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Wooftastic Videos We are a small company that shoots, edits, and scores videos shot at canine performance events. We know your dogs are special and so your video documentation should be, too.

Whether it’s agility or herding or other canine performance events we offer a package to suit your needs.


It has been an incredibly challenging month, personally, for me. I want to thank all my clients for standing by me and being patient as it took 5 weeks for me to get videos edited and out to you. I strive to do my best work in a timely manner but when life gets in the way it is nice to know people have your back.
Thank you everyone.


6 years ago today I founded this Company and whilst the last year has been tough I still look forward to creating permanent memories for all of you. I’ve learned so much since 2012 and hope you have enjoyed this journey with me.
Thank you all for trusting me with your herding and Agility Videos.


Excited to announce we’ll be the official videographer for the herding venue at the Sheltie National in Berryville.
I was also asked to shoot the Agility venue as well but, sadly, I’m not sure I can do that. If I was to shoot it would only be one ring.


It's always preferable to put the dvd in the envelope BEFORE sealing it. At least I caught it before I actually mailed it out!!! All dvd's are done and will go out tomorrow. Enjoy everyone!


Real job got in the way so only 2 videos are complete. Hope to get the rest done by Tuesday night. My apologies to all who are anxiously awaiting them.


Some amazing runs up at Penn Y Caerau this weekend. Downloading them onto the computer and I'll begin to edit tomorrow afternoon. