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Greenway Hyundai Orlando Orlando Hyundai is Central Florida's premier Hyundai dealer. Thanks for viewing our page. Better built. Better believe it.

We customize the vehicle purchasing process and value our owners and potential owners. Orlando Hyundai is winner of Hyundai’s coveted President’s Award for excellence in sales and service customer satisfaction, and an A rated member of the Better Business Bureau.

“Better value. Only at Orlando Hyundai.”

If you're ready to get behind the wheel of a new or used Hyundai, visit us today. We offer convenient hours 7 days a week. There is nothing we love more than watching our customers drive away with a smile on their face! Visit us and see why we ALWAYS beat the competition.

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End of Summer Savings Are Here! Don't Miss Your Chance To Save Big On A Great New Vehicle! Reach Out To Us Today!!

End of Summer Savings Are Here! Don't Miss Your Chance To Save Big On A Great New Vehicle! Reach Out To Us Today!!

Don't Miss It! Huge Deals All Labor Day! We Have A Huge Selection of Pre-Owned Vehicles Available!

Don't Miss It! Huge Deals All Labor Day! We Have A Huge Selection of Pre-Owned Vehicles Available!

Greenway Hyundai Orlando Has A HUGE Selection of New Hyundai Tucsons and Elantras! Now Is The Perfect Time To Take Advan...

Greenway Hyundai Orlando Has A HUGE Selection of New Hyundai Tucsons and Elantras! Now Is The Perfect Time To Take Advantage Of End Of Summer Savings And Get Behind The Wheel Of A New Hyundai! Take A Look At Our Inventory HERE 👉

We are here to help you save! Take advantage of this now and reach out to us today and let us help find you the perfect ...

We are here to help you save! Take advantage of this now and reach out to us today and let us help find you the perfect new ride! Take a look at our huge selection of inventory here 👉


