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Ron Lewis Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Pleasant Hills The Ron Lewis Automotive Group has been family owned and operated for over 45 years. We are proud to offer our customers a great selection from our 8 different franchises and 4 dealership locations in the Greater Pittsburgh area.

The team at Ron Lewis Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Pleasant Hills is dedicated to pleasantly surprising customers with a remarkable vehicle purchase and ownership experience. We do this by remaining committed to our customers’ experience and being competitive on selection and price.

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Check out this Souped Up 2018 Wrangler Unlimited Sport!


To all who have served, we thank you.

Good friends of mine Chip and Lori Welsh picked up this gorgeous 2020 Cherokee Limited 4x4 last night. Thank you to the ...

Good friends of mine Chip and Lori Welsh picked up this gorgeous 2020 Cherokee Limited 4x4 last night. Thank you to the staff that made it all a very smooth process.


We have a new #5starowner today! Help me congratulate Renuka on the purchase of her new 2021 Wrangler. Wranglers are hard to find these days. But, we were able to find this one and make a deal. Thank you so much Renuka for allowing me to earn your business. Enjoy the new ride 😎 #BOUGHTFROMSCOTT



*Receive $100 Gas or Grocery Gift Card with Vehicle Orders November 1st, 2021 thru November 30th, 2021.


*Receive Ron Lewis Automotive Rewards Membership with Vehicle Purchase – includes free maintenance package!



End of the night and we have a new #5starowner!!! A big congratulations to Larry on the purchase of this beautiful Dodge Durango. Larry was ready for an upgrade from his Grand Caravan so, he #BOUGHTFROMSCOTT and got a great deal the very same day. Thank you Larry for allowing me to earn your business. Enjoy the new ride.

Save $$$ on our Tire Sale!

Save $$$ on our Tire Sale!

Save $$$ on our Tire Sale!

During Jeep Adventure Days at Ron Lewis Jeep in Cranberry, Pleasant Hills, and Waynesburg-- We’ve got Jeeps and you can ...
Ron Lewis Jeep September 2021 Specials

During Jeep Adventure Days at Ron Lewis Jeep in Cranberry, Pleasant Hills, and Waynesburg--

We’ve got Jeeps and you can lease a 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo X for just $334/month!

ALL 2021 Jeeps are now bundled with Jeep Wave Customer Care! See us for details. We Have Your Keys℠!

Ron Lewis Jeep in Cranberry, Pleasant Hills and Waynesburg has a great selection of Jeeps - including the 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo X for just $334/mon...

I'd like to congratulate the 3 winners of the Bantam Trail Fest passes! Here are the winners: Karen Lynn GiroudDave Emer...

I'd like to congratulate the 3 winners of the Bantam Trail Fest passes! Here are the winners:
Karen Lynn Giroud
Dave Emery
Fitz Jon
Thank you all who participated. Keep watching our page for more contests!

SOLD!! Congratulations to Chovante on the purchase of his 2019 Jeep Renegade. His old Patriot finally called it quits and Chovante needed a great deal on a reliable vehicle. So, he #boughtfromscott and became our newest #5starowner.
Thank you so much Chovante for allowing me to earn your business. Enjoy the new ride 😎.

Scott Luscombe
Scott Luscombe

Scott Luscombe

I hope you choose me to help you during your buying experience. Shop, research, communicate, and more with just the click of a button.

Photos from Scott Luscombe - Automotive Sales Professional's post

Photos from Scott Luscombe - Automotive Sales Professional's post

This didn't pay the other day but, during the Grand Wagoneer event, Marlene and JJ became our newest #5starowners! Help me in congratulating them on the purchase of their 2015 Jeep Patriot! They wanted to make the switch from GM to Jeep and did not want to break the bank doing so. So, they found our Patriot and #boughtfromscott. Enjoy the new ride guys 😎


