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Wilson's Precision Detailing Wilson's Precision Detailing is an automotive/marine detailing business for cars, trucks, SUV's,and boats, for individual and corporate clients.

Wilson’s commitment is a full-time pursuit toward providing the best possible solution to protect and beautify your automotive and/or marine investment. The automobile is the second highest investment most folks will make and precision detailing is the best way to protect that investment. The appearance of your vehicles says something about you and your company. Enjoy the pure pleasure of having a vehicle that is clean and well kept!

Operating as usual


The snow has melted but your vehicle needs to be cleaned by a professional to return it to that clean, fresh vehicle you want it to be for your family and friends. When you call, text, or email and make an appointment for a Precison Detail, mention SNOVID2021 and receive a $15-$25 discount depending on the services your vehicle needs. I look forward to the honor of serving you.


Happy Thanksgiving to all my wonderful customers! It is an honor to serve each of you and I look forward to more years of continued service. If you are looking for an exceptional experience with the detailing of your vehicle, boat, RV, or aircraft, I would love to have the opportunity to speak with you about what Wilson’s Precision Detailing has to offer. I have been in business, part time, for over 12 years. Over that time, I have learned a lot about detailing and I continue to look for new methods and products that will best serve those who trust me with their detailing needs. Have a blessed holiday!!!

This past weekend, I had the privilege of serving a local couple who need to sell their trailor. To maximize their profi...

This past weekend, I had the privilege of serving a local couple who need to sell their trailor. To maximize their profitability, they turned to Wilson’s Precision Detailing. The trailor was washed then polished with a one step polish and wax product formulated specifically for the gelcoat fiberglass that is on many RV’s and boats. Their decision paid off and the dull, oxidized exterior is polished and sealed against UV damage. This may be more than you need, but know that we have the precision solution to your car, truck, boat, RV, SUV, and airplane needs. Call me at 325 518-6550 to discuss your Precision Detail.


Over the past few weeks, I have seen my customer base grow exponentially. Thank you, to my loyal customer base! Welcome to those who have allowed me to serve you in the past few weeks! If you, or someone you know is looking to get a car, truck, SUV, RV, boat, or airplane detailed, give me a call. I would love to have the opportunity to earn your business. Leave your car with some one you can trust, Wilson’s Precision Detailing. I offer free pickup and delivery, 12 years of experience in the same location and employee (@ home and me), satisfaction guaranteed, and my highest goal is to exceed your expections. #seemydefinitionofclean #gothighsurfacetension #keepabileneclayed


While most rainy days are not made for detailing, I want to encourage you to look toward the next several weeks, check your calendar, and text, email, or call me to schedule your Precision Detail. If you need extensive interior detailing, know that I not only use commercial grade cleaning products, sanitizing commercial grade steam (345 degrees), and a commercial grade carpet/upholstery extractor. It is a good idea to protect your vehicle investment for the Fall. Stay safe and remember, "Leave your vehicle with someone you trust." It is my honor to serve you. My customers are the best!


To all my friends, both new and old, I wish each of you a Merry Christmas and look forward to serving you in the new year.

TopCoat Products

I have been using Topcoat F-11 for over a year on cars, trucks, boats, rv’s, and, yes, airplanes. I will soon be the exclusive retail outlet for the entire Topcoat F-11 product line. This product has revolutionized my detailing business and has been met with happy customers and outstanding protection and beauty. Call and schedule your detail with Topcoat F-11, you will be a customer for life.

Mike L: 'F11 works marvelously on my 1978 airplane's original paint. The plane is super slick. Even made the plastic on the windshield shine like clear glass.'

Clean, shine and protect your plane 🛩️ with just one product, TopCoat F11.

It will protect your windshield from swirl marks. And it will make the whole plane super slick and have less drag.

Give it a try!

TopCoat Products

I have found this product to revolutionize my business bringing beauty, protection and durability to cars, trucks, boats, SUV’s, and yes, airplanes. Call to schedule your Precision Detail today.

Don’t be fooled by imitations, copycats, or knock-offs!

Other products might try to copy our claims, but they can’t copy our results.

Half a million customers can’t be wrong! TopCoat F11 is the industry standard for enhancing, restoring, and protecting cars of any age to their original showroom shine.

Try TopCoat F11 once, and you’ll NEVER go back to other waxes, cleaners, soaps, detergents, polishes or coatings ever again!

