Double G RV Park

Double G RV Park A relaxing atmosphere, nestled in the Maryland mountains near Deep Creek lake, where families and friends come to refresh and revive while vacationing.

Get away from it all in the beautiful Maryland mountains, just 1/2 mile from the beautiful shores of Deep Creek Lake. Providing seasonal and overnight camping as well as indoor and outdoor boat and RV storage.



Let's get real, is it even the weekend without brunch? We don't think so either. So make sure this Sunday you order the BEST brunch and pick it up from MoonShadow! Whether it's a Full Moon Plate, fluffy French Toast or a tasty omelette, we've got you covered. (You can even come in your pj's. We won't tell) And as an added bonus, all Veterans, Active Military and First Responders receive 10% OFF ALL WEEKEND as a giant THANK YOU for all they do! #memorialday #thankyouforyourservice #eatrealfood #oaklandmd #deepcreeklake

High Mountain Sports

High Mountain Sports

Our front doors are now OPEN at High Mountain Sports. Here are some updates on how we are going to operate. And please expect things to change as we figure out what works and what doesn't. Your safety and the safety of our employees are the utmost importance. We are following guidance from the CDC, Maryland Governor Hogan, and our local Chamber and Health Department. We have installed Plexiglas counter windows, have external air sources, upgraded hvac filters, and implemented continuous cleaning and sanitizing policies. There are multiple places for hand sanitizer including the the entrance to the store. All of this will reduce the risk of Covid-19 spread but please understand we can not eliminate it.

We are going to have 4 options to help keep our staff and customers as safe as possible.

Website Shopping -Shop online at and select local pickup. Call us when you want to pick up your order and we will have it ready for you at the front door.

Curbside pick up - Call us at 301-387-4199 and we will have your order ready for you get here. Call and we will bring it out to you.

Private appointment- Starting Saturday we will be scheduling private appointments from 9am-11am. These appointments will be 1 on 1 with a knowledgeable senior staff member. During this time there will be a max 2 other parties in the store at the same time. The time slots will be 20 minutes but can be scheduled longer if needed. These appointments are great for larger purchases such as kayak, bikes, wake/water skis Please call 301-387-4199 to set up your time slot.

Regular shopping- We will be open to the public from 11-6 for your general shopping needs for Memorial Day Weekend. We will have a host at the front door during busy times. During these hours we will be limiting the amount of customers in the store. Masks must be worn at all times and hands must be sanitized before entering the store. No children under the age of 16 will be allowed in the store (kids have natural curiosity and want to touch everything). This is a really hard policy for us but we are trying to keep things safe for you. Please call for an appointment if you are under the age of 16 and need to come in the store.

Other changes

Bikes and Kayaks- You may have read about the "bike boom". We were lucky to sell some bikes recently which has caused a shortage in our bike inventory but we do have bikes in stock and more on order. Unfortunately it is very hard to order bikes under $1,500. The Ebikes are sweet and a ton of fun. We are also short on kayaks and are working on finding more boats but currently we do have boats.

Bike service- Please call ahead so we can fill out a work ticket. We ask that you pull around the back of the store to drop off your bike. Once you are here call us and we will tag your bike. Please give us a little more time than normally for bike repairs as the recent "Bike Boom" has been keeping our repair shop busy.

Rentals- At this point we will only be doing long term rental (2 or more days). Unfortunately all equipment must be properly sanitized after use and this will not be possible after each hourly rental at this point.

No restrooms or dressing rooms

We are strongly discouraging cash sales. We are setup for touchless credit card and ApplePay.

We look forward to continuing to provide you with the best service and selection for all of you outdoor needs.

Happy Memorial Day.

Honi Honi Bar

Honi Honi Bar

Hey folks! Just to let everyone know, we are not open, and will not be open, until the state of Maryland and our local commissioners allow restaurants to offer indoor/outdoor dining (Phase 2). Even then, we will only be allowed to offer dining/table service. Bar service and live entertainment will only be permitted once we enter Phase 3. We just don't know when that will be. Please know, we would love nothing more than to see everyone shoulder-to-shoulder, dancing on our deck this weekend. We miss you all and hope to see everyone soon. Also, please note that under the current "take out only" restaurant mandate, there is no dining allowed anywhere on premises. Therefore, our lawn and decks are also closed to the public.

