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Arizona's Realtor Kuorosh Farrokh Having The Right Real Estate Agent Is More Important Than Ever 1. Buying and selling a home is more complicated than ever. Legal aspects of almost facet of our lives is constantly becoming more involved.

Just look at the ‘User Agreements’ you have to accept just to install a software program or download a $0.99 song. If those can be hundreds of lines long, do we really expect the legal agreements to buy and sell a home to be short and understandable? 2. Most of the information available to people is too much generic. Buying and selling a home is still a transaction driven by individual needs, desires, and circumstances. Each person and home is unique, so the best source of information for each individual circumstance is a highly training real estate professional that can provide specific advice and guidance. 3. Sometimes, the more we know makes us more confused. 20 or 30 years ago no one was talking about things like Radon, mold, staging, and Internet Marketing. People do not have the time to fully research all the aspects of buying and selling on their own. Having an accessible professional to provide answers to questions is a huge time saver. 4. More people are involved in transactions. Home inspections could involve multiple inspectors for different situations. Repairs could require different types of experts. There are also attorneys, movers, lenders, appraisers, surveyors, etc. Even people that have bought or sold multiple homes typically don’t have a ready list of the most qualified professionals that are needed throughout the process, but a good agent will. The bottom line is that buying and selling a home is the biggest single financial transaction most people make in their lifetime. Relying on something you read on the Internet or something you watch on cable TV won’t provide you with enough information for you to make the best informed decisions throughout the process. Having a highly training and accessible professional working for you is more important than ever in helping you through the most important transaction of your life.

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Create a Self-Marketing Plan
To start your job search process, it is important to create a self-marketing plan. Just like starting a new business, you need to determine your target audience, identify your unique attributes and selling points and look for effective ways to promote yourself by delivering a powerful proposition. Located below are a few tips on how to effectively market yourself to potential employers:


2920 E Camelback Rd, Ste 100
Phoenix, AZ

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Monday 09:00 - 17:00
Tuesday 09:00 - 17:00
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(602) 553-4400


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