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Bright Line Striping Parking Lot: Striping, Seal coating, clean-up and more!

We truly love our neighborhood and neighbors. Come by and “sit a spell”.

We truly love our neighborhood and neighbors. Come by and “sit a spell”.


Those arriving for worship at Clear River Church in Lafayette will be greeted by a freshly re-done asphalt parking lot. After a lot of cleaning, pot hole repair, hot poured rubberized crack fill, sealcoat asphalt protection and bright new parking lot paint, this lot looks great. The staff at Clear River are certainly great to work with. We hope the fresh look will be a blessing to their ministry.


We finally have been able to do some line striping locally, in between thunderstorms.
This is a job for Lafayette ENT and the Lafayette Surgical center. Their safety markings were nearly gone. Bright parking lot painting can really spruce up a place. These folks have been very patient as we waited for a time to do their striping, between raindrops.


These are really slick signs posts that "break away" instead of simply breaking. These two we installed to prevent tenants from backing into the hand railing. The idea is that the driver will notice hitting the sign and stop, without damaging the rail or their car. We'll see, sometimes I think we expect too much from drivers. 😃😃


We have fighting wet conditions like everyone else in the Midwest. But on rain days we can install concrete parking stops. This work was for the West Lafayette Chipotle. Car stops are heavy, but the Bobcat takes a bunch of the lifting out of the job. David likes to supervise the job from the climate controlled cab.


Dayton Indiana is getting ready for "Back to School". We re-painted and created some new cross-walks for the kids to use getting to and from Dayton Elementary. The start of school is right around the corner, keep a eye peeled for the little ones.


We recently got the opportunity to play a small part in the major renovation project at Upper Room Christian Fellowship. We cleaned the parking lot, filled the cracks in the asphalt with hot rubberized crack fill, applied two coats of seal coat and finished with all new safety markings. These folks have been active ministers of the Gospel for generations in West Lafayette. We are thrilled to play a part in this ministry.

Super Crosswalk at Ivy Tech

The boys recently completed a "Super Crosswalk" on the Ivy Tech Lafayette campus. This crosswalk was designed to allow Ivy Tech students the opportunity to walk between the all new YMCA and campus safely.
While we were on campus we freshened up the safety markings on the main drives. The campus looks great, ready for this upcomming Fall semester.


What a great improvement to this parking lot at Clear River Church. After the City of Lafayette re-did the street we cleaned, crack filled and sealed this small lot. Bright Line Striping is excited to be a part of the work being done in this neighborhood.


With the addition of our truck crane, setting parking stops, or concrete parking bumpers goes a lot smoother. We were able to place 21 on this parking lot in a couple of hours. The boys really didn't seem to miss the backbreaking work of moving those bumpers.


We finished the Burlington Faith Church yesterday. It looks great, the boys did a great job. It was a little tricky painting the parking lot because there were remains of several generations of old lines. This church has grown several times over the past generation with a few different parking line configurations. We are so happy to do our part by preserving this asphalt parking lot. Hot rubberized crack fill, seal coat and bright new lot lines.


Lafayette Christian School is getting ready for students to return in a couple of weeks. The students will be greeted by fresh asphalt crack fill, seal coat and safety markings. This small school looks great. It was a pleasure working for a school with such a clear Christian mission.


Lafayette Christian School Student Drop-Off / Pick-Up Safety Zone


The Lafayette Chipoltes' parking lot looks great after the boys filled in a giant pothole, filled the asphalt cracks and applied 2 coats of premium asphalt sealer. Sealcoat really gives this parking lot a renewed life. Thanks for hitting "like". I guess the search engines LOVE that.....


There are just a few minor touch ups left to do on the St. Lawrence Church and School parking lots. It has truly been a pleasure working for this Church that has had such a positive impact in Lafayette and the North end neighborhoods for over a century.


Bright Line Striping has recently completed repainting 13 Menards stores in Central and Northern Indiana. Without exception the staff and managers we have worked for have been exceptional. It is apparent having quality management is a top priority for Menard. As you visit Menards stores in Lafayette, West Lafayette, Kokomo, Muncie, Schererville, Michigan City, Merriville, Lebanon, Fishers, Columbus, Camby, Valparaiso or Portage please take the time to admire our handiwork. This job was certainly a pleasure to complete.


