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Kaizen Performance INC A car shop philosophy that sees improvement in productivity as a gradual and methodical process. Kaizen is a Japanese term meaning "change for the better".

Kaizen (改善), Japanese for "improvement", or "change for the better" refers to philosophy or practices that focus upon continuous improvement of processes in manufacturing, engineering, and business management. We are here to make your car dreams come true while providing a friendly shop atmosphere, excellent service and very detail oriented work. If you like to get your car done to a specific standard in detail and durability this is the place for you. We keep our work space reduced to 2-3 cars at a time so we can keep a organized work place and focus on each car to provide the highest quality work and meet the expected deadline to finish the job.

Operating as usual


Kaizen has now joined forces with CFTshop in orlando!!! Now we are much closer to most of our local customers. Now you can get your car built and tuned. All in one place. This shop is equiped with a 4wd mustang dyno and offer tuning on most ecu platforms.

Our new address is. 549 N. Goldenrod suite 13 Orlando, FL 32807

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

Lizardi Racing

Lizardi Racing

Hello fans here is a small review of what happened on round2 of the FD Pro2 Championship in Orlando. The Day started with a bang literaly as our driver was practicing his follow runs. First a car broke down infront of us and then on another run we had contact with another drifter. This caused the wheel bearing to explode, it bent the drivers side knuckle, broke the caliper bracket and bent the trailing arm's outer bolt. Since qualifying was close by our team managed to source a whole drivers side assembly for the car that was 45+ minutes from the track, we just barely got to the track in time plus we had to modify the part so it would accept the SLR angle kit and install it so our driver could at least practice a little before qualifying. We managed to qualify 15th. On raceday we took on Kevin Lawrence. On our chase run the car had trouble keeping up the bank due to some severe turbo lag, and Luis had to straighten out a little to keep up. But on our Lead run Luis could go as fast as he could and managed to pull a big gap on Lawrence. Sadly tough the big correction Luis did on his chase run meant that the victory would go to Lawrence. No worries, we will come faster and stronger for FD Texas so see you all there!!

Kelsey Rowlings

This is what kaizen power looks like!

Alright. NOW we are ready to party.

Kaizen Performance INCRack Doctor DeatschWerksVibrant PerformanceSparco Official Canton Racing Products Thunderbolt Racing Champion Spark Plugs BC Racing NA Ford Performance parts Mishimoto Automotive Fuel Safe
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Lizardi Racing

Lizardi Racing

Well the day is done and so far the car is not having any serious problems. Ready for round 2! Lets see what Orlando has to offer! Now we must give special thanks to Kaizen Performance INC for helping us get the car running both with the rollcage modification and the emergency fix on our manifold, and also on helping us with the transportation! Thanks buddy without you we wouldn't have been able to get our practice done! BC Racing NA SLR FuelTech Cosmis Wheel Achilles Radial C3 Garage Night Owl Performance Cosmis Racing Wheels USA BC Racing PR FuelTech USA

240sx Update - The Motor is Out... More Power?

Adam LZBMX video of his car at kaizen is up!!!

My 240 would sit in my garage broken forever if I didn't get help. Alberto pulled my motor apart and we end up doing way more than just fixing it ;) New Shir...

HGT Precision Gearboxes

This is what it takes to get sponsored

SPONSORSHIP - I often hear racers comment "how do I go about getting sponsorship" or "why are my proposals getting rejected?" Over the years I've read hundreds of proposals, written a few myself and been fortunate to secure some six figure $ annual partnership programs as a consequence.
Most sponsorship proposals pretty much read like this. "Give me your product for free/heavy discount, I'll put your logo on my car/race suit and your brand will have massive exposure".
This approach is fundamentally flawed as its not business focused,not credible and is the root cause why most sponsorship proposals fall on deaf ears. I hope my comments below are helpful for racers seeking funding for their sport/hobby.

