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What Do You Need to Race a Rally Right Now?


The Dakar Rally has been an untouchable dream for many—engines roaring across the countryside, race bikes soaring off the crest of a dune, adventures for d

Go Mason!

Go Mason!

ADVMoto Jan/Feb 2022 Rally Issue Is Here! Subscribe or login to read:

We moved the Rally Issue to Jan/Feb since the Dakar Rally is in full swing right after the New Year. Print subscribers will get a special treat in their mailbox! This issue features a Yamaha Motor USA sponsored 2022 Rally Calendar poster pull-out featuring US rider Andrew Short. If you're a digital subscriber but want a print copy, it can be ordered here:

Also starting from this issue, we added the community contributed section "Bike Banter". Find out if your answer is picked and published, or if you are the lucky winner of a Touratech-USA Adventuro Carbon 2 Helmet!
Issue Details:

Pass the Torch: An Interview with Mason Klein • Now and Then: The Dakar Rally is Changing Whether We Like It or Not • Leaner, Stronger & Looking Good: 2021 Honda CRF300L & CRF300L Rally • From Wearing a Cast to Racing Malle Moto: 2021 Silk Way Rally

Ride Reports
A Fiesta of the Old Paris-Dakar • Simpletons Race to the 40th Dakar Rally

Product Reviews
Klim Traverse Jacket and Pant • Camel ADV Gut Guard for the Harley-Davidson Pan America • AeroPress Go travel coffee maker

Rider Spotlight
Andrew Short, the Jack of All Trades

Bike Banter
If There was One Racing Skill You Could Learn in an Instant, What Would It Be?

The Far-Ride
Covered Under Warranty

Meida Review
To Dakar and Back by Lawrence Hacking


Gettin’ the itch

Boom Mason Klein! Larry Klein Lisa Agajanian Klein Carter Klein Everybody winning!

Boom Mason Klein! Larry Klein Lisa Agajanian Klein Carter Klein Everybody winning!

In Rally2, victory went to Mason Klein who celebrates his 20th birthday today. Congratulations ! 🥳

En Rally2, la victoire revient Mason Klein qui fête ses 20 ans aujourd'hui ! Bon anniversaire ! 🥳


1º Mason Klein 🇺🇸
2º Bradley Cox 🇿🇦 +06'54"
3º Benjamin Melot 🇫🇷 +16'30"
4º Julien Jagu 🇫🇷 +26:33"
5º Paolo Lucci 🇮🇹 +28'48"


1º Mason Klein 🇺🇸
2º Paolo Lucci 🇮🇹 +42'53"
3º Bradley Cox 🇿🇦 +01h07'17"
4º Benjamin Melot 🇫🇷 +01h10'16"
5º Jerome Martiny 🇮🇹 +01h56'58"

#rallyedumaroc #rallyeraid #IAM #maroc #morocco #igersmorocco

OCP Group
Maroc Telecom

📸 DPPI / Antonin Vincent

🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 Konflict Motorsports for the win!

🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 Konflict Motorsports for the win!

🔥 New Product Alert 🔥

Fitment: KTM 790/890 Adventure R Models

Tune in with Konflict Motorsports for a Facebook live event showcasing our new fork cartridge offering for the [email protected] 790/890 Adventure R models.
Tune in today Thursday February 25th at 4:00 PM Central time, join us and let’s have some fun!

When a Ride Happy OG grafitti’s his mint Benz, booyah! Mike Hanel u da man!

When a Ride Happy OG grafitti’s his mint Benz, booyah! Mike Hanel u da man!

set in, read and process, enjoy 👍🏻

set in, read and process, enjoy 👍🏻

Perché i duri piangono alla Dakar?

Molti di voi hanno visto filmati della Dakar dove grandi uomini impolverati piangono senza nascondere le loro lacrime alle fastidiose telecamere.
Cercherò di spiegare cosa riesce a rompere l'armatura emotiva di quei veri guerrieri della strada.

Per molti la Dakar è il sogno di tutta una vita. La maggior parte dei piloti non ci va per primeggiare sugli altri, ma per vincere su se stessi.

Partecipare è molto difficile: ci si prepara per questa maratona almeno per un anno, alcuni per tutta la vita.
Ci sono persone che vendono case, ipotecano proprietà, chiedono prestiti, dedicano molto tempo e fatica alla ricerca di sponsor.

Ma quando la fortuna si allontana e la terra scivola letteralmente via da sotto i tuoi piedi, crolla molto di più del semplice mezzo o della salute.
Il sogno si sta sgretolando.
L'obiettivo, così vicino e tangibile da sentirne il calore, scivola tra le dita come sabbia asciutta.
Per molti questo significa che l'unica possibilità nella vita non è stata realizzata.
Era in gioco tutto e tutto è perduto.

Ad essere onesti, solo un individuo senz'anima è in grado di sopravvivere a una cosa del genere senza battere ciglio. Ma in questo tipo di gare non ce ne sono di persone così.