4110 W Colonial Drive
Orlando, FL

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Congrats On your New Hyundai Santa Cruze exclusively at Greenway Hyundai Orlando
CAN’T believe how unprofessional this dealership is! TOTALLY SHOCKED!!
Would be nice if you had a service department that could book an oil change within 2 weeks!
g. I’ve found it impossible to contact upper management at Greenway Orlando Hyundai with these concerns after multiple attempts to do so. Thus this letter and a social media review and campaign will be the result.
We feel that part of a fair and equitable solution to our complaint and concerns would be for Greenway Orlando Hyundai to; 1. Refinance the 2018 Hyundai Ioniq to get payments around $350.00 which was what we originally asked for. 2. An apology for the fraudful tactics, condescending behavior and abuse. 3. And or allow the return of the vehicle as we have since found better vehicles within the monthly rate and budget we allowed for.
d. But the paperwork we've already received from Wells Fargo who financed the loan; indicated that my Equifax score upon which they based the loan acceptance was 648 and my Wife’s 687. Thus the arguments they gave for not resubmitting financing for a better rate was false and their statements about our credit scores were false. And my 9/28/21 approval through Capital One for a better vehicle at a much better term disproves there argument.
e. I could not help but wonder if they thought that just because the vehicle we traded in had a Payday Subprime loan on it, that we were easy prey? To their credit; they did payoff the $2800.00 owed on the car. But maybe they attempted to recoup it with their predatory dealer add-ons and fees. In May of 2020; I purchased a 2014 Honda pilot EX 4X4 in May, 2019 when I had no credit score, for a 6% simple interest rate. The finance manager said at that time I was the proverbial "Ghost" in the finance field, because I had nothing on my credit for a long time.
f. He told me that in a year after making payments one time, I could trade in on something new at an even lower rate. But with all of the payments being made on time on the Honda Pilot; we still got stuck with a 9% loan rate through Greenway Orlando Hyundai’s Chicanery. The pressure we received from Greenway Orlando Hyundai to accept there inflated prices and terms were incredible. They literally wore us down to make this sale under draconian tactics. This was our fifth vehicle purchase from a large dealership. And it has by far, been the worst!
b. In our 9/28/21 meeting with Pina; I also showed him the documentation of our being pre-approved that same day for a “2019 Hyundai Limited” through Capital One, from Dealer for a total price of $21,618.67. With payments of $351.70 a month (Documents attached). Proving that they could have secured for us much better or equivalent terms for the car they sold us, had they tried to do so. He responded " and both are being sued for selling lots of vehicle with frame damage to customers. In other words, “take my word that you don’t want to buy from them”. An example of the condescension we experienced over and over with Pina and his manager.
c. In our initial meeting with the finance manager and his supervisor, when I complained about the terms of the vehicle purchase; we were told with that my credit score being 544 and my wife’s at 614 was the problem with the loan terms. After strongly stating how we get monthly credit scores reports and my most recent showed 640 and my wife’s 713. They still insisted that 544 and 614 were our actual scores. They also told us that if they resubmitted a refinance application in order to get a better rate; it would seriously lower our credit scores further, resulting in decreased changes for getting financing and or an even worse interest rate
After thinking about both the $472.00 projected payments as well as the extra charges of $5,178.00 which Pina added to the internet price through various fees; we felt that we were baited and robbed. We returned to the dealer on 9/28/21 after notifying "Pina" on 9/23/21 that we wanted to remove the excessive dealer fees. We originally wanted to return on the 23rd or 24th to sign necessary paperwork but were told that “there’s no hurry”. The pressures and false hoods we experienced when we purchased vehicle continued on 9/28/21. But after we persisted; Pina finally printed a document we both signed documenting our refusal of $4000.00 in both the fraudulent warranty and the Gap Insurance fees. He then basically kicked us out of his office as if we had to right to determine our financial obligations.
a. Pina told me that cancelling the extra charges would not change the $472.00 payments. (With all the prior, dishonesty, I doubt this was true). And we did not receive any finance paperwork other than the cancellation document we signed; and we received nothing about any specific changes in the total vehicle price or loan terms.
COMPLAINT AFFIDAVIT: On the evening of 9/21/21, we Informed Finance person "Pina" and his supervisor how our payments needed to be around 350.00 for 2018 Hyundai priced #18,700.00 on website When called to the finance officer’s “Pina's" office we were told payments were $472.00. $152.00 a month More! We feel that this dealer committed dishonesty in originally adding charges of $3000.00 for a warranty which vehicle already had through Hyundai Corp FOR NO CHARGE, because car was a CPO One owner Vehicle. I later spoke with Red Hoagland Hyundai of Winter Haven Fl. who told me they do not charge for the warranty for CPO one owner vehicles. I also called Tanami Hyundai in Naples who told us the same thing. The Vehicle we purchased should have cost us 18,700.00+1,122.00 Tax + 1000.00 Dealer Fee for a sub total of 20,822.00, minis our 3,000 Trade. For the Grand financed total of 17,822.00. (We transferred our tags) It cost us 26,000.00 out the door. A 46% increase in the vehicle price. 46%. Also; I noticed that the price printouts of the vehicle changed three times during various printouts, 24,550.00 to 25,000.00 to 26,000.00
Stay away from this place they will charge you an arm and a leg for repairs only for your car to continue to have issues. Then when you call about said issues you can't reach anybody and your voicemails go unreturned. I'm going on almost a week of trying to reach somebody about my vehicle without any success.
Unparalleled blend of luxury and technology
Incredible ride comfort
Effortless acceleration
Endless safety and entertainment features
Opulent cabin

Come take delivery today!

Ken Sidana

Come take delivery of this vehicle today!

Ken Sidana

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My boyfriend and I purchased a car from you over the summer. I reached out to the finance manager we dealt with back in November to cancel extended warranties we purchased and was told it would be 4-6 weeks. I reached out in January to get an update because the lien holder still hasn’t received a check and never got a response. Here we are in February and still waiting for that money to go back to my lien holder so I can stop paying interest on it. I have tried to call your dealership many times and either it rings forever or someone transfers me and the call eventually hangs up. It’s very unprofessional and frustrating. I’d really appreciate someone getting in touch with me to resolve this.
We had a great experience at this location and got to be the first customers who bought a new car from our salesmen! Not only was he a great salesman he also took great pictures 😆 to Justin, Mike and the GM Ken, thank you!!
Spent a few hours at Greenway Hyundai Orlando today. We weren't planning to buy or trade-in but we received an email with an offer we'd thought we'd look into. Basically a "Buy Back Program" that, because of our timely payment history with them, would buy out our current loan regardless of how much was owed and then allow us to purchase a new vehicle at the same or lower payment. Had a good history with Greenway at their Ford dealership and at this location when it was Orlando Hyundai.
Regardless to say, this was a 'bait and switch' kind of deal that was never even an available opportunity. Which we half-expected. But then something interesting happened.
The Finance Manager came to speak to us and said they could give us a better deal if we don’t trade in our vehicle. When we explained it wasn’t in our budget for 2 vehicle loans, he (the Finance Manager) said to just stop making payments and let it be repossessed and that it wouldn’t really affect our credit. Um, what? I may not have the best credit score, but I don't want a repo on my history.
All I can say is 'Wow' and at this point we were done with this dealership and will never go back.

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