1) Appreciate that this is your sport/hobby, but that it's the company's business - it's how they make a living so they will view your proposal on a business basis e.g. "If I spend money on this racer, firstly how will I recover the investment and secondly can I make a profit....because if I spend money here, that means there is something else I can't spend money on" i.e. All businesses have a fixed marketing budget and they will spend it where they get the biggest bang for buck ! How does your proposal which consumes the company's advertising budget, stack up alongside the radio stations, magazine companies, exhibition companies, Facebook media, Online advertising etc who are all competing for the same fixed marketing budget?

2) Recognise that famous as you may be in your local town or even nationally ... you don't have the pulling power of Ken Block, Valentino Rossi, Scott Dixon, Lewis Hamilton, Lydia Ko, Valerie Adams, Taylor Swift or Lourde to name just a few.

3) For the company you are approaching, understand clearly who their customers are. If they run a B to B model, then big logos on cars/tv audiences/spectators at the track are possibly of little value. If its a B to C model, then the media/spectator may be of interest to the company you're approaching IF the audience fits their target demographics.

4) You'll need a crystal clear understanding of what a typical purchaser of the company's products looks like - age, gender, interests, rural/urban, income status and how to reach out to them them.

5) What is the purchasing frequency of the company's products by the end user - once/day, once/week, once/month, once/year, once/5 years and how will you help the company engage with potential customers in the buying cycle e.g.The contents of a proposal for a Coffee brand would be totally different than a proposal for a House brand.

6) The key challenge you need to address in your proposal is how you will help the company sell more product. No-one is really interested in "exposure"... its sales that pay the bills.

7) What will you do at the track (apart from race) to promote the company's products. What are you prepared to invest out of the sponsorship budget you're asking for to do this.

8) What will you do off the track to help the company engage with their customers, golf days, ride days, bbq and drinks on a Friday night, display, newsletters etc

9) Assuming you produce an event report after each weekend (which is a must) does it include images, does it include a description about how the sponsors product helped you on the day etc. No one really wants to hear about all the problems or breakages you had on the day - remember sponsors are paying for results! You will need to write this report in a way that sponsors can forward this to their own customer data base.

10) What video footage are you taking of the event? No not just in car footage - thats a bit boring for most unless there's huge action going on. What about foot cam, under car cam, suspension cam, crowd cam etc ..all edited together professionally sent to your sponsors twice per season so that they understand what its all about.

11) What are you doing to engage with your sponsors during and after the season - or is it all forgotten after the cheque or free product arrives?

12) What are you doing on the podium to promote your sponsor's products/services ?
HINT... "Ohhhh, and yeah I'd like to umm thank my sponsors ...you know who you are... I wouldn't be here without you, so cheers" is both LAME AND DISRESPECTFUL!
What about...
"I'd like to thank ABC Oil company for providing me with a lubricant that performs under extreme conditions- its simply the best... as you've seen it's been a scorching hot day today with lots of cars overheating, YET my oil temps never went over XX degrees.Thanks for making a difference ABC.
I'd like to thank XYZ tires...everyone was struggling in the wet today, but the tread compound and pattern on the tires just pumped the track dry... so much as Id like to say it was my incredible driving skills; it was tires made the difference today and got me on the podium...Thanks XYZ for your unwavering support and loyalty"
Yes, I can hear some saying "I can't think like that/talk like that on the spot" . Well; think about it before race day - just like the Grammys - who will you thank and what will you say ?? Read it if you have to; but do get it right and use the opportunity to promote promote promote.

13) Understand how many ADDITIONAL units the sponsor will need to sell as a result of sponsoring you to just break even. If you don't know this, you are probably wasting your time approaching the company in the first place.

14) Remember its a 2 to1 ratio. i.e. the sponsor will need to spend another $2 for every $1 they spend on you to extract any value out of the exercise, otherwise they are just flushing the sponsorship money. So when you're asking for $10,000 the sponsor is thinking this is a $30,000 project ($10k +$20k)

15) Don't go to the same old same old companies and beat down their doors hoping to prise loose some cash or product - Fuel, Oil, Tires, Wheels, Turbos, Cleaners....they get proposals everyday. I took 5 mins and came up 15 different companies I would approach for sponsorship if I was a racer ...none of them are in the categories listed above.