Annie's Kitchen Country Restaurant

Annies will be open this weekend for Carry Out!

Annie's is closed on
Wednesdays but will see you tomorrow at 10 am!
We will be open all weekend 10AM-2PM for Carry Out!
Stay tuned for Special Offerings for your picnic!

Trout's House Seafood

Trout's House Seafood

We are open! Please reserve for the weekend as Supply is limited! Call ahead and make sure you and your family have your Trout House Seafood Needs!

This weeks Trout’s House 🏠 Seafood 🦞Specials! Visit for more info! We can’t wait to see you Deep Creek Lake MD! .
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Brenda's Pizzeria

Brenda's Pizzeria

Mid-week slump? Let us take care of dinner! Wednesday Double Dinner Deals available for just a few more weeks, folks!

#limitedtime #humpday #relax

Happy THIRD Birthday to our precious, free spirited, best-big-sister, silly, horse-loving, independent Molleigh Gail! ⠀•...

Happy THIRD Birthday to our precious, free spirited, best-big-sister, silly, horse-loving, independent Molleigh Gail! ⠀
We love you more than life sweet girl! ♥️⠀
Photo 1&2: Anna Brown Photography

Congratulations to our sweet Emmitt on his 5th grade graduation. ⠀•⠀When he joined our family he was just heading into K...

Congratulations to our sweet Emmitt on his 5th grade graduation. ⠀
When he joined our family he was just heading into Kindergarten. It’s almost unbelievable that he is now moving on to middle school. ⠀
Congratulations Emm! We are so proud of the sweet, kind, loving boy that you are and truly can’t wait to see what you do with this world! ♥️

A few chances left for half price pizza night at Brendas!

A few chances left for half price pizza night at Brendas!

June 8th will be our last Half Price Monday before summer, so you've only got 💥three💥 chances left to get your favorite pie 50% off! Call or order at today!

#countdown #summer2020 #DCL

The littlest Happy Camper in our Double G Family would like to welcome you back! ⠀•⠀Happy Camping

The littlest Happy Camper in our Double G Family would like to welcome you back! ⠀
Happy Camping


As we welcome everyone back, we would like to remind everyone to be safe! ⠀
We are happy that we can provide a responsible option for people to get outside of their homes and get some fresh air! ⠀
Remember as you visit Double G: ⠀
- wear a face mask when you visit the camp store and anytime you are in contact with another family or Double G employee. ⠀
- Social distance- continue leaving a minimum of 6 feet between your family and the next at all times. ⠀
- No more than 10 people on a campsite or in any one area at a time. ⠀
- Bring groceries and supplies from home ⠀
- Once here, utilize delivery, drive-thru, and pick up services as often as possible. ⠀
- Continue following Double G Covid-19 regulations in order to keep this a safe environment for everyone. ⠀
Happy Camping! ⠀
Photo: Anna Brown Photography


One of our customers shared this video with us and we wanted to pass it along.

Although a lot of you get the chance to come back to Deep Creek this weekend, we know some of you aren’t able to make it, or are choosing to stay home to further protect yourselves.

This video is a virtual road tour of the Deep Creek Lake area. They also drive by Double G towards the end 😊

We are excited to have many of you back today! And for those of you who can’t make it, we hope this helps make you feel a little more like you are here!

Deep Creek Food Taxi

Deep Creek Food Taxi

⭐️⭐️⭐️We are ready to shop for you!!
Deep Creek Lake’s personal shopper. Providing food and supplies from local grocery stores and restaurants. Download our app and leave the shopping to us.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mamas out there! ⠀•⠀Hope your day is wonderful!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mamas out there! ⠀
Hope your day is wonderful!

May 9, 2020 •Happy May Y’all.

May 9, 2020

Happy May Y’all.

Opening Announcement!

Dear Customers,

We are thrilled and relieved to announce that Maryland campgrounds are now open!

This announcement came as a complete shock to us! There was no warning so as you can imagine we are both incredibly excited, and simultaneously overwhelmed. We were expecting at least a one week notice when this announcement came. We are working overtime to be sure the park is ready for each of you, and we are also being thorough to be sure that everything is safe, compliant, and up to the standards that our customers expect from us. We ask that you please have patience with us as we navigate opening under a strict set of regulations to continue keeping this a safe environment for all.

With the temperatures this weekend being an expected high of 32 degrees fahrenheit, we have made the decision to delay our official opening date until Friday, May 15th. This will be a huge benefit in preventing damage from the freezing temperatures to your campers as well as the water lines throughout the park.

Upon official opening, we would like everyone to understand that we are not opening under normal circumstances. We are opening with a set of regulations and restrictions that keep everyone as safe as possible. We will be complying with Maryland State Laws, CDC guidelines, as well as ARVC guidelines for the safety of our customers, staff, and community.

For everyone asking to visit this weekend to check on their campers, gather linens, remove camper covers, and perform general maintenance, here is our answer: You are welcome to come do these things but please understand the water will not be turned on until Friday, May 15th. There will be no bathroom facilities on the premises (the bathhouse and camp store will both be closed). Please make sure you are complying with both the mandates of the state in which you reside as well as the state of Maryland. Our campground regulations are listed below.

If you would like your camper to be summarized or need winter-supports removed please call us at 301-387-5481 or email us at [email protected]. It is important that you reach us through email or phone so that you are added to our work list. We appreciate you understanding that we can not accept work orders through facebook.

Below you will find a list of changes and regulations that we will be operating under currently in order to keep everyone safe. We ask that each person comes prepared to follow each of the following guidelines. It is beyond amazing that we are getting the opportunity to open so soon. In order to remain open we need EVERYONE to work together and to do their part to follow all Maryland regulations so that all customers can continue to come and enjoy the park.

Double G RV Park COVID-19 Regulations:

1. Follow all current Maryland State Mandates (and if you are out of state, please be sure that you are also complying with your state mandates to travel here).

2. Social distancing- keep 6 feet apart.
3. No more than 10 people can be gathered in one area at any one time. To be sure that this is put into place on premises no more than 10 people will be allowed on one campsite at any time.

4. All campers must be self contained.

5. Bath house, playground, and laundry facilities will be closed until further notice.

6. As always camp and RV supplies are available for your convenience at the camp store. However, until further notice the camp store will be closed to walk-ins. Please ring the doorbell and we will greet you there for assistance.

(Camp Store will begin operating normal hours on Friday May 15th.)

7. Face masks must be worn in any grocery or retail store in the state of Maryland until further notice. If you are coming to the camp store for supplies, please be prepared to wear a facemask.
8. We encourage everyone to bring their own groceries and supplies from home.

9. We highly encourage you to use drive-thru and pick up services. Deep Creek Food Taxi is a new service to our community that delivers from restaurants (that are currently operating), Shop n Save, and Walmart.

10. Customers are not permitted to allow guests to visit until further notice. Each camper is limited to the members of the household each customer is currently quarantined with at their home residence.

11. No events will take place until further notice.

Thank you again for your patience and understanding throughout this process. We look forward to seeing you all next weekend!

The Glotfelty Family
Double G


We are so thrilled to announce that Governor Hogan gave campgrounds permission to open.

We are beyond excited about this news!

Please stay tuned for updates from us with regulations we will all collectively be required to follow in order to make this work.

Happiest of Wednesday’s to all!

Feel free to leave questions in the comments below and we will do our best to address as many questions as possible in our post tomorrow.

Look at this sweet vintage find that made its way back into our family recently! ⠀•⠀Any time we think of “Pap Jerry” mos...

Look at this sweet vintage find that made its way back into our family recently! ⠀
Any time we think of “Pap Jerry” most of us remember him wearing a hat just like this. ⠀
We are super excited that it found us as we enter our 50th year! ⠀
Does anyone else have a throwback Double G hat laying around? We’d love to see it! Show us a photo in the comments below! @ Deep Creek Lake Area


Dear Campers,

May 1st is fast approaching and we know you are anxiously waiting for an update with your fingers crossed for some good news.

We want to start by saying that this RV Park is our livelihood. It feeds each of our families, as well as the adorable faces of the babes we are constantly sharing pictures of.

When we close the campground on October 31st each year, we immediately begin preparing for the following season. We spend the remainder of the fall and early winter winterizing campers, installing supports, gathering leaves, and making sure everything is properly closed up, locked down, and ready for a Garrett County winter.

