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Call our shop, Barnes Truck and Equipment Repair Inc., in Parksley, Virginia, for 24-hour vehicle recovery and other truck repair services when you have a breakdown. We also repair your Thermo King™ refrigerated trailers, farm equipment, and other heavy vehicles so give us a call and experience our reliable and friendly service.


Although semi-trucks are notorious for being gas guzzlers, manufacturers are working very hard to try to make them more fuel efficient. Innovations include increasing the aerodynamics with fairings that hide a trailer’s leading edge and side skirts that reduce wind turbulence.


It’s more important than ever to keep your semi-truck in excellent repair at all times. Why? Current regulations stipulate truck drivers are held accountable for all vehicle basics, including its general operating condition and appearance.


If you have an air compressor that is not working right or leaking on your semi-truck, then you need to have this fixed immediately or it could be dangerous. Since all semi-trucks use air brakes (to help stop them), it is imperative that you address this problem.


Getting your semi-trucks back on the road after an accident or break down is a top priority for most transportation business owners. Let’s talk about the issues you’re having with your trucks, and how we can help you deal with them in a timely manner.


Certain states have tighter smog control legislation than others. If you will be travelling to these locales, it is a good idea to have a preemptory emissions check beforehand, just to make sure. If your emissions are not in compliance, have your engine adjusted.


Not just emissions standards, but increased payloads, heating and air-conditioning, and turbo-chargers play roles in the increased heat output of the engine, resulting in an even greater need to carefully monitor the cooling system.


Because the radiator helps to ensure a proper engine temperature, any signs of an engine overheating warrant a check by a mechanic.


If your radiator has more than 100,000 miles on it, then it is a perfect candidate for a radiator inspection and evaluation. You may need a replacement if the coolant is excessively rusty or the radiator core is excessively damaged from road debris.


The design and arrangement of the fins in the radiator is important, but the most important factor, by far, is the material that the radiators is made of and how well it conducts heat. This is why metals like brass, copper, aluminum, and steel are often used.


Do you need help choosing the right oils for your truck? Whether you have a diesel or a gasoline truck, or you are interested in synthetics, our experienced technicians can provide you with all the info you’ll need to choose the best oil for your truck.


We have the most advanced frame straightening equipment in the area. No matter how twisted or mangled your rig is, we can true it up. Our frame repair and maintenance techs are certified and experts in frame restoration.


Like radiators, there are three ways to deal with charge air cooler problems: Weld cracks can often be repaired, leaking tubes in the core can be replaced or repaired, but a heavily damaged unit must be replaced.


What could cause steering issues with trucks? A worn steering box, tie-rod ends that need to be replaced and even problems with suspension or alignment. Because the steering components on trucks often experience heavy use, they can undergo increased wear.


If the relay valve leaks when all of the brakes are released, the problem could be with a back flow of hold-off pressure through the service port. If this is the case, the spring brake needs to be addressed.


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