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Atlas Towing Inc. located in Whitehall, PA serves the Lehigh Valley and beyond, established in 1977. We provide 24/7 around the clock service. We do light & medium duty truck towing, foreign & domestic autos, dealer & body shop towing and we use flat beds for all un-towable & foreign cars.


Did you know that modern towing companies are working hard to increase their safety and efficiency? Today's professional recovery operators are highly skilled and invest heavily in the latest vehicles and equipment to get the job done right.


Having a towing service can really make your day, especially if you have two flat tires and no ability to move your vehicle. We will arrive as quickly as possible to help.


Did you know that a lift tow (underlift) is the most common modern method for short distance transportation? The casualty is winched onto a lifting grid and then raised by lifting the grid, with the casualty's tires strapped to the grid.


Boom, hook and chain, wheel-lift, flatbed, and integrated are the five most commonly used types of towing equipment. Each is based on the vehicle's type and size. Some flatbed units have a wheel-lift, some boom trucks recover but don't tow, and some wheel-lifts have a combination boom with a sling.


For your own safety and the safety of others, you should learn to drive defensively. Stay alert to possible obstacles on the road and try to predict the movements of other drivers. Limit distractions and keep your eyes on the road.


If it appears that you have a dead battery, we can help. Our towing professionals can assess your vehicle on site to determine whether the problem is fixable or whether you will require towing and repair service.


We know that having your car towed can be a stressful and expensive ordeal. We try to make the experience as painless as possible by providing you with quick, efficient and friendly service. We are always available to answer your questions.


Never try and change a tire while on the side of a busy road, it's very dangerous. Instead, call for help. Motorists are killed daily across this nation on roadways while broke down. Professional towing companies have the equipment and safety lighting to get the job done safely and fast.


Always know where items are in the vehicle such as your jack, spare tire, and other tools and how they function. This can really benefit you if you are ever in a situation with your car and there is no one around to help.


When you call for a tow or any other service, be sure to have handy the make and model of the car, your name and phone number, and where the car is located. This information will help us find you quickly.


It is important for us to deliver to you twice: deliver your car and deliver you great customer service. From the moment you call until your car is completely taken care of, we guarantee excellent service. We will pick up your vehicle and tow it safely to your destination of choice.


We are constantly striving to improve our standards for towing and recovery. One of the ways we do this is by educating our drivers and the community in best practices for ensuring their own safety as well as that of others.


We are committed to professional and quality towing services to both residents and commercial businesses. No matter if your automobile breaks down on the highway or your company needs to relocate its fleet of vehicles to a designated job site, our specialists can handle all of the transportation details.


We only hire the most knowledgeable and professional drivers to tow your car. We know that your car is precious to you and you can rest assured that it will be in good hands when it is in our hands.


We are sometimes asked if it is better to have a car towed on a flatbed and our answer is: not necessarily. Vehicles can be damaged by over tightening the chains on flatbeds. Just remember, your vehicle can be towed safely with both types of tow trucks with an experienced operator.


Some of the tow trucks invented by Ernest Holmes are still in use today. He supplied 7,238 trucks during World War II, an instant success after opening his tow truck company.


We would never encourage any of our customers to use their cell phone while driving but in an emergency situation a cell phone can be the most important thing you own. We recommend always having a charged cell phone in your vehicle and our number saved in the phonebook. It's always better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.


Be prepared for problem situations. Keep items in the vehicle such as flashlights, flares, blankets, and a first-aid kit. Mobile phones in the vehicle are also the most valuable safety tool during breakdown situations and make sure that you have our number stored in your phone.


The National Safety Council recommends lifting your hood and tying a white ribbon or cloth to your antennae if your car breaks down on the side of the road. This is the proper way to attract safe roadside assistance rather than waving down other drivers for help.


Do you need a winching service? Whether you are stuck in a ditch or need some other kind of vehicle extraction, we provide complete winching services to get your car safely onto the towing platform.


Did you know that tow operators put their lives in danger every day? Help us reduce the number of annual accidents and deaths by adhering to local and regional laws that require drivers to Slow Down and Move Over.


An important thing for drivers to remember is to keep your vehicles maintained. You're less likely to have car trouble if you regularly service your car, like oil changes and getting the spark plugs replaced.


There are so many reasons that cars get towed. Vehicles are often towed in the case of breakdowns or accidents, or may be confiscated for parking violations, driving under the influence, and other offenses. Towing is not just limited to breakdowns or accidents and we are trained in any type of tow service.


The inventor of the tow truck, Ernest Holmes, Sr., had his first wrecker manufacturing facility on Market Street in Chattanooga, Tennessee. In 2003, the International Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame and Museum opened just a few blocks away from that original spot.


No matter what the situation, our company is equipped to meet your needs. We'll pick you up if you're stranded on the side of the road and we'll even tow your vehicle to the shop of your choice to fix any damage.


We make sure to keep top notch safety equipment and standards. We stand behind our promise every day to give every customer the absolute best quality and safety when they hire our towing service.


Many people don't think about towing and the people who worked in the recovery industry until they need them. To celebrate the history of emergency roadside assistance, consider visiting the Wall of the Fallen, a memorial to unsung heroes, located in Chattanooga, Tennessee.


If you notice your car is acting funny while driving, slowly ease your foot off the gas and slowly pull onto the right shoulder of the road. A calm reaction could save you from bigger problems, like rolling your vehicle when a tire goes flat.


Did you know that a towing company is authorized to take a car if it is in a tow zone with signage notifying the driver that no parking is allowed? Always be sure to read and comply with the instructions near your parking place.


Heavy duty towing involves a much more extensive process than car towing. If your vehicle is particularly cumbersome or heavy, we can use a crane and other equipment to make sure it is safely loaded and ready to haul.


If you have a flat tire or a problem you can't fix, stay in your car on the side of the road and call for help. Having your car safely away from traffic will keep you and your passengers safe.


If your car won't start, this can be caused by anything from a battery that simply needs to be jump-started to one that totally needs to be replaced. Our towing professionals will help determine the issue so they can advise you on how best to proceed.


Driving a car right after it's been in an accident can actually be dangerous, as it's hard to know how the car is going to react if you need to make a quick stop. We offer prompt, affordable towing services so you can have your car thoroughly checked out before you try to operate it.


No matter what's wrong with your vehicle, we can help. Our team of towing professionals will be able to assess your vehicle to determine whether a repair can be made on site or whether the issue will require a tow.


Not sure whether you need your car towed or not? Our team of towing professionals will be able to assess the situation for you to determine whether it's a simple fix that can be done roadside or whether the repairs are more extensive and need to be completed at a shop.


498 Mauch Chunk Rd
Whitehall, PA

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Monday 09:00 - 17:00
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(610) 820-5110


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