Ho visto con i miei occhi uomini piangere per la disperazione. Era impossibile guardarli negli occhi: i piani, i sogni, gli obiettivi erano crollati lì e nessuno poteva farci niente.

Ricordo come stavo singhiozzando io stessa, seduta sulla sabbia vicino a Volgograd sulla Via della Seta vicino a un'auto rotta. Non perché non abbia vinto, ma perché non sapevo se ci sarebbe stata ancora la possibilità di trovare un budget e poter correggere gli errori fatti.
Ciò che spaventa è soprattutto la paura che non sarai in grado di rifarlo.

Non giudicate troppo rigorosamente. A volte questa avventura rompe non solo le ossa, ma anche le anime.

A tutti coloro che questa volta non hanno potuto portare a termine i loro progetti, desidero augurare forza e opportunità per un nuovo tentativo 🙏🏻

Anastasiya Nifontova


RallyFever 😎
Dakar 2021 - SS3: A Mistress of Mayhem

RallyFever 😎

The Dakar Rally is tempestuous. Like a wild fling, it’s alluring, captivating, so good when it’s good that when it’s bad, you pretend it’s not so bad. One day, Dakar offers hope – dazzling you with its magnificent features only to slap you in the face the next day over minor mistakes.

Willem Avenant #282

Go Willem!

Getting to the Morocco Desert Challenge is a challenge in and of itself, which is why I’m so grateful to my friends, family, and supporters for all the encouragement and help. Recently, I’ve created a GoFundMe campaign hoping to raise the funds for the MDC, and I can’t thank everyone enough for pitching in!

If you have not had a chance to click on my GoFundMe link and join the tribe, please do so when you get a chance. Your donation, no matter how small, will go a long way to helping me share my experience with you and the rest of the world, something I am truly passionate and excited about.

To those who have donated, thank you! I truly appreciate it.

#willem2mdc #passion4rally #adventureharder #mindsetmatters #persevere #adventuretime #ktmadventurer #ktmracing #endurolifestyle #endurobikes #enduromoto #ktmadventure #desertracing #zerotohero

How to Corner Faster on a Dirt Bike - 15 Tips
How to Corner Faster on a Dirt Bike - 15 Tips

How to Corner Faster on a Dirt Bike - 15 Tips

Corners are by far the most difficult feature in Off-Road motorcycle riding as well as the feature most practiced. In this video we share our 15 tips to help...

Skyler Howes Fund Ride 500 Miles 2 Days California Nevada
Skyler Howes Fund Ride 500 Miles 2 Days California Nevada

Skyler Howes Fund Ride 500 Miles 2 Days California Nevada

 The Moto Malle Fun Rally is about experiencing what it is like to participate in Dakar's Malle Moto class. The Malle Moto class is the most hardcore of riders in the most hardcore race. No support other than a small box in which racers are allowed to pack everything they will need for the entire e...

Willem is rad!

Willem is rad!

My personal rally philosophy is to just finish the race. Somebody once told me to finish first, you first have to finish, and I have taken that advice to heart. As long as you get to the bivouac each night and stay in the race, you are doing well.

I have dreamt of doing the Dakar Rally on a bike for as long as I can remember. I have ridden motorbikes from about 6 years of age. But rally racing was always just a dream, until one day I realised how unlikely it is that I will ever get to Dakar if I am not part of the rally community.

I started searching for my first rally bike. This took a few years, but when I found her, I knew she was the right bike for me. The next step was to enter a race and to complete my first navigational rally, a very daunting and scary prospect at the time.

This was one of the coolest and hardest things I have ever done. The experience I gained in my first rally was amazing. The best thing to have come from my first rally experience was that I loved it, and that I would be able to do more.

And so my journey into rally racing started, with a lot of support from my family and friends, and especially KTM Cape Town, who believed in me. This culminated in me getting on to the podium of the Tankwa Rally in 2019 with a 3rd place, something I never thought possible since all I ever wanted to do is to finish the race.

Now, my focus is on competing in my first international rally raid, something I am truly excited about and cannot wait for.

#adventureharder #mindsetmatters #persevere #adventuretime #ktmadventurer #ktmracing
#endurolifestyle #endurobikes #enduromoto #ktmadventure #desertracing #zerotohero #passion4rally #ktmcapetownathlete

Willem Avenant #282

Willem Avenant #282

Why I LOVE rally -

I love rally racing because it strips us down to the "bare basics". It challenges us on a level you don't find in everyday life anymore. It separates the "boys from the men". Most people can ride a bike fast, fewer can ride a bike fast well (with skill), and even fewer - a select group of people - can ride a bike fast with skill for a prolonged period of time (days on end), while navigating new and unknown terrain and simultaneously facing a myriad of challenges and hardships like lack of sleep, mechanical issues, navigational issues, etc. Those people are rally racers.

