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Essential oils can pe*****te cell membranes and get inside the cell to treat viruses and infections where most antibiotics can't reach. They are a great addition to medical treatment of illness, and often can cure without the addition of conventional meds. But THIS is really exciting! I am going to start this protocol on a less aggressive basis as a preventive. I have a family history for cancer, and it is thought that we all harbor cancerous cells in our bodies.



Can you use essential oils on your pets? Well, yes and no! Dogs respond well to them. lavendar, peace and calming blend, etc can mellow out a nervous dog and slow the yapping way down. Cats, not so much! Cats have a different physiology and oils are not good for them AT ALL! Vets used to see deaths from something called "mystery poisoning" Turns out a lot of those poisonings were caused by misguided attempts to make kitty feel better, or ward kitty off the furniture scratching, or make kitty's litter box smell nice. If you are thinking of trying oils for your cat, my best advice is DON'T. Before you use any oil on or near your cat, do a lot of research. Dogs metabolize much like we do, so it is safe to use diluted oils on them (dilute in a carrier oil, ie: any good food grade oil, such as EVOO or unrefined coconut oil, grapeseed oil, etc)


Welcome to Oils and Such. Here, you can order your essential oils, but more importantly, you can learn about them. We will start with using oil for a headache. There are many oils and blends that will take care of various types of headaches. The one that covers the most symptoms of an every day headache is Lavendar. You can put it on your skin, (the back of the neck and behind the ears), diffuse it in a cool mist or inhale it. take a bath with a few drops in it, or even take it in a spoon of something you like. And it isn't just for headaches. It is the most versatile oil (in my humble opinion) that we offer. It can be used for so many other things. Anyone have any good ideas for using it?



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