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Auto Advisors We assist credit union members in the car buying process while generating direct loans for our credit union partners. We are NOT car dealers, nor do we ever buy or sell vehicles!

We assist credit union members with their new or used automobile purchase while keeping the financing with their credit union.

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Another Donna fan...

"Hi Joe!

Just a quick note to express my satisfaction with Donna A.'s service. I spoke to her on a Friday afternoon, explaining that I needed a car right away. Despite the inventory shortages and price gouging challenges of today's market, she was able to find a vehicle that I wanted at an amazing price. Saturday morning the new car deal was closed at a price thousands below what used car dealers were offering for the same model older vehicle with 60k+ miles, and I didn't have go from dealer to dealer all over the tri-county area fighting and haggling for days on end. That's everything. Quick. Easy. Painless. Thanks Donna."

Wanda M.


Here's another email from a very pleased BrightStar member. Donna is doing great work for her members!

"Hi Joe! I asked Donna for your information. We have had a helluva year! I got covid ended up in a wheelchair lost my driver’s license while still having to be a mother, partner and teacher. We needed to downsize my car and upgrade Dana’s Wrangler to a Gladiator more capable of handling my electric wheelchair. This process has been a nightmare until Donna. One guy told me I was “confused”. Another couldn’t make eye contact. One place sent the secretary out to help me and refused to let us test drive the car we wanted. Then, Donna! We found her on the BrightStar website and she just fixed everything! She got us the cars we needed right now and the right people to help us. She made everything awesome! And it all happened in a week! We have and will continue to sing the praises of Donna and all you have to offer at BrightStar. And thanks for this awesome service! It takes the pain and sting out of your car buying and financing to just be able to enjoy the cars which is the whole point! Thank Donna again for us!

Dana C. and Briget N."


Donna is a Rock Star....

"Good afternoon,

I wanted to take the time to notify you of the service I received from Donna. Donna was in contact with me from the very beginning of my inquiries for a new car purchase up until I received my car. Donna was completely professional and made it clear she was here to help me with whatever I needed in regards to my car purchase. She did all the work for me and made my experience very relaxed and easy. She is a great example of what an ideal employee should be and I really hope she gets recognized for her above and beyond efforts.

Kind regards,
Arturo M."


Another happy BrightStar member with a wonderful message for us:

"Dear Sir,
My husband Donald and I recently purchased a 2021 RAV4 using auto advisor Donna A. We actually were approved in late August for this purchase by BSCU credit union. Due to unforeseen issues (Covid, chip delays and God knows what else).
We were finally able to take possession of our SUV yesterday!
Every step of the way Donna Acosta was in touch with us explaining and apologizing for the delays, even though we fully understood things were beyond her control. We just had to have patience. It all worked out in the end. When our SUV arrived, Donna arranged for us to be taken to the dealership to sign the paperwork and have Paul G. explain how the SUV worked, our last car was from 2008, had no fancy anything, so we appreciated Paul taking the time to go over all the bells and whistles in the RAV4.
I joked with Donna in an email saying how we felt she treated us like VIPs! We are regular people, it was nice to feel special.
2 of our sons are considering buying new cars, we highly recommend Donna Acosta as their Auto Advisor. She was a pleasure to work with.
Wishing you and your employees a very Happy Thanksgiving. Thanks again.
Maria and Donald J."


A lovely note from a USFFCU employee:

"I wanted to pass along rave reviews about Beth and the guidance and support she gave me last week while we were purchasing our vehicle. I was informed every step of the way and the stress of buying a car was 100% eliminated because of the leg work and research she did.

Buying a car is rarely fun, especially with the current shortages. With Beth, we were able to get exactly what we wanted the day we wanted it.

She was a pleasure to work with and I truly believe that she had my best interests at heart. I will always recommend her and the auto buying service!

Thank you,
Melissa C."


Another terrific note about Beth:


I wanted to take a minute to reach out to you and let you know how much I appreciate Beth’s help with some recent auto purchases I made. I had the unfortunate situation of having my car (which Beth helped me locate a few years back) totaled. I absolutely loved that car so it was a heart breaker.

I didn’t have a car so Beth was instrumental in locating possible options for me. I wanted to replace it with another Subaru. She worked tirelessly with Subaru to try and find me the car I was looking for. In the end, I wound up buying a new 2021 car which she talked them into delivering to me in Gainesville since I didn’t have a way to pick it up. Once I got the car, I wound up not actually liking it. I reached out to her within a couple weeks and she started the search all over again for me. I know she was very busy but she would always make sure my texts were answered even if it was after work hours or on weekends. In the end, on round 2 she went back to Subaru repeatedly at my request but they would not budge on the price of a different vehicle and continued to low ball me on the trade in. I had to give up purchasing the second car thru Auto Advisors bc there weren’t any other CPO cars available in the network, but Beth did everything possible to secure me the car I was looking for at the price I could afford!

