Daytona Scooters

Daytona  Scooters THE CHEAPEST Scooters, Trikes, mopeds,Motorcycles, ATV, Electric and Gas Bikes NO warranty on new scooters ! Daytona - where the worlds most famous beach is! .

NO pickup or delivery

Also, we have Chinese scooters

Operating as usual

Better Than A Smith Machine, replaces 7 Hammer strength machines and on Sale NOW $1500 off OBO

Better Than A Smith Machine, replaces 7 Hammer strength machines and on Sale NOW $1500 off OBO

The Master Press™ is a perfect example of our mission. The Master Press™ features an industry first vertically adjustable carriage containing two independent converging press arms. The carriage rides on a proprietary bearing system and is counter balanced for effortless adjustability.

Daytona  Scooters

Daytona Scooters

Daytona  Scooters

Daytona Scooters


Very cool local martial artists dual sword style

홍보영상 오래된 영상..

Fighters Bargains

Ebay tips and haters defined

When a buyer 10tabby from Florida, on ebay, loses auction to another buyer, he accuses me of outbidding him on my own auction! This is "that guy", he's wrong and ranting that he will post on fb that I ... while I understand being upset at losing out on one of my bargains. I mean the other guy, the winner, got a $150 carbon fiber motorcycle helmey for $56.

But I believe loser, 10tabby of Florida, could have easiy seen who bid simply by clicking on bids and u cam do the same. Also when winner leaves feeback, u can view a winners feedback from feedback forum by clicking on member name or feedbacl number . I have about 2300 ppsitive feedback reviews from happy buyers. Luckily losers like 10tabby's unreseached misinformed HATER, HATER speach CANT BRING ME DOWN to quote Korn . See urban def

Not going to lie, I would freak out! What would you do?

TIme to ride to the beach to see , what u can see

TIme to ride to the beach to see , what u can see

Top Daily Street Fights


Fight 1 of the TFC Event 1 LPH (Poznan, Poland) vs Wisemen (Gothenburg, Sweden)


Today i called ride green scooters, closest GMW dealer for tune up price and they told me $175 for a v150 , isn't that a high price?

Studies: Acupuncture Effective For Depression
Studies: Acupuncture Effective For Depression

Studies: Acupuncture Effective For Depression

A study published by researchers from the University of York in the United Kingdom showed patients who suffer from depression may benefit more from acupuncture or counseling alongside their usual care, compared with usual care alone.

Everybody shopping online needs to know this
drfloyd04 on eBay

Everybody shopping online needs to know this

Follow drfloyd04 on eBay Profiles. Buying, Selling, Collecting on eBay has never been more exciting!

Astrid BryanActress admires the carbon fiber skull cap Astrid Bryan is a Flemish Belgian model, author, fashion designer...

Astrid Bryan
Actress admires the carbon fiber skull cap
Astrid Bryan is a Flemish Belgian model, author, fashion designer, actress, television personality, producer, singer-songwriter Wikipedia
Born: January 25, 1983 (age 30), Antwerp, Belgium

Astrid Bryan
Admiring Our Daytona Skull Cap Carbon Fiber

Know the real stuff

Know the real stuff

How to know Fake Carbon Fiber and cheapo Carbon Fiber from premium authentic Carbon Fiber ...

Carbon Fiber Facts

Real Carbon Fiber
Cost More Per Ounce
100% Carbon Fiber!
No Prints or Fillers Used

The Daytona Helmets we sell Use 3K, 5 Harness Satin Weave Carbon Fiber. This Is the Heaviest, Tightest And Strongest Weave On The Market Giving You 50% More Carbon Fiber Per Ounce. Originally Created For The Aerospace Industry, We Know That We're Giving You The Absolute Best Carbon Fiber. Most Commonly And Readily Available Are The Light Weight Plain Twill Weaves Which Gives You Less Carbon Fiber Per Ounce. At The Same Time, Others May Use Dyed Fiberglass Or May Thicken Their Shells With A Fiberglass Backing Giving It A False Appearance.

Now that you know all carbon fiber is not alike, which would you prefer?


From Scooter Advantages

Before discounting the idea of owning a scooter as knee-jerk folly, consider the advantages:

Scooters are more budget-friendly than motorcycles. Depending on engine size, you can buy a new scooter for as low as $1,000.
Most scooters average more than 70 mpg, with some getting almost 100 mpg.
You can fill a scooter’s gas tank for less than $5.
Electric scooters render gas prices moot.
Scooters are easier to mount than motorcycles, equating to easier maneuverability.
Besides a helmet, scooters require no special riding gear, allowing you to ride to work in a suit.
Scooters are faster than mopeds, blending effortlessly with the pace of city traffic.
Scooters are easier to park than cars and motorcycles. Most cities allow scooters to be chained to trees, street lamps and bike racks.
Be informed of your state’s regulations before revving down your street. Rules vary by state. Some states treat scooters on par with skateboards and in-line skates. While others are more regulatory, requiring helmets and motorcycle licenses.

You’ll find most state rules are based on a scooter’s engine size. Generally, any scooter with an engine under 50 cc is considered a moped, requiring less regulation. Whereas scooters with engine sizes greater than 50 cc are grouped in the motorcycle category, entailing helmets, special licenses, insurance and other bureaucratic conformities.

How to get out of a car lease and then maybe you could get something that is more economical, like a 100 mpg scooter at ...
Getting out of a car lease

How to get out of a car lease and then maybe you could get something that is more economical, like a 100 mpg scooter at Daytona Hawk Scooters

Looking ways to enter or exit a car lease? We've got them for you!



Daytona Hawk Scooter Trike

Daytona Hawk Scooter Trike


Facebook special , BUY a scooter at daytona hawk and mention this special for a free helmet or trunk for your new scooter.


Directions to the store
From I 95 take the lpga exit and go east to ridgewood (US1) and turn left, we are the second business on the left ( west side of street) , next to the One Horse Saloon .


Daytona Beach, FL

Opening Hours

Monday 9am - 5pm
Tuesday 9am - 5pm
Wednesday 9am - 5pm
Thursday 9am - 5pm
Friday 9am - 5pm
Saturday 9am - 5pm
Sunday 9am - 5pm


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Attention all scooter riders! Go X is a B2B electric scooter company that operates in Daytona Beach FL, providing the cheapest, safest and funnest form transportation for tourists and residents combined. All scooters, weather rented or personally owned, are currently at risk of being banned on the entire beachside of Daytona Beach and Volusia County. A recent joint effort of 3 well connected businesses has emerged against scooters on beachside and we need to show city officials that the people are in favor of having scooters on beachside as that is the county's main attraction. If you own a scooter in Volusia County, you are now at risk of getting pulled over and fined up to $400 for riding in the wrong area. To counter this effort we need to prove to city that residents and tourist would are actually in support of riding on Beachside. Please sing this easy petition to show your support of having scooters on beachside and the benefit our service adds to the city. I thank you in advance for the support :)