues with the rear drum or the bearings in the rear wheels.


Did you know that white smoke emitted from tailpipes can be an indication of contaminants within the fuel supply? In many instances, the white smoke occurs when water condensation or antifreeze finds its way into the fuel supply.


If you live too far from the dealer who sold you your car, it is important to find a reliable mechanic and repair facility. We have been delivering many years of reliable service and would like to be regular mechanic.


When was the last time you had your shocks checked or changed? Worn out shocks can damage your tires, axles, and undercarriage. In addition, bad shocks can result in loss of control if you hit a pot hole or curb and lead to an accident.


Did you know that the type of gasoline your car takes could dictate how long the fuel filter can stay in place? While some cars are good for 100,000 miles before replacing the fuel filter, diesel vehicles may require replacement every two years.


When you purchase a new vehicle, it's always a good idea to go through the owner's manual to view the maintenance schedule. That will let you know how often you'll need to bring it in to us for tuneups.


What are a few signs which often occur when a head gasket is blown? Continual overheating, excessive coolant loss, a presence of foam or froth on the oil dipstick, and white smoke from the exhaust pipe with a sweet smell.


Since your car's transmission system is one of the most costly systems to replace, it's important to know the signs of a problem before it becomes unfixable. Leaking transmission fluid is often the first sign of a problem


What can blue smoke from tailpipes mean? In many instances, when blue smoke is emitted from tailpipes, this is an indication of an oil leak - the blue smoke often occurs when oil which has leaked within the engine is burned.


Letting a car warm up for longer than a few minutes in cold temperatures will only waste gas on modern cars and can contribute to engine damage on older models. When it's cold outside, cars only need to warm up for about 30 to 60 seconds before driving.


What is the best thing to do if a vehicle begins to overheat? Immediately stop the vehicle and wait until it cools before popping the hood and checking fluid levels. Avoid driving if fluid levels are low or if the vehicle continues to overheat.


Why is warming a cold car up not as important as it used to be? Because most of today's cars have electronic fuel injection systems which adjust to a car's temperature - when the engine is cold, the fuel injectors will stay open longer to allow more fuel into the engine.


Do you ever notice a grinding sound when your car just won't start? In many cases, this is a sign your alternator is in need of repair or replacement. A clicking sound, on the other hand, indicates a battery problem.


Do squealing brakes always indicate a serious problem? Not always. Sometimes brakes squeal because of issues which are easy to resolve including loose fitting brake pads, missing springs or a rough finish on rotors which have been resurfaced.


If you want to keep your car running smoothly, try to avoid letting the car sit with a near empty gas tank. When sediment in gasoline becomes concentrated, it can get into your engine and damage it.


Pay attention to changes in your car's air-conditioning. If you detect an odd smell or it does not cool as you think it should, bring it in for a check. We will identify the problem and make recommendations about repairing it.


If your car failed inspection because of the smog test, we can help. Bring your car in for a diagnosis, and we will make the needed repairs so that your car will pass its inspection and be legal again.


Although we recommend getting your oil changed every 3,000 miles and make the allowance for up to 5,000 miles if you don't have the time, there is one exception to the rule. You can't go more than six months without changing it.


Brake noise is a sign of a problem. If you hear squealing, scraping, or other noises from your brakes, have them checked and repaired at the earliest possible moment. Ignoring the problem could be dangerous.


Today's cars are much more sophisticated than the cars of the 20th century, with their internal computers, satellite radios and in-dash cameras and touch-screen displays. We have mechanics with both old-school skills and modern training to fix any car.


What is the best way to warm up a car in cold temperatures? Let the car run for between 30 to 60 seconds before driving. For the first few minutes of driving, drive gently while all of the car's parts continue to warm up.


What common signs can occur when a brake master cylinder needs to be replaced? The brakes may begin to feel squishy or soft and will need to be pumped to temporary return to normal pressure, and the red brake warning light will often turn on as well.


Did you know your car has a cabin air filter? Autos built since 2000 are equipped with these air-cleaning devices designed to remove dust, particulate matter, and other contaminants from the air. It needs to be replaced at least once a year.


If you take good care of your car and engage in preventative maintenance by keeping a good record of what you've done, what maintenance we've done and what plans you have for it, you'll get a long life out of your car.


Have your headlights oxidized? If you notice an opaque glaze on your headlights, it will reduce their effective light transmission. Removing it is tedious and time consuming. Bring your car to us and let us clear up the situation.


If yours is a newer vehicle, the computer system makes do it yourself repairs impossible. In addition to damaging your car's engine and its systems, you could also void the vehicle's warranty.


What is the number one sign which occurs when small amounts of contaminants find their way into the fuel supply? Smoke emitted from the tailpipes. The color and smell of the smoke can provide additional clues which may identify the cause of the contamination.


Motor oil has an important job. It lubricates the motor while cooling it down, cleaning it and also protecting it. The oil can't do it without the help of the half a pint of additives that go in each quart.


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