She makes buying a new car much less painful! I am very grateful for all her assistance.

Best regards-


Here's a lovely note from a very happy First Choice Credit Union member:

"I just returned home with my car. I am extremely satisfied with the service I received. Jorge helped me get a new vehicle in just a few days. This process was very smooth and easy! This vehicle is a blessing to my family. Much appreciated!

Kathy M."


And another very happy member...

"I wanted to take a moment to express my thanks for the incredibly professional team you have at Auto Advisors. I just bought my first Audi, and the experience couldn't have been more seamless. Donna is truly a jewel!

Donna A. was truly a pleasure to work with throughout the entire process. I never felt pressured, harassed or rushed. She was patient, expert and offered me a positive experience from beginning to end. I will certainly suggest that my friends work with your company in the future.

Thank you again for such a positive experience. I am so grateful to Donna for all of the attention and dedication she demonstrated throughout the process. You are lucky to have her on your team!

Olympia D."


This one is emblematic of Donna's service and we are so proud of her...

I recently purchased a 2021 VW Atlas, and although the auto market is stretched thin with inventory and shortages across the board. I found my experience very pleasant and unbelievably fast. I had the pleasure of working with Donna A. Wow she was fast. We communicated through text and email, and although she was on her day off, she managed to find the perfect vehicle on the very same day, she scheduled my appointment, we went to road test it and because of Donna's relationship with the dealer, my family and I got Tier 1 treatment. Which can be hard to come by in this industry at times. We came to agreement in less than an hour and I picked up my brand new VW Atlas 2 days later after I sorted out my own financing. If I could do this all over again I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again. I’m thankful and appreciative for Donna and the Auto Advisor group. I look forward to using Auto Advisor Services in the future to come.
Sincerely, Joseph M."


Another happy BrightStar member:

"I wanted to take a moment to thank Donna A.! She is wonderful to work with- professional, quick responses, friendly and matched me with a dealership the same day requested!
I now own a 2022 Kia Telluride and I absolutely love it! Thank you for the wonderful experience. I will recommend going through BrightStar Credit Union and Auto Advisors to my family and friends."

Betty A.


And this about Jorge from a very satisfied Gold Coast member:

"I got introduced to Gold Coast by my mother. From the very first time I walked in, I have had a very pleasant experience. The first person to greet me was Dean, very friendly personality, and helped me meet with the person I was looking for. Miriam was my go to person. She made sure the loan process for my car was successful. She was patient, caring, understanding and she helped me through the process flawlessly. Then Ms. Josephine, another amazing person, took her time to also help me in my time of need. When I felt like I wasn't going to get my dream car, she came to the rescue. She introduced me to Jorge and he was an Angel Sent! When I tell you he was on top of his game and had my back through it all, he did! In the end, I got my dream car and I have a phenomenal team at Gold Coast who has my back! Thank you to you all!!! Daphnee J."


Donna is on a roll:

"As a first time user of Auto Advisor I was very satisfied with the experience and I would use your service again. I enjoyed working with Donna who made the car buying procedure very painless. It was a very welcoming situation to walk into a dealership and not be subject to the games they play to sell you a car. Once again thanks to Donna and Auto Advisor. Robert B."


Another wonderful testimonial about Donna:

"Good Afternoon Sir,

A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of working with Donna.
I just wanted you to know how much I deeply appreciated her help advice and expertise.
She was our auto advisor she helped us find what we wanted. She went above and beyond, she was exceptional. She was very kind, patient and thorough. You have an extraordinary person working for you.

Ivan H."


To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Roshana P. I recently purchased a car with Bright Star Credit Union. I worked directly with Donna A. and Christine E.

Both ladies set the bar across the board for a perfect customer experience. From the moment I reached out with an inquiry, Mrs. A. was responsive and extremely knowledgeable about the inventory for my automotive needs. Mrs. A. guided me about the vehicle inventory, while her and Mrs. E. walked me through the entire car buying process. I was kept informed through constant emails about necessary documents and the next step in the process.

The process led us to Joe R. at Honda. He continued the search for a vehicle for my needs and in my price range. It could not have been more seamless and made the process very pleasant. Toward the end of the process, I had an issue with car insurance. Mrs. E. and Mr. R. suggested insurance resources to assist me. Their attention to detail and my satisfaction was unparalleled- going above and beyond in every aspect!

Thank you for your attention,
Roshana P.


Another very happy USFFCU member:

Good afternoon,

I hope you are doing well and enjoyed your weekend. I want to say thank you so much for helping me with my auto loan and connecting me with Louie and the Auto Advisors program. This was truly the best car buying experience I have ever had. Louie was amazing!

