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Marroquin Autosports LLC We are a full Service Auto Repair and Custom Automotive Detailing Company Give your vehicle the care it needs with service from our auto repair and detailing shop in Sterling, Virginia.

Marroquin Autosports is a minority- and family-owned, small business that's run by a father and son team with more than 25 years of experience. We have fully certified technicians that excel at repairing and servicing all types of domestic and foreign vehicles, including BMW™ models. Whether your car needs engine work or complete detailing, all of our work is done in a timely manner and at prices that everybody can afford.

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Squeaky car brakes may not be a cause for concern, but grinding or a continual squeal needs checking out. Worn brake pads and shoes, or thin rotors and drums, can make your car difficult - or take longer - to stop.


Does your car ever begin shaking when you hit the brakes? While this could have many causes, the two most common are issues with the rear drum or the bearings in the rear wheels.


Check your battery posts and connectors. You'll get longer and better battery life if your battery posts are cleaned regularly to prevent corrosion and to guarantee tight connections.


If you want to keep your car running smoothly, try to avoid letting the car sit with a near empty gas tank. When sediment in gasoline becomes concentrated, it can get into your engine and damage it.


Coolant in your engine not only helps keep the engine cool, the proper mixture of coolant and water prevents corrosion, electrolysis and oxidation. The amount of heat carried away from the engine helps to extend its life by thousands of miles.


Do you notice a number of the same models of vehicles on the road when you're out driving? Imagine what it was like in 1919, when 55 percent of every vehicle in the U.S. was a Model T Ford.


Do you know how your car stereo amplifier works? Through a series of inductors, transistors, conductors, resistors, rectifiers and capacitors running through a computer-like circuit board, the electrical signal coming into one end of the amp is boosted and released out the other side to the speakers.


Everyone loads up their vehicles for special trips. But it's important not to carry around that heavy load all the time, if possible. Particularly with small cars, you can reduce gas mileage by 5 percent when your vehicle is always carrying lots of cargo.


If you want to put specialty springs on your car-whether to raise, lower, or make it more sporty- you should also replace the shocks, too. If you don't replace both, you can wear your existing shocks out and have a less comfortable ride.


In modern engines, the oil pump routes all of the oil it picks up through the filter, which should be changed often, before it moves on. In time, there’s so much material that a bypass valve is tripped and unfiltered oil goes to the engine.


Why are oil changes important? Older oil picks up contaminants like dirt, metal shavings, and other environmental gunk which can decrease fuel efficiency and even cause engine seizing. By changing your oil and oil filters, you save gas and money in the long run.


Driving habits can have an effect on an engine’s wear and gas consumption. To reduce gas consumption and vehicular wear, try to avoid sudden acceleration and braking, turn off the engine if the vehicle will be sitting for more than a few minutes and watch your speed.


Although some people have learned to ignore their check engine light because of a fault in the system, it’s not always a good idea to ignore it. If other warning lights are also on, bring your car in as soon as possible.


Believe it or not, your vehicle’s air-conditioner is operating year round - even in winter. When you turn on your car’s defroster, the condenser comes on to dry the air before sending it to the windshield. Have the a/c checked for proper refrigerant level at the beginning of both the summer and winter driving seasons.


The oil filter is the engine’s way of defending itself against abrasive material and any premature wear it gets as a result of that material. The filter removes materials like dirt, metal particles and carbon that can wear an engine down.


What can be the cause of black smoke coming out of the tailpipe? In many cases, black smoke is produced when too much fuel has entered the cylinder. Too much fuel may be allowed into the cylinder due to problems with computer sensors, fuel pumps or fuel injectors.


Do you have a clear to slightly yellow leak in your driveway? This is most likely either your vehicle's power steering fluid or brake fluid. If you are losing brake fluid, that can be a very serious problem that should be handled immediately.


Is the air conditioning system in your car only blowing out warm air? This means it needs a functioning relay. A car relay is a particular kind of remote-control switch that is magnetically operated and is used to control electrical circuits from a distant point.


While most people understand the importance of regular oil changes, they may not realize the air filter is just as important. Failure to change your air filter regularly can lead to oil contamination.


Check your shocks. If you have more than 60,000 miles on a set of shocks, you might need to replace them to prevent skipping and bouncing. Replace all shocks at the same time for safety.


If you want to ensure your car is safe to be on the road, it’s important to pay attention to the functionality of the braking system. When you barely tap on the brakes and they depress more than usual, it could be a sign of low brake fluid.


If you notice anything on the ground underneath your vehicle that isn't water, that's definitely the sign of a potential problem. Let us take a look to determine the cause of your leak.


Do you know why it is important to change your oil regularly? Over time, the lubricity of the oil begins to break down as it uses up its additives, and become thinner, thus not working the way it used to. Frequent stops and starts put more strain on the engine, which demands more of your car’s oil.


Do you know exactly how an engine works? Gas, along with air, is drawn into a combustion chamber where it is compressed and ignited by a spark. The resulting combustion provides a power stroke that repeats rapidly and in turn, powers your car.


We recommend regular checking and maintenance of your power steering system. We will flush your system, cleaning it of old fluid and accumulated contaminants, and replace with new fluid.


Did you know that your car may need more attention during the colder winter months than during the rest of the year? Paying special attention to winter maintenance requirements could spare you costly repairs.


When you bring your car in, we’ll check your tires for you and let you know whether or not you need to replace them. In a front-wheel-drive vehicle, you can replace the back tires and move those to the front.


If your brakes do not feel right, it could be something as simple as needing brake fluid, or it could be something more. Do not take chances with your brakes. Bring your car in and the brakes checked.


Keeping your wheels properly aligned and in balance is one way to maximize your vehicle's fuel mileage. We can offer a number of tips that will help you get a few more miles from every gallon of gas.


Spark plugs should be changed every 30,000 miles, unless you're using platinum tipped plugs rated for 100,000 miles. This will ensure peak performance and fuel efficiency.


Do you ever worry about your air filter’s ability to continue functioning properly after driving through particularly dusty areas? If this is a regular occurrence, consider changing your air filter more often than once per year.


Driving a car for 100,000 miles or more is not uncommon. However, if you notice your gas mileage decreasing, or the car is running erratically, it may need to be tuned up. We will tune your car and have it running like a top in no time.


It makes a lot of sense to use the same auto repair location every time your car needs to be serviced. When we know exactly what kind of maintenance or repair work that has been performed on your car that can help us diagnose a current problem.


Do you ever notice a grinding sound when your car just won’t start? In many cases, this is a sign your alternator is in need of repair or replacement. A clicking sound, on the other hand, indicates a battery problem.


Have you ever wondered why your check engine light might come on and off without you doing anything to fix it? In some cases, your light will only come on when the problem is actually occurring, which could be an intermittent issue.


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