16) GO LIGHT on the Technical verbiage - Whilst raving about forged pistons and rods, XYZ bolts and studs, billet this and billet that, bars of boost, gazillion hp and torque figures, XYZ turbo with 100mm compressor wheels, ### shots of NOS might well impress your race mates, its pure Alien speak to a Marketing Manager who just wants to understand how spending money with you will help them increase sales.

17) What will you do about magazine and or newspaper coverage - they are always looking for interesting stories. How can you weave your sponsors products or services and the benefits they deliver into the story.

18) Have you asked for sufficient funding to be able to deliver value to your potential sponsor? Most proposals I've read ask for too little and in return simply have no chance of delivering value, and so get rejected.

19) Putting your Facebook/Youtube followers up as a big asset in the proposal is of little value to the potential sponsor if your follower's demographics don't mirror the Sponsors customer demographics.

20) What have you invested in your proposal ? If its generic and sent in the mail just expect it to go in the bin. If you can't be bothered spending a few $ to personalise the proposal and you're asking for $10,000, how can you seriously expect the sponsor to say yes ?

21) I've NEVER had a sponsorship proposal accepted that I've sent off in the Courier. The ones I've been successful with (some +$100,000) are the the ones I've presented in person.

22) What Media training have you done ? Can you talk in front of the camera for 3 minutes without notes ? Do you know the right questions to ask the media BEFORE the interview starts so you know how to frame your comments. Do you know who the media audience is so you can talk in a relatable manner? Ie Don't talk to people 40+ (who may well be publication/radio/papers/sponsors customers) about things being Sick/Epic or the likes - they will think you've got some kind of disease, or are talking about a classical moment in history. You MUST be relatable !

23) Deliver on what you say you will do, and give more than you get. This is a sure fire way to have the sponsorship roll over again the next year.

Here's hoping this post helps you prepare proposals that are on target, deliver BANKABLE value to the sponsor, and that your season is fully funded as a result. And if you're in the market for a Top Quality 7075 billet CNC 4, 5 or 6 Speed Sequential Gearbox, our website is at www.hgtprecision.com #HGT #motorsport #drift #timeattack #2JZ #rotary #RB #LS #circuit #sequentialgearbox #billet #hgtprecision #13B #20B

Turbo Tech: Calculating Compressor Flow
Turbo Tech: Calculating Compressor Flow

Turbo Tech: Calculating Compressor Flow

Hopefully you’ve already read our Turbo Tech: Size Matters article which gave a crude cheat sheet for sizing a turbocharger depending on your engine size and intended application. No real engine data is required to get you into the ballpark turbo size you would need. What if we do have some data tho…

Kelsey Rowlings

Kelsey Rowlings

Starting to look beautiful!

Kaizen Performance INC

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Due to the recent increase in work, we will be unable to accept any more jobs untill mid april. Sorry guys. But we can schedule you car for a date after this.

Kelsey Rowlings Showing Off Ford 5.0L Nissan 240sx for Pro 2
Kelsey Rowlings Showing Off Ford 5.0L Nissan 240sx for Pro 2

Kelsey Rowlings Showing Off Ford 5.0L Nissan 240sx for Pro 2

Kelsey Rowlings has a new Nissan 240sx build getting set to debut for the 2016 Formula Drift Pro 2 season. Kelsey Rowlings has been on our radar for years and was mentioned in our Tribute to Women of Formula Drift along with this insanely awesome qualifying video of her throwing down at OSW seen her…

Wrecked Magazine

Wrecked Magazine

Watch girl drifter Kelsey Rowlings qualify first at Three Palms Drift Formula D Pro Am Round 2! #wreckedmagazine

Kelsey Rowlings

Kelsey Rowlings

We're teaming up with Haltech!! We will be running the Elite 2500 ECU with fully terminated harness and IQ3 logging dash!!

#driftchick #haltech #haltechecu #drifting #fdpro2 #formuladrift #driftgirl #girlswhodrift #racecar #ecu

Kelsey Rowlings

Kelsey Rowlings

Things are coming along! Check out our rear-mounted @mishimoto radiator next to our pink @fuelsafe fuel cell! 😍😍😍

#driftchick #fuelsafe #Mishimoto #kaizenperformance #girlswhodrift #fdpro2 #formuladrift #drifting #driftgirl #driftcar #radiator #fuelcell

What we have been working on the past few months revealed! Building Kelsey Rowlings formula drift pro 2 racecar. This ca...

