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Volumetric Efficiency Methods

This is a video of various methods of finding out where you're losing power, fuel mileage and creating higher emissions.


Basics on Fluke DVOM/DMM Automotive Training

SMD soldering

Here's the rest of the old but great Pace soldering training. Remember to use the 60/40 lead solder not the lead-free stuff. Lead-free doesn't last and oxidizes quickly.


Here's the next (9 of 9) of the old but great soldering training. Remember to use the 60/40 lead solder not the lead-free stuff. Lead-free doesn't last.

Basic Soldering Pace part 7 of 9

Here's the rest of the old but great Pace soldering training. Remember to use the 60/40 lead solder not the lead-free stuff. Lead-free doesn't last. Parasitic draw is typically caused by typical switch degradation but the ones we don't think about are the bad IC Chips grounds that use Lead-Free solder.

Soldering How-to

I had to substitute the #6 Pace soldering series because we lost the sound from the VHS tape. This is an excellent video that fits into soldering techniques.

Soldering Basics

Part 1 of 9 short videos of how to solder. I hope this helps.


This might help understand a few things transmission related.


cool video

For the everlasting 4L60E GM transmission


Air Care Colorado.


NATEF allows other techs and schools to post informational videos. No political or sales videos are allowed unless the video is an advance of Truck/automotive knowledge. Thanks, Keith.


For the everlasting 4L60E GM transmission


About the ever consistant 4L60E

Hybrid Series

As most of you know, I was luckily a Trainer for a very fantastic group of people in Colorado designated as Air Care Colorado - Train the Trainer , F.I.R.S.T. and E.D.G.E.. We were all at minumum an ASE Advanced Level Master Technicians, L1 or L2. When it all began in Denver, Colorado in the early 1990's, we were assigned to go to dealerships and larger shops to instruct other ASE Master Techs in Clinics how to fix vehicles with driveabilty and emmision failures the correct methods of repairing all vehicles without a dominant make or model. Impressively, Colorado, California and Canada are all very clean cities and countries to live without Automotive health related sicknesses after these training clinics were done. Needless to say, we were all very Hybrid vehicles (Large Locomotives down to Motorcycles) and Electric vehicles related strong. This inception started in the late 1980's and in the early 1990's we began Automotive Engineering practice studies. It's a very different world today. Here is one of my favorite and basic introduction Hybrid movies. Enjoy.

1990's Air Care Colorado F.I.R.S.T. Air/Fuel I/M 240 emissions technology.

Getting back to basics. Too many younger technicians are Scan tool dependent. This video will help the younger techs use the scan tool with proper diagnostic techniques from carbs to SEFI fuel Injection. From the beginning of emission gas technology, catalytic converter diagnostics and Early Fuel Evaporation.


I've been honored to share classrooms with other great automotive instructors and technicians helping students, technicians and Instructors to become not only ASE Certified Technicians but also helping schools attain NATEF Certification in several states in Colorado, Texas, Washington, Oregon, Mississippi and Louisiana. I will always appreciate the help and also helping these great Instructors, technicians and their schools. Some of these people are George Arrants, John Easley, Coleman McVie, David Moreau and the late,great Ben Christie from Yakima Valley Community College in Yakima, Washington.

NATEF's cover photo

NATEF's cover photo


Hello all, I finally got around to getting formal permissions from our friends and colleagues in Herndon, Va. More to come..



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