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Enjoy the long weekend!

Enjoy the long weekend!


We will be closed July 6th through the 10th to recharge our batteries and spend some time with our families. We will reopen July 13th. Thank you and stay safe!


From our families to yours,we hope everyone has a great holiday! Be careful and be safe!


With the current situation concerning the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak we are asking anyone who may be experiencing any symptoms of illness to stay home. We are currently practicing social distancing as well.

Stay safe.

We will be closed from December 25th - January 3rd to spend some time with our families.   We will reopen Monday January...

We will be closed from December 25th - January 3rd to spend some time with our families. We will reopen Monday January 6th.
Merry Christmas, God bless and have a happy holiday.

We will be closed November 28th & 29th for the Thanksgiving Holiday.   We will reopen Monday December 2nd.

We will be closed November 28th & 29th for the Thanksgiving Holiday. We will reopen Monday December 2nd.


We will be closed Monday November 11th in observance of Veterans Day.


We will be closed Monday September 2nd in observance of Labor Day. We will reopen Tuesday September 3rd. Thank you and have a safe holiday weekend!


We will be closed next week (July 1st - July 5th) to spend some much needed time with our families and recharge our batteries. We will reopen Monday July 8th. Thank you, God bless and have a happy and safe Independence Day!


A little reprieve from triple digit temps! Now let's see some rain!

If your vehicle's air conditioning isn't beating the heat give us a call today.


We will be closed until Monday July 9th to spend some time with our families and recharge our batteries! Have a safe holiday!


We just want to wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy New Year from the Abilene Auto Doctor family to yours. We will be closed until January 2nd to celebrate the holidays with our families.


We hope you had a great Christmas and New Years! We will be re-open after the holidays on Tuesday 1/3/17


Scott channels his inner Chris Farley.

From our family to yours, have a safe and happy Independence Day!

From our family to yours, have a safe and happy Independence Day!

We raise a glass to those who paid the ultimate price to ensure our freedom.  Thank you.

We raise a glass to those who paid the ultimate price to ensure our freedom. Thank you.


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Abilene Auto Doctor's cover photo

Abilene Auto Doctor's cover photo

With all the rain we have been getting lately, we all know the city can't keep up with the potholes!  If/when you are un...

With all the rain we have been getting lately, we all know the city can't keep up with the potholes! If/when you are unfortunate enough to meet these enemies of your vehicles' suspension it is best to have your vehicle checked for damage. Have your alignment checked today!


Coming soon to a TV near you! Summer 2015 commercial.

Funny A/C Commercial


Have you ever walked across a hot asphalt parking lot, and, with each step, dreaded the moment you have to open the car door and climb into an oven? That hot summer sun: we love it, we hate it. But who enjoys burning their hammies, their hands, and every other body part that makes contact with a car's interior on a hot summer day?
Keep these tips in mind to beat the summer heat inside your car:
1. Parking tips
The most obvious thing we can do to keep the car cool is park in the shade. If there is no shade, try to park so that the sun comes in the back window. At least that way the front dash, steering wheel, and seats don't get as hot.
2. Vent the windows
Another technique I've used is to crack the windows about a half-inch to allow some airflow. My step-daughter used side vent shades on the backseat windows and a solar powered fan on the front. They look a little tacky, but they keep the sun off the backseat.
3. Don't be afraid to blast the A/C
Once you enter that hot car, turn on the air conditioner and open your windows a couple of inches. Some people think they have to run the car for a while (to warm up the engine) before turning on the air conditioning (increasing the load). There is NO truth to this.
Start the car, open the windows, and turn the air conditioning on high. This will efficiently lower the interior temperatures because the cool air produced will displace the hot air, pushing it out the windows. As soon as it's cooled off, close the windows.
4. Shield your windows
A car sitting in a parking lot all day can reach temperatures well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. There are several companies that make windshield shields that block out the sun's rays. Not only do they lower interior temperatures, but they also stop the UV rays from damaging dashboards and fading fabrics.
5. Tint your windows
Window tinting is very effective in lowering interior temperatures. However, there are different rules regulating window tinting for every state. Some states prohibit tinting of the front windows so police officers can see into a vehicle during a traffic stop. Other states allow tinting, but the degree of tinting is defined, which varies from state to state. Here in Abilene the current legal tint allowed on the front windows (not the windshield) is 25%.
6. Car shoppers, keep this in mind
For those of you in the market for a car, there are two important things you can keep in mind as you purchase your next vehicle. We recommend drivers in southern states choose cloth interiors rather than leather. Leather tends to absorb heat and thus it gets much hotter in the summertime (it also gets colder in winter).
A second (but more expensive) option is to opt for air-conditioned seats if you're buying a luxury car. In these cars and trucks, small refrigerant units are built into the seats. When activated, they circulate cooled air up through the seat, keeping your underside quite cool, dehumidified, and downright comfortable


