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Preferred Supreme Auto Repair Inc Preferred Supreme Auto Repair is a car repair shop providing quality services to the Staten Island, NY area. Preferred has been a family owned business in Staten Island throughout 3 generations and for over 35 years?

experience. With four service locations, we specialize in the complete care and repair of your vehicle as well as N.Y State emissions inspections. Visit any one of our four locations for when you need brakes, shocks / struts, tune-ups and overhauls, computer diagnostics, wheel alignments, and tires for all makes and models. With Island wide towing we will make sure that any problems that may arise with your vehicle you can count on us to get your car back to our shops safely, and to be handled by our ASE certified mechanics. We believe in loyalty, if you bring your car to our shops you will join our loyalty program and receive discounts, and holiday deals throughout the year for you to use them when your car needs work done. Preferred Supreme Auto Repair will accept any extended warranties you may have purchased for your vehicle with proof of proper documentation. Preferred also provides a dealer maintenance program which we will give half price off the quoted price by a dealership. With over 35 years? experience in the automotive industry Preferred Supreme auto Repair will give you the comfort of knowing that your vehicle is taken care of by a local repair shop as well as years of experience to back it up, and a family that will back it up. Our Services Provide: Headlights Staten Island NY Taillights Staten Island Ny Fenders Staten Island Ny Hoods Staten Island Ny Bumpers Staten Island Ny Mirrors Staten Island Ny Tune-up parts Staten Island Ny Radiators Staten Island Ny Starters Staten Island Ny Alternators Staten Island Ny Exhausts Staten Island Ny Brakes Staten Island Ny Belts and hoses Staten Island Ny Batteries Staten Island Ny Chassis parts Staten Island Ny Air conditioning parts Staten Island Ny Engine parts Staten Island Ny Car accessories Staten Island Ny CV Axles Staten Island Ny Tires Staten Island Ny Comfortable Clean Waiting Area, Honesty & Courtesy Engine & Transmission Specialists ASE Certified Mechanics

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When popping the hood and checking for issues that might indicate you need to bring your car in to have us check it, look for things like loose electrical connections, warped and loose belts and wires that are worn or exposed.


We offer repair and maintenance services for all brands and makes of vehicles. We service engines, transmissions, emissions systems, brakes, and more. We will make all requested repairs and keep your car in peak running condition.


As your car heats and cools, the coolant can become contaminated and cause your system to corrode. We recommend having the system checked on an annual basis, and having a coolant exchange every 30,000 miles to protect your vehicle.


How often should an unused emergency spare tire be replaced? At least every 10 years. Overtime, the emergency spare in the back of your vehicle will begin to degrade and crack - replacing the spare at least every 10 years will ensure the spare will function when needed.


Driving a car for 100,000 miles or more is not uncommon. However, if you notice your gas mileage decreasing, or the car is running erratically, it may need to be tuned up. We will tune your car and have it running like a top in no time.


If your brakes do not feel right, it could be something as simple as needing brake fluid, or it could be something more. Do not take chances with your brakes. Bring your car in and the brakes checked.


Before cars completely breakdown, there are usually a variety of warning signs which indicate an impending problem. These warning signs often include: foul odors, check engine lights, tailpipe smoke, slow starts and accelerations and odd noises.


In modern engines, the oil pump routes all of the oil it picks up through the filter, which should be changed often, before it moves on. In time, there's so much material that a bypass valve is tripped and unfiltered oil goes to the engine.


When a car is overheating may provide helpful clues towards the cause. For example, if a car overheats when stopped or idling, the problem could be related to a worn fan or belt - a car overheating at high speeds could be due to radiator, thermostat or hose issues.


If we have to keep your vehicle overnight or longer, we will work with your insurance company to provide you with a rental vehicle until your car is repaired. If you have questions about this, please give us a call.


Does your car ever sound like it's an 18-wheeler when it idles? Because a rough idle could be caused by problems in any number of systems in your car, it's important to bring it in for us to diagnose for you.


Remember, it's very important to use the correct type of gasoline for your car. Because certain engines are designed to run off specific octanes, using a lower octane could damage your engine.


