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Pairs Virginia PAIRS classes teach couples how to create and sustain happy, passionate long-lasting marriages. It's excellent for engaged couples, or long-time marrieds.


Couples attending July class said it was powerful, important, helpful and interesting. Now taking registrations for Sept. 15th PAIRS Classics 4-hour class. Email [email protected] for information. Learn great skills for all your close relationships!


We are looking forward to presenting our PAIRS Classics 4-hour workshop Sunday July 14th -- three communication skills taught and practiced, along with two fundamental concepts about how to keep your significant relationships fun and thriving. Interesting and fast-moving class surprises any reluctant participants with useful and enjoyable skills to use daily. See or Email me for details, questions or registration info.


As summertime approaches, the excitement of upcoming vacations and getaways together with family can be clouded by the stresses of planning -- balancing time to relax with structured activities, letting go of work (and resisting bringing a stack of work with you on vacation!), and considerations of lots of 24-7 time together if there are any stresses in your relationship. Learning how to quietly and positively connect, listen, and share are key skills that everyone needs to master.


Something about the onset of Fall that seems to get most people back into action after vacations and the lethargy that Summer's heat can bring! That applies to getting serious about investing energy in our closest relationships. What better way than to consider a "booster shot" of enriching positive focus that you can get from one of our PAIRS classes for couples! Whether there's distancing, or misunderstandings leading to wondering how to reconnect better -- there are ways to learn the skills of how to turn things around and feel more joy every day!

Pairs Virginia's cover photo

Pairs Virginia's cover photo


Remember, to keep the excitement and sparklers of your relationship going long past our upcoming July 4th celebration, just spending 15 minutes a day of positive, focused conversation going between partners can work miracles. No phones, TV, etc. Hold hands and look at each other and ask about the other's day. Share, but Listen a LOT. No advice. Finish with a hug. Simple and powerful -- give it a try for a week!


We just wrapped up this year's PAIRS Relationship Mastery Program, and our participant couples experienced many breakthroughs -- taking their relationships to a new, even more joyful level. We had a pre-marital couple as well as couples who had been together several decades -- all learned how to listen better, dissipate stresses, avoid conflicts and have a deeper understanding of what it takes to create and sustain a happy, passionate, long-lasting marriage. Congratulations again to the whole class!


During this amazing political season, is it possible to discuss differing opinions with your partner? Sometimes it’s best to avoid the topic entirely and agree to disagree. Certainly avoiding or limiting watching political news stories and debates where you are watching together – if you know you are on different parts of the political spectrum – can minimize comments that spark arguments. But if you both want to talk about your views, starting the discussion with a “disclaimer” such as “I know we probably disagree about this, but I’d really be interested in your viewpoint…” could be a good way to start. But then – if you hear something you disagree with, it might be best to give a neutral comment like “That’s an interesting perspective…. Let me think about that a bit…” -- and then do just that. Don’t “rebut” or defend. It’s not likely anything you say in that moment will change their mind. Maybe at another time, you can say that you have some ideas on the topic or candidate of your choice, and hopefully if you have respectfully listened to them previously, they can do the same for you. Or…. Maybe just find another topic that you can both positively talk about ;-)


Being housebound with the big snowstorm can certainly amplify the importance of communication skills and dealing with stress in a positive way! PAIRS classes teach both in simple, fun and effective ways! Check out an upcoming class at

How do I keep closeness when I’m so busy?
How do I keep closeness when I’m so busy?

How do I keep closeness when I’m so busy?

The Question: How do I keep closeness alive when I’m so busy? The busier we are, the more we need to be smart about prioritizing how to spend our time. If we push time with our partner to t...


Just had a call from a couple who missed our April 22nd 4-hour workshop and can't wait wil next one June 24th. Reminder to all that we offer the class in private session for couples, too!


Hi everyone! We are excited to create our new PAIRS page for Facebook. We look forward to staying in touch about all things PAIRS! Our next 4-hour PAIRS Classics workshop will be on Sunday, April 22nd -- spread the word!

On our PAIRS page we will be providing information about upcoming workshops, graduate gatherings and relationship tips and news of the day.

We welcome all to participate to make this interactive and fun.


Reston, VA


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