2022 Grand Wagoneer and Wagoneer!


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Pittsburgh, PA

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This service department is the absolute WORST!! NEVER will we be returning...just got our oil changed Wednesday. After seeing weird spots in the driveway my husband went to investigate to find that our car is now leaking oil everywhere and has ZERO oil left in the car. We should have learned our lesson the first few times when they TWICE left tools under the hood of our car and ONCE didn't replace the oil cap and then slammed our hood shut on top OF THE CAP DENTING OUR HOOD! 😡🤬 BEWARE of this service department!
Honestly, I have to say I and really disappointed. Originally Scott was great to work with but now that it’s 2 months later I realize he was just trying to make a buck and get me into a car. I had a Jeep Wrangler that the lease was going to be up in June, so I had two more payments on it and I was a little over on the mileage. I was looking to get into a used Jeep Compass. I specifically remember asking Scott if they handle everything with ending the lease - including financially - and he assured me that that’s what they do, it will all be calculated into my new payment and I wouldn’t have anything to worry about. I had never done a lease before so I was unsure of how the trade in would work. Again, he assured me that they handle everything with the turn in of the lease and getting me into the new (used) car and that it’s all calculated into the payment. Well, here we are 2 months later and I receive a whopping $1500.00 bill from the bank that I did the Wrangler lease through. I was in tears - so I got in touch with Scott to ask him to explain why I was receiving this if he (the dealership) “took care of everything”. He acted totally clueless like he had no idea what it was for. I originally left him a really great review because he supposedly handled everything and made it all easy but I completely take that back now. BEWARE! If you are buying from this dealership make sure they really ARE going to take care of everything when you trade in your lease. My husband and I were even thinking about going back to Scott to trade in my husbands car but we definitely won’t be giving them anymore business after this.
What is the point of scheduling a service appointment when you get here and right off the bat the service advisor is RUDE. First off when I made the appointment I specified I would be waiting with my car, only to be told by that advisor that it is going to be hours before they get to my car. Been here an hour so far and besides driving my car into the garage NOTHING else has been done! So then why make an appointment in the first place!?!?
Thank you so much for all your help to purchase our new Jeep! Special thanks to best sales person Noah at Ron Lewis Chrysler. Will definitely give this dealer 5 ⭐️!!! And big congratulations goes to our didi Purna Dangal and best of luck with your dream customize Jeep!!! We are so proud of you Di!!! Keep rocking!!!
Not happy with the service I received there today. I was told several things via email with bob, but when I went there today I was told exact opposite. Was lied to about “an appraiser” looking at my trade in, they offered me 1,000$ for my trade in when the kelly blue book value was 5,000. Also took my patriot there 3 times in 3 months to get fixed. All 3 times went home and had the same problems again, and still have the same problems. Wasted a LOT of money. Very very disappointed.
Bought a new Jeep renegade back in March. Patsy my sales rep was amazing and has continued to be amazing. There was an issue with paperwork that required some help from upper management but they were able to get it all straightened out for me. I would highly recommend Patsy just triple check your paperwork and they’re not a bad dealership to deal with.
Some businesses are using this pandemic as an excuse for bad service. It’s been 6 weeks. No more excuses. We all are adapting. I made an 8 am appointment at Ron Lewis for my first 5k mile oil change and tire rotation. The service attendant meet me at the door an said, “fill out an overnight form, drop it in the box and we’ll get to it when we can get to it.” After I told him I made an appointment, he said he’d need at least an hour and a half for an oil change and tire rotation. Why did I make an appointment? I drove to Ryan’s Goodyear and told them my situation and they said be here tomorrow morning at 8 and we’ll get you in and out. The oil change was free at the dealership, but time is money and Ryan Goodyear has always treated me good. I’ve never had a good experience at Ron Lewis (I’ve had to get the BBB involved once) and they appear to be using the pandemic as an excuse for escalated disfunction and increased rudeness.