The boys worked hard on this WHOPPER of a lot. This is the satellite image of the Menard's lot in Michigan CIty, Indiana. Our window of opportunity for painting these lots is between 10pm and 5am. For a time we had 3 paint sprayers applying 3 different colors simultaneously. It was a thing of beauty for a line striper.
With 3 skilled painters on the job, the sprayers were secured in the trailer and we were heading home by 3:30.


Well, Bright Line Striping also does asphalt preservation on driveways. Of course it's not often we tie into a 1.500 foot long driveway that needs hot crack fill, and sealcoat protection. It's quite a place for a private residence. (Let's just say that there's not a lot to see from the county road!!!)


Notice the well maintained asphalt parking lot the next time you visit, Whiskey Bob's, Cartridge World, Dream Dinners, Weichert Realtors ( Len Wilson), Edward Jones, or Indiana Packers employment office. It's all new, hot rubberized crack fill, seal coat asphalt protection, and parking lines.


Lafayette Indiana's Chatam Square redevelopment is looking spiffy. Sporting all new parking lines, handicapped parking pavement markings, and resident parking numbers. We met several of the youngsters who live there. It was our strategy to put the kids on "line watch". The kids patrolled the neighborhood keeping people from stepping on the wet worked, thankfully.


Bright Line Striping finished the Flora IN Post Office job today. Fresh hot rubber crack fill, seal coat protection, parking lot lines, and ADA handicapped parking spots. I forgot to warn the boys that there might be a horse and buggy or two sighted in Flora. There was one fella who was able to squeeze his one horse hitch between the traffic cones in order to mail a letter. We were happy the steel wheels didn't hit any fresh lines, nor did the horse leave any fresh obstacles to work around.


Bright Line Striping did this small job for the town of Dayton IN in preparation of municipal elections next month. The parking lot for voting is now ADA Compliant. Let the voting begin!!!


The boys got the parking lines done on this parking lot. Now this " Friendly Market" has a giant outdoor "WELCOME MAT"!! Asphalt cleaning, crack fill, seal coat, and now Bright Line Striping all completed. I only wish we had thought to take a before pcture.


Had a nice "Free Enterprise" day. In part we cleaned, hot rubber crack filled, and applied 2 coats of Sealmaster sealer this"FRIENDLY MARKET". What nice people to work wonder it's called Friendly Market. On Underwood across from a Mad Mushroom.


Bright Line Striping's cover photo


We just received these beautiful pictures of the Ivy Tech job we did last month. Outstanding photographer, really cool "drone" technology, and a beautiful job and day combined to produced these stunning photos.


Residential driveway sealed and ready for winter. Flora Indiana has some beautiful historic homes. We were proud to do this work. This place is ready for some intense basketball now.


True value parking lot done and ready for business.


Today the boys spent a couple hours striping at the new True Value store in Delphi. This parking lot certainly looks welcoming.

State police make arrest in asphalt scam - Dubois County Free Press

Beware of the sloppy and slimy outfits in the marketplace. In some ways these crooks are Bright Line Striping "secondary salesmen" ; especially for those looking for local and legitimate businesses.

Indiana State Police are currently investigating an asphalt crew that is scamming residents. A similar scam occurred in Dubois County in July. Last Friday, an employee of Oaks Construction approached an 87-year-old female at her New Harmony residence and informed her that the crew had an extra load…


The Bright Line Striping crew traveled to Delphi IN today, to do our part of the finishing touches of the new True Value. This parking lot will look great in a couple if days!


Bright Line Striping has had a busy summer. Our project for a couple of weeks is crack filling and seal coating the asphalt at Ivy Tech Community College.


We had an interesting experience this week. We stopped at the gas station in front of the Co-op on 52 on our way to Sealmaster. David was filling the tank when some young men came over to our truck and started visiting. They asked David "are you Irish?" To which he replied no. (assuming that the red beard was misleading)(but they were meaning Irish Travelers) . The guy said "hey we do the same thing as you do, we're gypsy's". Of course seeing our seal coat rig being towed. He went on to explain his entire business model. "We're from Pennsylvania and we just "work" this area in the summer." "We hit 'em hard and get out of town before they can find us....." At that point he tried to buy anything he noticed we had on the trailer, including the trailer.
David and I decided that his "type" are what supports us local guys that try to run an legitimate operation. If you've ever been "Gypped" you can attest to the fact that it's no fun.


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Thankful to Bright Line Striping for getting our parking lot plowed today and ready for tomorrow’s service! Roads seem to be pretty clear for the most part and sun has been out melting a lot of snow. Please use caution when getting out!