What we have been working on the past few months revealed! Building Kelsey Rowlings formula drift pro 2 racecar. This car is one you dont want to miss. Stay tuned for more updates!

Before... And after!!!
#driftchick #girlswhodrift #formuladrift #fdpro2 #drifting #driftcar #racecar #driftgirl #kaizenperformance #fordperformanceparts #fordperformance #blue #dabadedabadi

It's official now. Coming real soon bmw transmission adapters for 2jz!!!
2JZGTE 1JZGTE VVTI Engine To BMW ZF 5 Speed, 6 Speed Transmission adapter plate

It's official now. Coming real soon bmw transmission adapters for 2jz!!!

has been something that everyone has wanted us to make for a few years now. As technology progresses with new machining processes, and new equipment, we are able to bring you even more value than ever in all of our adaption kits, and this adaption kit is



There is a lot of talk going around about a green car.. But we prefer this SR22 powered pink car that is actually driven hard by Miss Kelsey Rowlings. #thisisapinkcar #SupportHooniganism

here it is the inside scoop on the new technology used on the borgwarner sx-e turbos!!! I will be running these on a few...
Turbo Talk with BorgWarner at the 2015 SEMA Show

here it is the inside scoop on the new technology used on the borgwarner sx-e turbos!!! I will be running these on a few projects very soon. expecting awesome results from these. Also if you are interested in one of these. We carry the entire line of borgwarner at the best price around!

DSPORT stopped by the BorgWarner booth to hear about the latest in their turbo technology.

turbonetics turbochargers now being sold at KAIZEN performance!!!
Turbonetics Turbochargers

turbonetics turbochargers now being sold at KAIZEN performance!!!

Since 1978, Turbonetics has been a leader in designing and manufacturing turbochargers, intercoolers, turbo systems and pressure control valves.

GARRETT turbos now being sold at KAIZEN performance!!!
Garrett - Advancing Motion

GARRETT turbos now being sold at KAIZEN performance!!!

Garrett, the world’s leading pioneer of turbo technologies, boosting race teams across the winning line, providing the power for performance motorsports.

Turbo Dynamics

Turbo Dynamics

Did you know?

The BorgWarner Performance Aftermarket EFR range uses a Gamma-ti turbine shaft and wheel?
The titanium aluminide material is 50% lighter than commonly used inconel steel.

This means the EFR rotor assembly fitted as standard with a billet wheel, ceramic balls and metal carriers creates vastly improved response over similar sized performance turbochargers.

To speak with a member of our Technical Team about the impressive range please Telephone: 01202 487497 or Email: [email protected]

#BorgWarner #EFR #Turbo #Performance #GammaTi

We now carry the new borgwarner SX-E turbos. BEST PERFORMANCE AVAILABLE FOR THE MONEY!!!!. will be doing a really sick b...

We now carry the new borgwarner SX-E turbos. BEST PERFORMANCE AVAILABLE FOR THE MONEY!!!!. will be doing a really sick build using one of these on a LS swapped car really soon. stay tuned!

Airwerks® SX-E turbochargers feature integrated speed sensor port, forged milled compressor wheel, pre-machined boost port, and optimized compressor cover aerodynamics.

BorgWarner Performance Aftermarket

BORGWARNER turbos sold here!!!!

Power is our passion! Check out BorgWarner EFR™ and Airwerks® performance turbocharger product lines.

Engine Block Tech 101: Go Bigger or Go Stronger the Right Way
Engine Block Tech 101: Go Bigger or Go Stronger the Right Way

Engine Block Tech 101: Go Bigger or Go Stronger the Right Way

The engine block serves as the foundation for the entire engine. Its primary purpose is to establish a home for both the cylinders and rotating assembly. It is also critical in serving as the main container of the engine’s coolant and lubrication passages.


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Orlando, FL


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