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At Matchless Body Works, we use our own heated paint booth to make baked paint finishes that are vivid and long lasting. Let our precise color matching service find just the right shade. Then, it will be applied using special BASF auto paint. Getting a damaged car back to running condition is important, but the paint job can make or break the vehicle. We only offer the best quality for both of these services. Contact us in Vienna, Virginia, for an estimate on our custom paint services.

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Did you know that chemists were partly responsible for some of the advancements in automotive finishing? Alkyd resins were used to produce enamels in the 1930s, which are generally considered the beginning of the modern process of car painting.


Have you heard that a car can’t be the same after it’s been in an accident? This might have been true decades ago, but modern collision repair techniques can completely restore your car to looking just as good and working just as well as it did before the accident.


When remodeling an automobile it is important to plan out how and where you will get your needed parts. Many late model cars have hard to find and even expensive parts. Creating and keeping this budget will keep you on track with expenses.


You may hear about betterment charges when dealing with your insurance company after a collision. These are applied when parts that wear out with time, like tires or suspension parts, are replaced as part of the repair process. The actual betterment cost you’ll pay is generally determined by the miles on your vehicle.


Do you have a car that is white, silver, black, or gray? If you do, then you have a car that is one of the most common paint jobs for the year 2012. Make your car stand out with a bright new paint job.


Make sure that the collision repair center you choose has the advanced systems and equipment to perform all necessary work to your vehicle. Some of these items needed for repairs include systems used for frame, suspension, engine, and drive train removal and replacement.


Solvent vehicle paints have a long history of use because of their fast application and durability. In these paints a solvent is added to the resin and pigments in order for them to be sprayed on the vehicle.


The two most common paint finishes are metallic and pearl. Metallic paints give the car an eye-catching shine, and are most often used on sports cars. Pearl paints give the car a glow, like a soft shine, and are most often used on luxury cars. Depending on your style, you can give any car a sporty or luxury feel.


Many substances can be very harmful to your vehicle's paint when spilled or splashed on to the surface. A few of these are coffee, soda, gasoline and anything acidic. These can strip the color and deteriorate the protective layers.


After side collision accidents, auto repair most often involves either fixing or replacing doors and windows. Side collision repairs will usually also require frame work and total car alignment so that the vehicle will handle like it did before the accident.


During the tinting process, a window is wiped and cleaned with a spray cleaner. Glue and former window tint will be removed. Any remaining glue will cause the new window tint to pop out in irregular places.


Part of the reason auto body shops are so good at what they do is because of the advanced technology they have available. These include equipment and systems that can remove and reinstall components like frames, suspensions, and engines.


The National Occupant Protection Use Survey (NOPUS) for 2012 listed some interesting but somewhat predictable findings. The highest cell phone use while driving occurred among 16 to 24 year olds and increased the risk of crashes.


What’s the difference? Auto paints are formulated with water or solvent bases that hold colored pigments in suspension. Clear coat finishes are formulated with a transparent base and without pigment particles, so they’re essentially paint without pigment.


In auto collision repair, the technicians will carefully disassemble the vehicle to expose any structural damage that may have been obtained upon impact. This is the type of damage that can be easily overlooked but can significantly affect they safety of the car.


Gas Metal Arc Welding, or MIG welding, is a process that uses a continuously fed, solid wire electrode through a welding gun. The operator pulls a trigger on the welding gun to activate it.


Each country has its own approach to auto repair. In Great Britain, for example, up to 95% of collision repair referrals come directly from insurance agents, while in the US customers turn to a mix of family, friends and agents for referrals.


The cost of the first Model T was only $850 in 1908. By the time Henry Ford implemented his assembly-line manufacturing, the cost dropped to $290 just 10 years later.


Whether it’s for a first date, a meeting with the boss, or just your own pride, those dings, dents, and scratches from minor collisions can leave a bad taste. Fortunately, they’re not hard for a collision repair expert to take care of to get your car looking great again.


While car manufacturers think they’re looking out for you, we say they’re holding back your flair. You may have noticed that car companies only offer certain cars in certain colors. This is because they don’t believe their car would look good in colors they don’t offer. We don’t care what color you want, we are more than happy to respray your car in any color available.


Wondering if a rental car will be covered while your vehicle’s damage is being repaired? This depends on the terms of your insurance policy. Check with your agent to see if you’ll need to cover the cost of a rental car yourself.


The Gross Combination Weight Rating, or GCWR, is the maximum weight for the vehicle and the trailer. This measurement also includes all people and objects inside both the vehicle and trailer. Exceeding these will cause extra stress on the vital parts of the truck.