Click here to learn more:

➡️➡️➡️ https://topcoat.store/pages/f11-4-2sm

This past January, I was asked to detail this King Air C90GTx and today Wilson’s Precision Detailing was called upon to ...

This past January, I was asked to detail this King Air C90GTx and today Wilson’s Precision Detailing was called upon to detail it again. I use the same product on this plane that I use on all my vehicles. If you want your vehicle protected with aviation grade products that provide exceptional shine and uncompromised protection, call or text me. Leave your vehicle (or aircraft) with people you trust.

Here are all pictures from today’s King Air detail using TopCoat F-11.

Here are all pictures from today’s King Air detail using TopCoat F-11.

If you need professional detailing, give me a call. I have added aviation to my catalogue of vehicles. Leave your car, b...

If you need professional detailing, give me a call. I have added aviation to my catalogue of vehicles. Leave your car, boat, truck, van, SUV, RV, or King Air (Beechcraft, Cessna, Etc) with people you trust. Special thanks to Russell and Sara Lindsey.


While it is hard to complain about rain in West Texas, many customers are waiting for the forecast to include clearer weather before they call to schedule their Precision Detail. As those details begin to back up, contact me (call or text) and get on the calendar…it is filling fast.


Today is National Mustang Day. I hope Linda Case will enjoy her Precision Detailed Mustang convertible.


Over the past 6 months, I have had exceptional results with a new product, TopCoat F-11. After three months of testing on my own personal vehicles, I have begun to use this on Precision Details that desire more than a "wash and wipe down." This water based revolutionary product is reshaping the automotive detailing world and you can experience the exceptional protection and gloss of F-11. It not only protects painted surfaces, but also protects rubber, vinyl, glass...virtually all automotive surfaces. While a single application is impressive, three coats over a 48 hour period can give protection equal to or exceeding modern ceramic automotive coatings. Of course, I still offer standard wax/sealant applications, but customers have raved about this product and its protective powers. Give me a call to schedule your Precision Detail featuring TopCoat F-11.


Now that the holiday season is behind us, I have some products in my shop that are quickly providing world class protection with a glossy, buttery finish that lasts. These are not "snake oil" products, they are items that have been well researched and continue to stand up to countless reviews and scrutiny. And, of course, everything I put on or in any vehicle is first tested on my own vehicles. Give me a call, I am the busiest part-time detailer in the Big Country.


Thank you, for allowing me to earn your business this past year. I always strive to exceed the expectation of every customer, regardless of the work that I am asked to do. I seek to learn the best practices and discover the best products that I can offer to protect and beautify the automotive, marine, and recreational vehicles of each and every customer. I want to wish each of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year. I look forward to serving you in 2018.


Over the past three weeks, I have applied F-11 to several vehicles and the results have been amazing. Customers are not only pleased with the gloss and shine, but also the protection and durability that this product provides. While I still (and will always) offer traditional wax/sealant products, this is proving to be yet another significant advancement for both protection and beautification. If you are still curious/skeptical about this product or any product/service I offer, please give me a call and set up your appointment. I stand behind this and every product that I use and if you are not satisfied, I will do everything within my power to make it right and you happy, including a full refund.


I have begun using F-11 TopCoat, a revolutionary wax/sealant that offers unprecedented protection and shine. The wonderful thing about this product is that it can be applied to any and every automotive surface (paint, glass, vinyl, rubber door seals,) offering wonderful protection and appearance without any white residue associated with other waxes and sealants. The layering of F-11 (over a few weeks) will give the protection equal to todays ceramic paint coatings. Call me to learn more about this amazing product and how it can help protect your vehicle investment.


Last weekend, I was honored to detail two vehicles that had just returned from relief efforts in the Houston. One vehicle served as lodging for its driver and a dog rescue for 9 days and the other was a local lineman who returned to the Houston area Monday. This weekend includes work on both exterior and interior detailing, while next weekend will feature washing and waxing a motorhome. I particularly enjoy detailing vehicles for military families and offer those who bravely serve our country a $25 discount. WPD is in business to serve it's customers. Call me for an appointment.