Rally racing combines FOCUS, ENDURANCE, SKILL, PERSEVERANCE, and PASSION into one fluid action, distilling us to "who we really are". If you want to see a person's true character, go and have a chat with them in the middle of the night in a bivouac after 5 or 6 days of tough racing when they have not slept more than a few hours and their bike is broken. Then you will see what kind of person he or she is. In rally you can not hide from yourself, so you can not hide your personality from other people.

#offroad #dirtbike #rally #rallylite #rallye #rallyrace #dakar #motorcycleracing #motorsport #rallying #enduro #endurolife #endurobike #bike #motorbike #offroadnation #offroadriding #offroadracing #offroading #adventurebegins #adventureharder #advtorally

Good luck Team BAS Dakar, rallyhappy!!BAS dakar KTM racing team

Good luck Team BAS Dakar, rallyhappy!!
BAS dakar KTM racing team

Ready to race at andalusia rally ! Tommorow starts with an shakedown test to setup the KTM rally bike’s and preparing for the scruteneering the day after, and the 6th of oktober starts the rally with the first special stage !


Shady Burro Enduro 2020 Day 1


The Shady Burro Enduro in South Fork Colorado is one of the last real enduros in our area. 2 days, almost 200 miles and a ton of fun! Here is Day 1 Join Our ...

These guys!!!! #rallyhappy

These guys!!!! #rallyhappy

A week to remember.................

Our KTM Cape Town Rally Team training/shake down week was one for the books!!!! With the current state of the world, we all just needed to let our hair down and ride some bikes.

The aim of the week was to test and shake down the bikes and the team members for the Kalahari Rally, but since that is not happening anymore, we decided to still do the week, and give everybody on the team, including mechanics and helpers, a go at roadbook navigation. This would be invaluable experience when providing support during events.

Everybody arrived on a balmy Sunday winter's afternoon, with bakkies and trailers loaded to the brim with rally bikes and paraphernalia. Sunday night we had a traditional Karoo braai in my bar with chops, sosaties and wors while enjoying each other's company.

Monday morning saw us fit a handle bar mount and navigation equipment to the KTM Cape Town 250, and off we went on our first of two 50km loops of tight navigation. This loop was just around town, to get everybody in the right mood and mindset for navigation as well as to trouble shoot any possible bike issues. Even though its only 50km, it took a while, as the navigation is tricky and the terrain varies widely. After lunch we all headed into the same loop for a second time, but better prepared for the nav. Within the first kilometre I unfortunately hit a dog at high speed, and had to deal with the fallout from that, while the rest of the group carried on with the "stage".

Tuesday morning was an early start to a day with two "stages." First we did a fast open liaison style 140km ride and after an early lunch we headed into the mountains on a more technical/rocky 80km stage. My prediction for the route was that we would have a long afternoon, and we did. Towards the middle point of the route, some riders went straight at a junction, and that resulted in only two riders completing the complete second stage on Tuesday.

Wednesday was mainly large, open, liaison-style roads, taking us to Nieu-Bethesda for an early lunch (and strawberry milkshakes), and then we headed back via private game reserves around Compassberg back to Murraysburg for a total distance of 350km.

Thursday was meant to be a day of harder riding on an old 4x4 track and some river beds but since it was going to be on GPS and not roadbook, it was decided that the missed section from Tuesday afternoon should rather be completed on roadbook, and then we would have an afternoon of sand and riverbed riding.

The riverbed on Thursday afternoon was super fun, but by far the most damaging "stage" of the week. There were several offs in the river, I cracked/destroyed my back rim, a nav tower rattled/broke loose, plastics started melting, and and and... By Thursday night everybody definitely knew they had been on a bike for four days.

When the sun rose on Friday morning I was actually sad that the end of the week had arrived. We had such a great time together, and the team really bonded with each other. Friday had two "stages" as well, first we crossed a large mountain with never ending rocks, and in the afternoon I had a stage with tricky navigation planned, with a twisty riverbed and lots of fast hard pack. The idea was that the riders would do the stage one by one, alone, so that we could see how their navigation skills were after a week of roadboook riding. The stage did not disappoint and everyone had a great ride.

Friday night we were treated to a traditional Karoo kuier, with a cosy fire, lekker company, amazing stories, and gastronomic Karoo fare.

After the last week, it is safe to say that the KTM Cape Town Rally Team has it DIALLED, now all we need is a rally to go to ............................... watch this space.

A MASSIVE thank you to KTM Cape Town for their support and for supporting our vision.

Also thank you to MIRA for providing my awesome riding apparel, it is truly next level, and we will still post a full review in the days to come.

Shout out as well to Flying Brick Motorcycle Accessories for sorting us out with nav bits and bobs and a RAM mount.

Photo credit - Nadene Freysen


Never ever give up 👍🏻

Only 3 years old and already knows to NEVER GIVE UP ❤️ (via r.i1116/IG)

Danny Hamel

The Best There Ever Was 🙏🏻

June 3rd, 2015 marks the 20th anniversary of Danny Hamel's tragic passing following a fatal crash at the 1995 Baja 500, and it's still difficult to believe t...


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