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Jenkins Auto Service Service and Repair for all makes and models, cars and light duty trucks Fuel injection , fuel management, evaporative emmissions, Air Cond, Suspension, Drive line, Engine repair, Tune up.

Exhaust, Electrical,
You name it and we do it with the exception of Paint and Body Work,

Jenkins Auto Service is not only a trusted local Akron business but promotes great community values in their local area through youth sports and community assistance and intervention programs. Jenkins supports the Summit County Guns -n- Hoses, which is a charitable fund to benefit other Firefighters and Po

Exhaust, Electrical,
You name it and we do it with the exception of Paint and Body Work,

Jenkins Auto Service is not only a trusted local Akron business but promotes great community values in their local area through youth sports and community assistance and intervention programs. Jenkins supports the Summit County Guns -n- Hoses, which is a charitable fund to benefit other Firefighters and Po

Operating as usual


The CEOs of Ohio's six children’s hospitals joined together to ask all Ohioans to do their part to help protect our children.

#InThisTogetherAkronChildrens #InThisTogetherOhio


Hello Everyone I am really enjoying the weather this weekend, hope you are all out there getting our last great weather weekend , I am surprised at the people that are asking me about getting into the shop , They do not realize I closed that location, the building has been sold, its looking beautiful, new buyers are fixing it up. I have a Pole barn here at home that I have set up all mu equipment in, If you would like me to work on your car or do diagnostic work I am available and fully equipped to do this from here, I am in union town, My pole barn is exactly 10 min from my old shop, 33 years working there was a difficult decision to close, however Cancer treatment forced this to happen, Thanks to all that patronized my business, Phone number is the same , location has changed, 330-628-0946 feel free to call e if you need anything, Thanks all and enjoy this weather,

WSFM with Jonesy and Amanda

WSFM with Jonesy and Amanda

"Being the mother of a son is like someone breaking up with you really slowly..."


For those of you who haven't heard yet, I just had a pet scan and the cancer is under control I guess you would say, I need a pet scan and a scope every 90 days for the rest of my life , Dr said this is more treatable than curable. however when I first was diagnosed he estimated about 3 months to live without treatment, now he says in five years he fully expects me to still get birthday cards, shooting for ten years. I have a handful of side effects and some limitations, but its all trivial compare to the alternative.
I appreciate all the prayers Thank you very much,

Dregs of Society

Dregs of Society


well of those of you that are not aware of it, I closed the shop after 33 years, If you need any help from me with your automobile I have the same phone number and I have a huge pole barn behind my house, it has a concrete floor, I moved all my equipment there, don't hesitate to call if your having trouble, If it is something I cannot do, I can atlas tell you what the problem is and direct you to a place you can trust, thanks and I look forward to hearing from you ,


Hi Everyone, I have a pole barn at the house I am working from there, If you need something ad I can help you call me or shoot me a text 330 628 0946 and If I can help you I will, I am not going to re open the shop on albrecht, i am trying to get it cleaned out, about half way there, Again I am taking work here selectively depending on what it is, I have no way to dispose of wast oil so changing oil is something I am not doing, If I cannot help you maybe i can direct you to a place i would trust,


Hello all. Well I was diagnosed with cancer Monday. Have been doing lots of testing and planning on my treatment strategy. Shop will be open. My son will be helping me out with the work. So if you need anything call the shop 330-628-0046. Thanks
Craig Jenkins


Hello everyone as ugly as it is fall is coming don’t get me wrong I love the fall season I just do not look forward to winter afterwords but it’s that time again to have your car checked out for winter to make sure everything’s good give me a call at 330-628-0946 if you’d like to set up an appointment to have your car checked out most of you know my Bride passed away May 27 this year I appreciate all the kind words and cards and letters thank you



It's pretty simple logic, actually.


Hi everyone, well summer has been pretty good to us so far, except keeping up with the grass growing, small price for great weather, this is my 32 year at the shop. same location, I don't keep store front hours anymore, I used to baby sit the office from 8-5, no I get there around 9ish and leave when I am done, however the Cell phone business line is what gives me this luxury, If you stop and I am not there, Feel free to call me and lets set up time to see how we can solve your car issues, thanks again to everyone, I appreciate the business and the loyalty, going fishing tomorrow with my daughters, have fun all, Craig


Well again Summer is on the door step, Thank God, If you need help with your AC system give me a call or stop by the shop, I would be happy to help you with it, Traditionally the cost of freon is almost twice as much the hotter it gets outside, so getting your system done early can save you money,

Photos from Jenkins Auto Service's post

Photos from Jenkins Auto Service's post



This demonstration for trucks and trailers shows how easily a vehicle can become unstable depending on where the trailer weight is distributed. [Twitter/OPCVC]


Hello everyone, well this week it is going to be in the 70's if your AC is not where you think it should be or isn't working at all, I would be happy to help you with it, Freon is changing again, seems there is another Dupont product out there to replace the well known R12 and 134A , I am not sure what it will cost yet or how it will work, but time will tell, hope you all had a great winter, Looking forward to spring weather and this summer,

Silver Elephant

Silver Elephant



hi everyone, I have a 2005 Chevrolet Cavalier at the shop for sale , this is a car that I am the original owner of, bought it for my daughter when she started driving, Its at the shop and if you are interested in it , stop by or call me and I will be happy to shout to you and go over its history, thanks be safe
Craig Jenkins

This is a fuel pump control module  mounted under the chassis on Ford F!%) trucks,  this is what can happen from salt an...