Special thanks to Tyler online sales, Eric manager, and Jack finance manager for getting Kathy Kindervater into her new Jeep!
I wouldn't recommend this dealership to my worst enemy. If you must buy your next car from them make sure to get anything they offer in writing because once you drive off of the lot you will find you are on your own. Also demand to see what all is checked to make sure that used cars go through a 150 point "Rigorous" inspection to become Dodge Certified Pre-Owned
My husband and I just recently purchased a 2019 Dodge Journey from Ron Lewis in Pleasant Hills, we needed a AWD vehicle for all the hills here in Pittsburgh, and our Old mini van had a GREAT run but it was about ready to retire. We worked with Ray Kling, JT, and Eric all of them were so great and down to earth. I had reached out to Ray showing interest in the vehicle, my husband and I stopped down at 5 pm Ray had the vehicle washed and ready for a test drive! They made the car buying process super EASY for us. Took the car home that night! The next morning while showing off my car to my coworkers I noticed that the head light had some condensation in it, called Ray they ordered a new one and was put in 3 days later. I also was having some issues with connecting everything via Bluetooth. Ray and JT worked on it for a good half an hour, Jeff in service had them do an update and now everything works GREAT! Ron Lewis is a fantastic dealership to work with. You tell them the budget and they will help find you the perfect vehicle!
This place is a rip off they seen me and My other half come in and seen 2 old people in their 60s and knew they could robbed and cheat us !!! I needed a car badly because my son is sickly and they pulled a old switch and bate on us .. then the salesman kept giving us bull crap stories then all sudden he doesn’t work here anymore ... They was rude from the door , very cold , maybe because we weren’t a pretty bombshell like the 1 young girl was who was treated like a queen ....then told us 38,000! Wasn’t enough to get the Jeep Wrangler we wanted so bad .... so we picked out a all black Jeep Cherokee and ended up with a grayish Jeep grantie and not brand knew either as we paid cash for almost 35,000$ son had brain surgery and heart surgery or I would had been got a lawyer then he just got out the hospital after months and got hit by a car .... the Jeeps Like almost 7 months old and a piece of s**t ....... my name is Niecey Gruszewski ( Janiece ) so if anyone else had this or something else happen to them here please hit me up on Facebook or call 4124662354 ......... thank you 😊
My friend & I , went an pick out a Jeep Cherokee all black at this place, & found it but as I was to buy it , Bob grimes told me I had to take the check back and get it in their name , we did and went back , well we wasn’t showed the car & we were informed it was going to get sent back to get detailed while we did what we needed ... so after all day long we finally got it all done , I bought a 2000 warranty and left ... ( never got no warranty papers or no proof still )) I goes out and gets in it ( now it’s dark their closing ) and Jason ( Guy Bob transfer the sale to name ) we all go outside when the Jeep pulls up and my reaction immediately was that this does not look like the truck I picked out at all ... He’s says yes of coarse it is hahahaha ... so me and pat gets in and he’s telling me that there’s no time to go over stuff but when we come back for that TSH. STUFF he’ll show us it all just call in the morning . We call and it’s put off , he’s calls us after leaving him messages and gets us in after like 2 weeks .. then they give me a rental and after waiting a hour 1/2 for a rental I am already late they come out as I’m getting in it and stops me and switches me for a old rental didn’t even feel out the paper work for that one . Just put that plate on ... like wow ... then go back the next day , they give me 2 close boxes of the treatment stuff and a burn hole in my car . ... I don’t know if it was even done and that cost almost 1900$ ... i by the way paid cash for the Jeep too . 36,000$ which was suppose to had been the one I picked .... long story to a end .... they gave me a Jeep grantie 2019 , it needed detailed it had no stickers or papers on the window and it had like 15 miles on it . So how was that even knew . The whole time the battery is messed up actually we just got a new battery today my warranty paid for it ... they shld had gave me a knew one on them .... and the guy says ( took it back for the oil change & battery dying ) anyway that there’s 2020s out here less then what I paid for that piece of s**t he’d be p**s to . And that was their worker .... they took us for a lollipop ride big time and we were the suckers ....