We recommend all of our customers practice basic car care to maintain their vehicles between visits to us. Be sure that you're keeping your tires aired up at the right pressure, keeping your windows clean, and your blinker and other light bulbs changed when needed.


Today's cars are much more sophisticated than the cars of the 20th century, with their internal computers, satellite radios and in-dash cameras and touch-screen displays. We have mechanics with both old-school skills and modern training to fix any car.


Antifreeze in your coolant is an extremely important part of preventative maintenance for your vehicle. It keeps the coolant from freezing, it keeps the system from corroding and it prevents overheating during summer months by raising the boiling temperature.


You'll need to bring your car in periodically for engine tune ups, which include actual work on the engine or motor, or electrical tune ups, which involve work on the spark plugs, cables and replacement of the distributor cap.


Check your tires regularly. Keep them properly inflated, check the tread depth, and look for signs of excessive wear. If you notice scalloping along the outer edges, or erratic wear, it could indicate a problem. Bring your car buy for a quick check.


Although we recommend getting your oil changed every 3,000 miles and make the allowance for up to 5,000 miles if you don't have the time, there is one exception to the rule. You can't go more than six months without changing it.


Did you know you may be able to use your windshield wipers to diagnose a problem with your car? When your car will only turn on momentarily before dying and the windshield wipers don't work, this is usually a sign of a dead battery.


If you want to compare prices, please be sure to get estimates that include certified new parts. We believe you will find our prices are competitive with other repair facilities that perform similar work using comparable parts.


Why is warming a cold car up not as important as it used to be? Because most of today's cars have electronic fuel injection systems which adjust to a car's temperature - when the engine is cold, the fuel injectors will stay open longer to allow more fuel into the engine.


Pay attention to changes in your car's air-conditioning. If you detect an odd smell or it does not cool as you think it should, bring it in for a check. We will identify the problem and make recommendations about repairing it.


What can blue smoke from tailpipes mean? In many instances, when blue smoke is emitted from tailpipes, this is an indication of an oil leak - the blue smoke often occurs when oil which has leaked within the engine is burned.


When you bring your car in, we'll check your tires for you and let you know whether or not you need to replace them. In a front-wheel-drive vehicle, you can replace the back tires and move those to the front.


Did you know your car has a cabin air filter? Autos built since 2000 are equipped with these air-cleaning devices designed to remove dust, particulate matter, and other contaminants from the air. It needs to be replaced at least once a year.


So what oil should you use for your car? The standard oil put in most cars is factory-filled with 5W-30 because it improves fuel economy, cold starting and is light enough to get to the upper valvetrain components in overhead cam engines.


Why should black smoke emissions from the tailpipe be addressed soon? Because black smoke is usually caused by excess fuel entering the cylinder - and excess fuel in the cylinder reduces fuel economy and lowers the overall performance of the engine.


If you have been in an accident, we will work with your insurance company to provide the repairs you need. We will use certified new parts, and perform only those repairs you or your insurance company indicate.


Did you know that brake fluid is one of the fluids in your car that actually absorbs moisture? Over time, the absorption of too much moisture can begin rotting your brake lines from the inside.


Has your car recently failed an emissions test when it's otherwise been running fine? If your spark plugs are in need of replacement, they can have negative effects on emissions and overall engine performance.


If you have a hybrid vehicle or an electric car, our certified car mechanics are up-to-date in all facets of their maintenance and repair. If your vehicle needs work, please bring it in for an estimate.


What is the number one sign which occurs when small amounts of contaminants find their way into the fuel supply? Smoke emitted from the tailpipes. The color and smell of the smoke can provide additional clues which may identify the cause of the contamination.


Keep an eye on the air pressure of your tires. Having your tires aired up at the right psi is important to your car getting good mileage. If one tire is low, air it back up until it reaches the correct level.


Many people wonder about the timing belt on their car and when it should be changed. Your first resource should be your owner's manual. If that does not help, or you have reached a checkpoint, bring your car to us for a diagnostic inspection.


Did you know that tires will degrade with time whether they are used or not? Whenever you buy new tires, used tires or even a used car - check the tires for the manufacture date. Tires more than six years old - used and unused - should be replaced.


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