During each long, cold, snowy winter, we attend meetings, gather thoughts, make lists, and develop plans for the following season. This includes selecting dates for campground events, updating our website, preparing supply and merchandise orders, and making sure we stay in touch with each of you.

As soon as the weather breaks in the spring we go full force back into camp-mode, long before any of you ever arrive. We spend our days mowing grass, cleaning up the park, completing work orders, summarizing campers, and making sure that everything is opened up and in tip-top shape so that the park is ready as soon as each of you return to camp for the season.

We tell you all of this so that you understand that this announcement is not made without a heavy heart. Our world, quite literally, revolves around you and your Deep Creek getaways.

We know how much your home away from home means to you and that is why we pour so much love and effort into making it the most relaxing and enjoyable place for you to spend your time each summer.

We regret to inform you that we are unable to open on May 1st. This has been the most difficult announcement we have ever had to make. This comes at a time when we are typically planning to share that the ground has thawed and we can let you in a few days early, as we try to do each year, but instead we are sharing this heartbreaking news. We will continue to keep you updated as soon as we have more information.

Maryland State Governor, Larry Hogan has deemed campgrounds as non-essential businesses at this time. As frustrating and detrimental as this is to our livelihood, and all of you and your relaxation, we believe that Governor Hogan is doing what is best to keep as many people as safe as possible.

His plan is to wait until there is no increase in positive COVID-19 cases for 14 days before he starts to reopen the state.

At this time, he has made it clear that there should be no travel in or out of the state of Maryland that is not absolutely essential. Once someone travels into the state of Maryland they are to self quarantine for 14 days.

All of these regulations make it difficult for us to open with a clear conscious of protecting everyone including each of you, our customers, our staff, and our community.

We, along with many other Maryland campgrounds, have been doing background work and sending letters to our Government officials, asking them to reverse the decision in order to make campgrounds essential businesses. We have also been in contact with our local health department and police department, stating our case and hoping for them to help advocate for us. Although they are sympathetic, they are not in a position to make any changes on our behalf.

We have made it clear that we would be willing to do our part to maintain all CDC regulations, practice social distancing, sanitize frequently and regularly, temporarily close non-essential amenities such as playgrounds, and limit the access to the camp store. However, as of now we have had no luck with these efforts.

We know that each of you is anxious to return to Deep Creek and we are just as anxious to get you back here. However at this time, we feel that the quickest way to get you back to Double G is to abide by the mandates and wait until it is safe so that we do not contribute to the spread of this virus.

We have attached some links below for anyone interested in reading, staying up to date, or helping us advocate to become an essential business. (These links can also be found in the comments).

Here you will find the link to the Maryland Stay At Home Order:

Here you will find the link to the mandate that calls for campgrounds to close by Maryland State as non-essential businesses.

Here you will find the link to Garrett County, MD commissioners ordering vacation rentals to close as of March 27th and asking all vacationers to postpone their vacations to Deep Creek Lake effective immediately.

And lastly, for anyone who is a Maryland resident and would like to take action, below is the link to which you can email letters to Maryland Governor Hogan asking him to reconsider the decision and to deem campgrounds as essential businesses.

Please know that we are heartbroken to make this announcement at this time. We understand what this place means to each of you, and we are working hard to do our part to get all of you here at the soonest and safest possible time.

We are sending you all some love and some of those good Deep Creek vibes.

Please reach out to us by phone 301-387-5481 or email [email protected] with any questions or concerns.

Thank you each in advance for being so patient and understanding during this fragile and critical time in the world.

The Glotfelty’s
Double G RV Park


76 Double G Dr
McHenry, MD

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Woo hoo. Here we come finally!!! Can’t wait for the word from you guys.
Just wanted to let you know that we lost Bev's mom on December 6th.
Lucy's is at the seamstress, do you think the grandbabies will like these?
Lucy needs this outfit.
Thank you Double G RV Park for the hay ride! ♡ pure joy♡
Do you have your beautiful sunflowers this year🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻?
Someone has a cat with a harness on loose in the camp ground. Anyone missing one.
What would you charge for a hook up fair week?
Hey kids, it’s almost time to see Uncle Warren. 🤣😂🤣😂
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What time does the corn roast start on sat?