Before leaving the dealership, he had told me I would be hearing from you to get information about my monthly payments and when they are due. Please let me know if there is anything else you need from me and when we can discuss this. I work 8-430pm. I am available via phone but being that I work on the phone if you could send me a quick text in advance that would be great so I can plan my break accordingly. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Darlene C.


Another happy credit union member!


My name is Peter K. I am writing you in reference to Ms. Donna A., my credit union auto advisor representative. Recently, due to Ms A’s persistent efforts, I was able to purchase a 2021 Honda Ridgeline truck. Ms. A overcame great odds, such as delays in national auto industry production, shortage of the type of vehicle I requested, to finding the exact vehicle I wanted. Her pursuit in this effort was highly professional, with the utmost integrity. Without question, she is a great asset to your organization. I would not hesitate in recommending her to assist my family and friends in purchasing an automobile. Thank you.

Peter and Farbia K.
Sent from my iPhone"



Good morning Bill:

Hope all is going well with you! I wanted to let you know of the wonderful experience I personally received from Joe M.

Both my daughter and I had leases coming to term and almost did not contact Auto Advisors thinking that I know what I am doing. Luckily, I decided to reach out and discuss my plan with Joe and of course, he was much more informed of the market and suggested a different direction.

Joe worked his magic, and I was able to obtain an enhanced model with many more options at a lower payment AND I received money back from the dealer due to equity of the trade.

My daughter was little more of challenge since she had her heart set on a specific vehicle. Even though he was skeptical of her choice (as were her parents) he researched the options that were available and provided explanations as to the higher payments which helped to convince her to choose another option. This process was repeated but ultimately, she decided on a cool looking sporty Toyota she loves. It was even delivered to our home and closed at our dining room table.

But that is not all! Due to Joe's knowledge and suggestions, she sold her current leased vehicle to CarMax and walked away with a check for $5000!

We could not be happier with the service and advice received from Joe! Auto Advisors are the experts, and we will continue to put our trust in them.

Kathy B.


Dear Mr. G.,

My husband and I want to thank you for having such a wonderful person , Beth was so very helpful and efficient when we needed to find a vehicle after our unfortunate accident.

It took one call to her and she was off and running and kept us informed every step of the way.

We were able to purchase our new “love” in just a couple of days.

She was so nice and so caring. Wish the world had more people like her.

We have been so impressed with your company and especially Beth, that we tell anyone who will listen so that when they need a car or truck they will call her and she can perform her magic for them also.

We truly believe that she is one in a million.

Again thank you for having such a perfect person helping people in need.

She introduced us to Richard L. at the dealership in Lakeland. He also was so helpful and even returned our rental to Enterprise so that we didn’t have to drive both vehicles back to Zephyrhills. Wonderful people/wonderful team.

Everybody has been amazing.

Sincerely yours,

Patrick and Ann M.


To Whom It May Concern,

I had the pleasure of meeting Steve P. as I was in search of a new vehicle. Steve made the process less stressful. With his guidance, knowledge and contacts I was able to buy a vehicle this past Sunday. I would not be driving the vehicle I have now if it was not for his help. I highly recommend Steve to anyone looking to purchase a vehicle.

Theresa O.


I have no idea who Donna is. She introduced herself through a text message from Brightstar because I was looking for a car. I called back and spoke to Donna and she was exceptional from day one letting me know every detail about the cars and SUVs I asked to look at. She worked hard looking and sending me different options and also prices to match. After only two days I had an appointment at one dealership to see one of my choices but Donna called me thirty minutes before the appt and told me the car was a mess don’t waste your time hang tight for a minute. She called me back four minutes later and sent me to Coral Springs Honda to meet with Joe. I found an excellent choice which I am happy with thanks to Donna and her diligence. Thank you for hiring her and Brightstar for recommending her to me; thank you Donna for everything! DK


From a very happy First Florida member:

"I meant to text you last. Just wanted to say thank you for all your help. You made this process super easy! I emailed the mgr at the dealership below as well.

The staff was superb! Customer service was excellent. Everything was ready upon my arrival and the process was short and sweet. Please tell them thank you again on my behalf!

Kirsten W."


A very happy Tropical Financial Credit Union member writes about Donna:

"I just wanted to drop you a line about my recent experience with my auto advisor, Donna A. From first point of contact to my purchase of my car over the weekend, there was not a lapse in communication and follow-up from Donna. She made herself available through email, text and/or phone call.

I was connected with her through Tropical Financial. Once connected, she immediately reached out to ask my car preferences and within minutes was sending me email after email of cars available in my area. Once I expressed interest in a car, again, within minutes, she was setting up appointments with the Managers of the Dealerships based on my availability. Her lines of communication were always open. She even went so far as to let me know she had to step out for an hour but I should text if I needed her!

I'm unsure how many clients she may have been juggling while taking care of my needs, but she made me feel like I was her one and only priority.

Absolutely fabulous! Give the lady a raise!

Kind Regards,

Cindy C."


Orlando, FL

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