Spring is here in Texas (for now, wait 5 minutes it may change) and the weather is starting to get nice enough to venture outside. The only problem is the wind is kicking up so much dust. Don't forget to check your air filter!

You will be missed.

You will be missed.


Loving the temps!!! Enjoying the rain even more!!!! Abnormal July weather but I'll take it all day long!!!!!


Whew! We have gotten a couple of days of rain this week (Monday was CRAZY!) Here's hoping we get a few more, preferably without the gale force winds and power outages.


Summer is coming, are you ready?

I don't know about you, but I've already been using my air conditioner at home and in the car. The weather is warming up, (wait 5 minutes it may change), the inside of your car is getting hotter and hotter when you get in after work or play. Try to minimize the amount of time it takes to cool off your car when using the A/C for less than 10 bucks.

Park in the shade and/or use a sunshade.

Of course, a garage is always the ideal place to park your car. But if one isn’t available, minimize interior damage from UV sunlight and heat by always trying to park your car in the shade. If no shade is available or if you find parking under a tree results in bird droppings, use a car shade to minimize the sun’s impact. As a bonus, you’ll have a cooler car to step into on hot sunny days.

Blowing the A/C air through a hot dashboards ventilation system takes a lot longer to cool than one that isn't hot!


Transmission Service
After 30,000 miles, transmission fluid begins to show its age as it turns brown in color and oxidizes due to the combination of time and heat. Deposits begin to form around the transmission’s many moving parts, resulting in valves that stick and gears that slip or are sluggish and chatter as they shift.

Rather than just removing the fluid found in the bottom of the pan, the entire transmission is cleaned and replenished with the use of special equipment. The transmission and its torque converter have all of their old contaminated fluid removed while new fluid and premium conditioners are added.

One of the hardest working parts of your vehicle will shift smoothly and effortlessly for many more trouble-free miles.


Tip Of The Week:

Summer Is On The Way. Don't Forget Your Cooling System.

Coolant-antifreeze eventually degrades and becomes contaminated. Flush it from your cooling system as recommended in your manual (typically every two years). Failing to do so can damage your radiator, clog your heater core, and cause the thermostat and water pump to fail. Check the hoses under your hood every month or two to avoid the hassle of a broken hose while you’re on the road. With the car cool and off, squeeze the hoses. If they are hard or make a crunching sound, have us replace them. Ditto if they are extremely soft or sticky. With the car warm but off, examine hoses for bulges and collapsed sections. If you find any, the hose walls are weak, and it’s time to replace the hose.

Never drive with a ruptured coolant hose, or you are liable to overheat the engine and damage it.


Tip Of The Week:

Don’t forget the timing belt!!!!!

On many cars, it’s the belt you can’t see that is the most critical. If your manual says, as many do, that you should replace the timing belt every 50,000-60,000 miles, do it! A failed timing belt can, depending on engine type, cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to your engine.


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