It’s becoming more and more common for there to be hidden damage from a collision, because modern vehicles are designed so they crush in a way that protects the occupants but may do more damage to the inner components. Your body shop will assess damage and write a supplement to the original estimate if needed.


According to automotive trend trackers, white will continue to be the preferred color for traditional vehicles for the foreseeable future. Meanwhile, hue-shifting purples and metallic oranges with colored aluminum flake are gaining traction on vintage hotrods, sports cars and statement vehicles.


Every new model of automobile is more sophisticated than each of its predecessors. That is why our repair technicians are constantly studying and training, keeping pace with advances, so that we are prepared to repair any make and model vehicle that enters our shop.


PPF protects your car's paint by forming an almost see-through layer of defense, creating a kind of unseen shield that protects the most vulnerable parts of your car. PPF can be used to protect the hood, bumpers, fenders, rocker panels, door edges, handles, and even side view mirrors.


Head-on or rear-end collisions have the cushion of the engine or trunk space, but not side collisions. That’s why Volvo pioneered side impact protections in 1991, and added side airbags to their cars in 1994. A Volvo repair expert can make sure you can count on these systems.


While a garage is certainly an investment, consider this: paint oxidation is a common problem for all cars not regularly garaged or covered.


That small dent and scratch might not seem like a big deal, but that doesn’t mean it should be ignored. If the surface of the paint is broken, then it exposes the metal to rust and corrosion, so it’s a good idea to have a collision expert take care of the damage.


Wondering how much paint you’ll need for your particular car? While the specific amounts will depend on the dimensions of your vehicle, the general guideline is that, for a small or medium-sized car, you will need one gallon of base coat or primer, three gallons of topcoat, and two to three gallons of clear coat.


Every year, there are about 6 million car accidents in the United States. The average repair time for vehicles is about four days. Make sure that you ask about a warranty on the repairs from the shop that you chose.


There are many varieties of car paints. Urethane, for example, can be used over anything and lasts a very long time. However, urethane paint is also extremely toxic and you must take heavy protective precautions when using it.


Many people grow attached to their vehicle, so it’s common to be worried about getting it back to its original condition after an accident. The good news is that modern auto body equipment and know-how can often get vehicles looking virtually the same as they did before.


Automotive paint applicator guns are a must-have auto body paint tool. The best guns are those that are made of corrosive free metal and have a rust free applicator wand. Auto paint applicator guns are also available with varying spraying distance capacities.


Your insurance company wants your vehicle properly repaired and wants you completely satisfied with their claim service. You have specific rights and obligations that you should be aware of. Look over your policy, and understand your rights.


A hot rod is a car that’s been modified to increase speed and maximize acceleration. The term surfaced in 1945 to describe cars modified for street or drag racing, and many innovative paint formulas and methods can be traced to hot rod designers and builders.


In 1966, NASA invented memory or slow springback foam. Designed to absorb some of the energy and improve passenger safety during an airplane crash, it’s being evaluated by some auto manufacturers to enhance passenger safety in car collisions.


Left unprotected and out in the elements, your car's paint will oxidize quickly. You won't notice the damage over a period of a month or two, but it's definitely there. However, after a year without protection in the elements, your paint is sure to be noticeably dull and rough.


Repair technicians in auto paint and body shops have excellent three dimensional visualization skills. The technicians can view two dimensional drawings and visualize how they would appear and any details they feature as a vehicle repair unfolds.


Planning on doing some body repair? Whether you’re doing it yourself or at a shop, the new paint needs to perfectly match the existing color. Fortunately, a paint expert will be able to make sure you get a perfect match for your car.


Because aluminum and steel react to heat differently, welding these materials requires skill, experience and the right tools. Aluminum, for example, is more conductive than steel, so welding tools generate less heat and require more finesse.


There are two types of car paint: water-based paint and solvent-based paint. Both of these use a liquid that holds the pigment in suspension. Once it’s applied to the car, the liquid evaporates and leaves the pigment behind on the car.


Rust emerges when unprotected steel becomes exposed to water which causes it to oxidize. When painting a car, it is crucial that all rust is chemically or physically removed. If not done, the paint will bubble and continue to rust.


Did you know that most American car horns are programmed to beep in the key of F?


When you think of painting supplies, you might not immediately think about sandpaper, but it’s just as important as a good primer or spray gun. Before you apply primer to bare metal, it should be sanded to rough up the surface and to remove any rust.


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