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Bob's Transmissions and Complete Car Care Our family-owned-and-operated business takes pride in the honest reputation we have earned with our customers over the years.

We are proudly serving Coopersburg and the surrounding areas and we are conveniently located on Route 309 in Coopersburg. We are a full service car care center specializing in foreign and domestic cars. We are the experts when it comes down to transmission repair, state inspections and brake service. Bob's Transmissions & Complete Car Care offers same day service and towing service.


We are OPEN!!!
However, we will be making some temporary changes...
The office is closed.
We will be using "key drop" drop offs ONLY, We will make appointments, discuss repairs & give estimates over the phone.
We will be using increased precautions... seat & steering wheel covers, gloves & frequent sanitizing....
We are currently only receiving payment by credit/ debit card phone payments.
We apologize for any inconvenience, but we are trying to do our part in decreasing the spead of this virus, while still keeping our customers vehicles running smoothly.
Thank you


Do you have a high-end car? Then odds are good that you have high end brakes. If they’re disc brakes, these probably use four-piston fixed calipers. These calipers have two pistons on either side for more efficient braking, and should only be serviced by an expert.


Good design lasts a long time. The earliest speedometers featured drive cables attached to the transmission or front wheel. The cable was integrated into the transmission housing in the 1920s, and this simple but effective design change prevailed for 60 years.


Did you know that replacing belts and hoses is a standard part of maintenance? Knowing whether you're going to need to perform that maintenance soon is good to know to get the right price on a used car, and auto diagnostics experts will help you figure it out.


Burning transmission fluid has an odor that is distinct from coolant or burning engine oil. If you detect any unusual aromas coming from your car or truck, bring it is as soon as possible.


High performance winter tires are designed for drivers who want the most sophisticated cold weather speed, handling, and traction tire available. These tires are designed with H-speed ratings, symmetrical and asymmetrical tread patterns, snow-gripping microfilaments, and added siping for maximum performance.


Auto diagnostics is the system that is able to identify and assess problems that may be negatively affecting the normal operation of your vehicle. The most common diagnostics used today are computer-based analyses, which are able to pinpoint specifically what’s wrong.


Have you been hesitant to bring your car in to have us check the brakes because it’s way too early for your brake pads to wear out? Remember, everything from changing road conditions to additional drivers in the car can cause increased wear on the brake system.


Is it time to have your transmission checked? The answer is yes, if you’re not getting a response. When you shift into drive or reverse, the transmission doesn’t engage, and the car won’t move.


Planning a long road trip? The last thing you want is to run into a serious problem while you're far away from home. Getting an auto diagnostic beforehand will allow you to make any necessary repairs before you hit the road.


When you go to a hospital, they'll often test your blood for any internal problems you might have. Did you know the same thing can be done with your car? An analysis of the oil can tell them a lot about any problems that might be happening in your car.


It may seem like adding more refrigerant will make your car's A/C system cool better, but this isn't actually the case. Your A/C is built to have a specific amount of refrigerant that gives a specific amount of pressure, and an A/C expert can make sure you get the right amount.


If your automatic transmission stops working and it only responds if you manually shift from one gear to the next, it’s can indicate several different types of problems. Common causes include a faulty shift solenoid or a failed speed sensor.


Does it ever seem like you keep having the same issues with your vehicle’s air conditioning every few months? Let’s talk about the maintenance your cooling system receives and whether there’s anything you can do to increase its performance.


Imagine a tire 80 feet in diameter and weighing 12 tons. This huge, promotional tire was created by the Uniroyal tire company for display at the 1964 World’s Fair in New York. Today, the tire can be seen on display in Detroit.


Sometimes, minor problems with one part of your car can create bigger problems in other areas – and bigger headaches for you. Not keeping your suspension aligned, or letting wheels fall out of balance, places uneven wear on the tires, which can contribute to problems with the brakes.


Tempted to put off that transmission repair until you have a little more time or money? That delay can actually make the problem much worse, and much more expensive, so it’s a good idea to get your transmission repaired as quickly as possible.


A properly working transmission will stay in gear until you, the driver, shift the car yourself. A transmission that pops out of gear (goes into neutral) while you are driving or will not stay in gear is a sure sign of needed repair.


Mixed grade oils include the letter "W" in them, as in "10W-30," but the "W" doesn't stand for weight. It actually stands for "winter," and is used to show the difference in the oil's viscosity when starting in the cold vs. running hot or at normal temperatures.


Do you ever worry that you could be setting yourself up for an issue by handling all your own maintenance work on your car or truck? While many basic maintenance tasks are perfectly safe to complete at home, issues with your braking system may require a more experienced hand.


After your lease is up, you can be charged for any extra damage to the car, so you want to make sure the inspection is accurate. Auto diagnostics experts can do a comprehensive inspection to make sure you're completely protected.


Back in the day, before multi-weight oils, it was very common to have both winter and summer oils. This is no longer necessary, but if you normally use 10W30 because you live in a warm climate, then be sure to switch to 5W30 if you move somewhere with very cold weather.


Different states have different regulations regarding automobile air-conditioning, with some even forbidding their use. If you will be traveling to one of these states, make sure to have your system tested to make sure it is operating correctly and not leaking. Even though you will not use it, it can be inspected to make sure it meets local laws.


When your car’s air conditioning isn’t working during the hottest month of the year, you may find that your love of driving takes a significant hit. Let’s talk about how we can help you restore your love of driving by getting your AC working when you need it most.


Tires are made of several different components, including tread, sidewall, and tire plies, to name a few. Different variations of these components enable tires that are built specifically for certain conditions, types of driving, and certain kinds of vehicles.


Many modern cars don’t have “serviceable” rotors. What does that mean? The rotors are made of such thin metal, they can’t be turned to remove imperfections, so they must be replaced along with the brake pads.


If your car is not riding as well smoothly as you think it should, you can perform a few self-diagnostics before bringing it in. One of the easiest assessments is to check the tires for uneven wear. Not only is this a sign of an alignment problem, it can also cause your car to pull or drift to one side.


What’s that noise? If your engine is knocking, it can mean different things. It may indicate you’re using the wrong type of gas. Or, it can be a sign your engine bearings are worn, which can cause severe damage to the engine.


High-pitched squealing from the engine usually indicates a problem with a belt. When it comes from the wheels, it means that the brake warning indicator has been exposed and is telling you that the brake pads are in their final stages.


Problems with your transmission can be more than just an annoyance. They can become a safety hazard if you suddenly can’t get power to your wheels. That’s why it’s a good idea to get your transmission checked out as soon as you notice anything seeming a bit off.


Most tire specifications can be found on the sidewall of each tire, normally in a code made up of various letters and numbers. The specifications included in the tire code include tire size, whether or not the tire has radial construction, the type of vehicle the tire was manufactured for, and may also include the speed rating.


One of the easiest ways to catch a vehicle suspension issue is to simply pay close attention to how your vehicle drives. If you notice that it is becoming shaky or choppy on the highway or you feel a loss of control, then this is a clear sign that your shocks and struts are wearing out.


You've checked your oil level, and found out that the oil looks dirty. So does that mean it's time for an oil change? Actually, it means your oil is doing its job, since part of the purpose of oil is to help clean your engine.


Prior to the early 1990s, the refrigerant used in all vehicle air conditioning systems was freon, R-12. R-12 worked very well, but was found to release harmful CFCs that damaged the ozone layer. Freon has been replaced by R-134a and R-152a refrigerants.


If your motor oil turns dark, don't worry, that's what it's supposed to do. Modern motor oils turn dark because they suspend harmful dirt particles found in your engine. Make sure you change your oil based on mileage rather than its color.


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