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Aluminum is said to be one of the lightest boat building materials available, which is one of the most important factors. A lighter boat increases performance, reduces fuel costs, and increases carrying capacity.


A great material to use for custom marine fabrication of decks and internal boat structures is cross-linked PVC cores. These foam cores are the stiffest available, providing a greater breaking strength for the same amount of density as other materials.


We understand that safety when boating is always in your mind when operating your water craft. That’s why we take such care in the fabrication of your parts to ensure your boat runs safely.


Do you know how your boat’s alternator works? It is only slightly different from the one on your car’s engine. Both create electricity by induction, and both involve relative motion between copper windings and a set of fixed, permanent magnets.


For thousands of years, humans used log boats to fish, hunt, and trade. These boats, dating back more than 10,000 years, were dug out from large trees and powered by paddles. They are the oldest-known boats in the world.


There are several types of fiberglass used in marine fabrication. E-glass is general use fiberglass for composite construction, whereas S-glass is a much stronger and more damage-tolerant version.


One of the benefits of fabricating a raked bow for your vessel is that it increases accommodations. Since the acute angle is usually fewer than 45 degrees, the forwarder waterline position allows for a larger forward stateroom V-berth.


When it comes to dealing with critical aspects of your boat, like the engine or fuel tank, it’s critical that you work with people who really understand what makes a boat run. Rest assured that we have the expertise you’re looking for.


If you are in the market for refurbishing your boat, you will want to consider the construction materials that you choose. Aluminum is a popular choice because it is lightweight and strong. In fact, aluminum is twice as strong as steel.


It’s important to remember that you don’t have to learn to live with a boat that has parts made from substandard materials. When you need a higher-quality material for the parts you rely on the most, we may be able to help.


Have you ever wondered how a boat’s alternator is different from that of a car? The automobile alternator’s rotor is turned by the pulley on its face to generate its electromagnetic field, but the approach used by an outboard’s alternator is slightly different.


Have you been hesitant to bring your boat to us because you think your needs are too far out of the ordinary for us to be able to help? Try us. We’re always ready to accept new fabrication challenges for the boats of our customers.


Want to extend your boating range? A custom fuel tank may be the best solution. Some boat owners choose to replace the main tank with a fabricated tank that has more capacity, while others opt to add supplemental tanks to hold fuel reserves.


Unlike most materials, aluminum and similar metals can be repeatedly reclaimed, recycled and reused without altering their performance and fundamental properties. As a result, almost all metal that’s ever existed in the world continues to exist today.


While the term "port" is often used today to refer to the left side of the ship, it wasn’t always used. The left side of the ship used to be called “larboard,” after the Old English terms for “loading board,” but was most likely changed because it sounded to similar to starboard.


Do you know how to clean out water ports in an outboard motor? It’s important to maintain the working of your outboard motor to prevent high maintenance costs or replacement. Cleaning out the water ports is a good way to avoid servicing them, which can be costly.


If you spot cracks in the propeller blades of your boat, we can fabricate a new propeller or repair your existing one, depending on your preference. We can also handle repairs to the shaft.


A flat square stern offers a broader surface for a wave to act upon compared to a round stern. However, the round or cruiser stern is safer in following seas, because the wave will split and travel forward along each side of the boat.


With a vintage spoon bow design, the spoon curves to the deck much in the same way as the back of a spoon. The curve is either low- or high-chin, which means the curvature is most gradual near the waterline or deck.

Get out to the Tulsa Boat Show and see the Ranger Tugs @ booth 334/335.We would love to show you the many amenities that...

Get out to the Tulsa Boat Show and see the Ranger Tugs @ booth 334/335.
We would love to show you the many amenities that make these unique vessels so appealing.


It’s important to take precautionary measures and perform appropriate maintenance to keep your outboard motor in good working condition. The fuel injectors are especially prone to buildups of grime, that can counteract fuel economy and cleaner emissions.

