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Ronoco Transmissions Over 50 Years experience in transmission repair! We have a full staff who can service any car and truck, both foreign and domestic, with the following services: Complete brakes service, A/C service, tune ups, cooling systems, computer diagnostics, and front-ends.

We provide free towing and free diagnostics with repairs. Before Making a decision anywhere else, contact us and get a second opinion. Financing Arranged on approved credit. We honor most extended warranties.

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By checking the transmission fluids and having service checks regularly, your transmission in your car could outlast just about any other part of the car. Many cars go the junkyard with their original transmissions intact.


What does the transmission oil pump do? This pump produces the oil pressure necessary to operate the transmission, and pressure is produced whenever the engine is running. Sufficient quantities of the right type of transmission fluid are needed to produce the right amount of pressure.


To reduce risks for serious transmission problems, address any signs of transmission problems – including transmission leaks, unusual sweet smelling odors, shifting problems and strange noises when shifting or in neutral – through prompt diagnosis and repair.


Have your brakes been acting funny lately? If you suspect that there is anything wrong with your brakes, it’s imperative that you bring your car in right away for an inspection. We provide comprehensive checks of all your brake components.


It may seem like the air conditioner in your car is just the reverse of your heater, but actually it's a totally different system. Your heater is a small radiator that heats the air around it, while your A/C is a system that pulls heat from the air in the ventilation system and moves it elsewhere.


The first antilock brake was named Maxaret and created by the Road Research Laboratories in 1958. Road Research Laboratories was based in Great Britain and utilized their technology in 1966 in the Jensen FF sports sedan.


Harsh shifting after you notice an occasional slip in the transmission could be a sign that the car's computer also detected the slip and is compensating to save the transmission by increasing line pressure. Call us for a diagnostic test and estimate.


The longer you go without investigating, the greater the chance that a little problem could become a major repair bill. Do not ignore signs of trouble; if you think you have a transmission problem have it checked immediately.


Did you know that the automatic transmission was invented in 1940 by a team of brothers from Boston? The Sturtevant brothers’ first transmission originally had two forward speeds governed by flyweights that were driven by the engine.


If you cannot get your vehicle into gear and it will not move, call us to have it towed. We work with most insurance companies as well as many roadside service clubs and groups. Once your car is on site, we will inspect it, offer and estimate, and perform only the work you approve.


Did you know that the basic components of a transmission were already in place at the turn of the century? Transmission bands and planetary gears were used in the first manual transmission installed in the Model T Ford and the Model K of 1906.


Transmissions are complex units that are calibrated to suit the engine they come with. Rebuilding your transmission when it needs overhauling will more than likely give your car many more years of service, compared to buying a new transmission.


If you notice some noise or a hard and rough feeling when your transmission is put into a certain gear or during the time when you’re shifting from one gear to another, like from second to third, you need to see us about a probable transmission problem.


Your brakes are arguably the most important safety feature in your car. If you’re experiencing any difficulty with them, please bring your car in for service right away so you can continue to have safe travels.


In 1933, a New York company began installing air conditioners in cars, and the advancement was so monumental at the time that it was reported in Popular Science. The A/C units had to be specially installed in cars, and were usually in limousines or luxury cars.


We recognize that no one likes to be stuck in car limbo. When you work with us, we’ll be sure to keep in contact with you about any changes regarding how long your transmission repairs will take.


If you detect that your transmission is leaking, you will not want to wait long to have it checked. A thorough inspection of the cooler lines to the differential cover will usually detect the severity of the leak.


The A/C system in your car gets its power from the engine, but it needs to be able to turn off even if the engine is still moving. This is accomplished by using an electromagnetic clutch, which engages with an electric current.


Do you need your brakes replaced? Our shop can have your brakes replaced and you back on the road in no time. Don’t delay any longer, call today to have one of our experts fixing your brakes ASAP.


Routine monitoring of refrigerant levels on older cars is important to the life of their air conditioners. Repeatedly running a system that is not cooling as it should can eventually cause the AC compressor to fail, requiring expensive repairs, or a lot of windows-down driving.


We always advise our customers - especially after an expensive repair – to develop simple habits like shifting to Reverse or Park only after your car comes to a complete stop, and never shifting from Park when the engine rpm is faster than normal idle.


Your car's A/C is tied into your electrical system, which means if you're having trouble, it could actually be your A/C system draining the battery. Fortunately, this can be easily fixed by an A/C expert, and they can get you back on the road in no time.


Do you ever worry that a free brake inspection is just a ruse to sell service? While we would love to service your brakes when they need it, we’ll never recommend brake services and repairs your car doesn’t really need.


There are three principal components to any automobile air-conditioning system: the compressor, the condenser, and the evaporator and they work in unison to cool and to lower the moisture content of the cabin’s air.


Your A/C system consists of various components that all have to fit together, which is where hoses and fittings come in. Like any part, these can fade and deteriorate over time, then lead to bigger problems. That's why A/C experts make sure to check these when your car comes in.


If your car has started to make a grinding sound while you’re driving, this usually means it’s time to bring it in for transmission service. Often, this is a torque converter issue.


Another means of extending your automatic transmission's life and preventing expensive repairs is to check for leaks. We recommend simply checking your parking spots for any sign of leaks from your car, whether it is engine oil or transmission fluid.


Have you been hesitant to bring your car in for repairs because you’re worried about how much it will cost to fix? Remember, transmission issues usually get worse the longer you wait.


Before the refrigerant in your car's A/C goes into the passenger cab, the pressure on it needs to be reduced so it can expand into a gas. That's what the expansion valve does, lowering the pressure and regulating the flow of refrigerant. On some cars, this is done by an or***ce tube.


Are you always hesitant to take your car into the mechanic because you’d rather get the satisfaction of completing the work on your own time? If you don’t have the ability to complete AC repairs as quickly as your driving comfort levels would demand, we’re always here for you.


If you are carrying a heavy payload most of the time, your brakes might wear more quickly. This is because they are putting more strain on your brakes to stop your entire payload. Make sure you get them checked often if you feel the slightest tension or any other problems.


If you’ve recently purchased a used car model that you’ve never driven before, you may not know exactly what’s going on under the hood. When you need quick and efficient air conditioning repairs for it, we’re here for you.


If you notice that all of the cooled air seems to be coming out of the defroster or the floor vents, it could be because the vacuum line has broken off or become otherwise disconnected. Refer to a technician to identify the exact problem and to locate the faulty vacuum line.


If you find that your brakes are slow to respond, so that the vehicle travels a little farther before coming to a stop in city traffic, then either your brakes need adjusting or you are in need of new brake linings.


Over the years, a new type of disc brake was created; these are called full contact disc brakes. A standard disc brake only applies pressure to 15% of the rotor surface when the brakes are applied, but a full contact disc brake, five additional pads are used so that contact is made with 75% of the rotor’s surface.


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I highly recommend this business to do any transmission work needed. They are professional, friendly, honest, and the job gets completed correctly and a price that beats anyone in polk county.