While this summer has been busy, Wilson's Precision Detailing is here to meet your detailing needs. Cars, trucks, SUV's, boats, small water craft, motorcycles, specialty vehicles, import and domestic have been serviced though WPD over the past 8 years. If you want personalized work designed and priced to meet your specific needs, give me a call. We offer free pick up and delivery (from home or work) and an unconditional money back customer satisfaction guarantee of the careful work that your vehicle will receive. We use some of the industries finest products applied by commercial grade polishing and cleaning machines (and hand) to take you from a simple foam cannon based wash to full vehicle paint correction. Interior cleaning with a steam cleaner and extractor for a "better than new" look, smell, and feel. My goal is to help you protect and enjoy the investment you have made in your vehicle. Call or text me at 325-518-6550. Leave your vehicle with someone you trust.


This past week, I had the honor of being asked to help a friend. It appears that in the process of painting a local warehouse, the West Texas wind blew paint overspray on a number of cars in a nearby parking lot. The owner of the building, who is also a customer, called and asked me if I could remove the overspray from approximately 30 cars. While this was the largest single undertaking of my 8 years in detailing, we were able to complete the task, with call backs, in 4 days. As a result, I have had an opportunity to serve a much larger number of people than at any other time and, although the circumstances were not ideal, I was able to meet some wonderful people and gain some invaluable experience by working on a number of cars with paint in a wide variety of conditions and and age. It was a joy to not only provide a solution for these people, but also to offer a high level of customer service. #WPDetailing


Today is going to be a busy day of detailing including some regular customers and a new customer. I am proud to announce that I am the exclusive Abilene representative for Glassparency. This unique product can best be described as a treatment for your windshield that bonds with the glass and gives protection that provides amazing water repellency as well as a clearer view for night driving. While rain is not as much a problem in West Texas as in other parts of the country, this treatment speeds cleaning bugs and other contaminates from your windshield. It carries a warranty with it and when your vehicle is registered, you get a notice every three months for a maintenance application. All this for a one-time cost of $25.

Give me a call, let me make your car, truck, SUV, van, boat, or RV beautiful again, inside and out.


In recent days I have acquired a power washer and a professional grade foam cannon as well as a compressor. When you combine these with my Dupray steam cleaner, I am able to do more, better and faster. In my relentless quest to exceed my customers expectations, I continue to find ways to improve how I serve you.


From a recent customer:
The car looked great both inside and out and for a great price. I have an older car, came from up north and I have a dog so my biggest complaint was the smell of wet carpet. The car smells like new now. My car was long overdue for a cleaning and Todd got it clean beyond my expectations. An added bonus was that Todd picked up my car from my job.

If you can't say this about your last detail, you should call me. Mention this testimonial and during the month of May get $25 off your next full detail.


After two weekends out of town, I am back and will be detailing for the next several weekends. Although this weekend is already booked with appointments, I am accepting appointments through the end of the month. Call me and schedule a time for your Precision Detail.

Wilson's Precision Detailing's cover photo

Wilson's Precision Detailing's cover photo


It's hard not to enjoy the rain in West Texas, but it "washes out" detailing for today. The forecast for tomorrow is currently more detailer friendly. I have an interior detail scheduled and will continue to detail my way through one of my new corporate accounts.


Two cars today and two full details tomorrow! It's a great weekend to serve some of the best customers in West Texas!


After two weekends away for vacation, I am back at detailing. Appointments are filling for August. Like this page and get $25 off any detailing.

Copper Band Trailer detail before…more to come, much more.

Copper Band Trailer detail before…more to come, much more.


I have the best customers in the world! I am attending the funeral of a dear friend this Saturday and it caused me to reschedule three detailing appointments. Each of my customers were gracious and understanding. It is such a joy to serve these wonderful people.


Today, in addition to being quite warm, I was crazy busy with two cars and a boat to detail. These 10.5 hour days are killers, but next weekend is already full with a detail Friday AM and a trip to Waco for a choir concert and to visit our children...by the way, two of the three vehicles today were NEW CUSTOMERS. I love new customers. Thank you for your word of mouth recommendations.


2013 will mark the 5th year (April 1, seriously) of serving some of the best customers in the world. Thank you for allowing me to serve you. Though this is a part time business for me, it represents a commitment to provide you with the best service possible. Wilson's Precision Detailing, "Leave you car with someone you trust."


Happy New Year from Wilson's Precision Detailing. I hope that 2013 is both joyous and prosperous for each of you. It is my joy to serve you. In 2013, I will continue to offer the highest quality detailing services available. Thank you for your continued loyalty and your many recommendations your friends.


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