The Ranger Tugs have moved in, so let the show begin!Tulsa Boat Show Jan 30-Feb 5 Booth 334/335Scott @ 314 295-9664 text...

The Ranger Tugs have moved in, so let the show begin!
Tulsa Boat Show Jan 30-Feb 5 Booth 334/335
Scott @ 314 295-9664 text/call for info.


We recognize that you can’t always afford to buy a new boat once you realize your need more space in your boat. Buying new engine mount brackets could help you create space and possibly improve your engine’s performance.


Switching to a different type of engine brackets can be a good idea for a number of reasons. Whether you’re trying to maximize fuel economy, create more space in your boat, or just improve performance, we’re always here for you.


Ken Warby and his boat Spirit of Australia currently hold the water speed record of 317 miles per hour. Originally set in 1978, there have only been two other official attempts to break the world record, due to the danger of driving a boat at such a high speed.

The Tulsa Boat Show is coming up fast!Jan 30-Feb 5Come out and see us at booth 334/335! We will have a R27 and R25 on di...

The Tulsa Boat Show is coming up fast!
Jan 30-Feb 5
Come out and see us at booth 334/335! We will have a R27 and R25 on display. Call/text Scott @ 314 295-9664 for additional info or to request an appointment


When you’re looking for custom parts for your boat, it’s important to buy those that are best-suited for being out on the water. Typically, the metal will be coated with something to protect it.


Fabricating parts to marine-grade standards means not only using metals and metal alloys that meet rigorous standards, but also using welding wire that is also marine grade. Lesser materials can suffer from electrolysis and subsequently fail.


It may seem obvious to old sailors, but do you know why boats float? It has to do with the physics of buoyancy. A boat floats because the weight of the boat is equal to the amount of water it displaces. A boat sinks then when either it gets too heavy, or if its damaged and displaces less water than normal.


Recreational boating can be a great way to have fun with family, friends, or by yourself, but keep safety in mind when you go out on the water. It may not be the coolest, but wearing properly-fitted, Coast-Guard-approved life jackets should be worn by everyone on board to prevent drowning.


There are several applications where a composite fabrication is going to work best for your boat. This includes the fabrication of everything from bimini tops to transom platforms, cockpit cabinets, bait tanks, and top houses.


The transoms on wooden boats often wear away due to rot and other forms of damage. When the transom shows signs of irreversible damage, let us fabricate a new one, so you can keep your boat afloat.


Are you concerned that you may have finally taken on more project than you’re able to handle alone? When you need custom fabrication work for your boat, rest assured that we’re always ready to give you the results you need.


Do you know the different between dual steering and single steering on an outboard motor? There are differences in how the motors are installed on the boat, as well as how the motors are connected, in addition to how each reacts to the water.


Aluminum alloys used for marine applications are frequently joined by friction stir welding, a process in which contacting sheets are joined by a rotating tool moving in and out between overlapping surfaces.


Wooden boats are aesthetically pleasing, as well as providing a very effective insulation. This can create a quieter hull and a warmer and drier inside. Wooden boats can, however, require more care and maintenance.


Certain types of boats are fabricated with a spherical stern, where the boat ends in an aerodynamic way. The spherical stern smooth away the flow of water, and these sterns are standard for cruiser boats.


Refitting the interior of a boat can come with varying price tags, depending on the type of materials used, the size of the boat, and its overall condition. Researching the materials that fit the job most effectively and their costs will help you work within your budget.


Thinking of buying a boat or taking it out for the first time? Did you know more than seven out of ten boating accidents are caused by operator error? Try taking a boating education course. They can help teach new boaters the rules of safe operation and navigation and even help refresh old sea dogs on the basics.


Every region of the country has its own unique boat preferences. In Oregon, the drift boat is the local favorite for fishing, exploration and river running. Most modern drift boats are fabricated with aluminum or fiberglass, but many traditionalists still favor wood.


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