This is a fuel pump control module mounted under the chassis on Ford F!%) trucks, this is what can happen from salt and debris from the road after years, Was a no start towed in the shop


Check Engine Light, this is a huge topic, what is going on is, Your car can see a problem, almost all newer cars within the last ten years use a two trip fail logic, this means when the light comes on, you actually had the same problem the last time you drove the car, it will store a pending code when the problem is first detected, if the problem continues and the computer can see the same fail in two drive cycles it turns on the light to warn you to have it checked out, there are over a thousand trouble codes, you can never guess at the problem, you need to have it put on the computer at the shop and correctly diagnosed, some problems are simple and will not do any damage, and some are about to make you walk or call for a tow truck, If you have this problem and need help, I have all the software and up to date equipment to diagnose and repair this type of problem, Thanks for reading Craig J


If you are buying a used car and would like to have it looked at before you finalize the deal, You can call me and test drive it by the shop, I would be happy to take a look at it and give you my opinion on it before you buy it, If you would like me to help you with a used car purchase, I have many contacts, just tell me what it is your looking for and a price range, I will do my best to assist you in finding the right car, Craig J


Also I want to remind you , If you need a ride home from the shop or picked up when your car is ready, that is no trouble at all, I also use a Cell for the shop now so you can Text us or call
Thanks for business everyone,


Does the engine in your car have a timing belt or a timing chain, this is something you should know, if you have a timing chain, generally this will last as long as your engine without any service, If you have a timing belt, it needs to be replaced about every 90 thousand miles on almost all cars, When the belt becomes loose or damaged and it comes off, your engine can sustain extensive internal damage costing as much as 2 thousand dollars, not to be confused with the serpentine belt all cars have, This is an important service so if you do not know , Find out, you can google it or call the shop and I will tell you have fun hope you all are well, Craig


Hope you are all doing well, Was a pretty cold few days last week, Looking forward to spring time myself, Julie is doing well, half way through her second round of Chemo, Thanks for all the prayers everyone, take care, Call the shop if I can help you with anything 330 628 0946, you can also txt this number

Jenkins Auto Service's cover photo

Jenkins Auto Service's cover photo


Hi everyone, enjoying the small break in the weather, I am loving it, Thankful to see the ice go,

Free toy and gift assembly from our family! Please feel free to call and take advantage of our offer. Enjoy the holidays...

Free toy and gift assembly from our family! Please feel free to call and take advantage of our offer. Enjoy the holidays everyone!!


Happy Holidays everyone! Jenkins Auto is proud to announce that in the spirit of the holidays we're offering a special service! If you have any toys or gifts that need to be built or assembled we will gladly take the time to assembly it for free!


Hi Everyone, I appreciate the Business from everyone, I do A/C recharges to complete system replacement, anything and everything you might need to keep you Air conditioning system up and running properly, Just stop by or call the shop 330-628-0946


What is the difference between regular oil and high mileage oil, it is actually just heavier oil, there are some things that you can add to oil to get the same affect, the one I like the best is Lucas Oil additive, you can get this at any parts store, or ask me for it when I am changing the oil in your car. Heavier oil is a great idea for the new modern engines when they have around 100 K on them, the bearings are now worn just enough to allow for the heavy oil to circulate and increase your oil pressure, New cars are using oil as thin as 5w30, this is a very thin oil that is easily consumed by engines when they have higher miles, So that is the answer to high mileage oil question, Thanks and call anytime 330-628-0946 Craig


Does your AC system need recharged? If it is that simple you can just stop by to have this done while you wait, and if it is something other than that I can tell you what you need to do to get it working, Or you can call me at 330-628-0946 Craig


Hello gang, Its been a great summer, to all that have been to the shop, Thank You, I have 3 vehicles there for sale , there is a 2011 hyundia with 40 K miles for 5 K, and A dodge Dakota with 70 k miles for 2500 and a 2007 chev half ton truck for 5 grand, stop by anytime for any type of auto repair or service , call me anytime at 330-628-0946, I take calls as late as 9 pm, be safe and enjoy the rest of this summer,


If you have a car your selling and would like to park it at the shop with your number on it, that is fine with me , Just call me and let me know,


Friend of Mine is selling a 2011 Hyundai with only 43 thousand miles, It is a 4 cyl standard shift, Has power windows and locks it is in really good condition, They want 5000 for it, It is at my shop so if you have any interest you can call or stop by,


Let me Know if you are looking for a car, I have a couple nice ones at the moment , and if you are buying one bring it by and lets check it out first to see what it looks like , an opinion is free have a great week people


If you are needing your car prepared for summer, Remember I do Air conditioning, it is time to have your cooling system checked, belts and hoses for the up coming Summer temp, just stop by or give me a call if I can help you in anyway, 330-628-0946


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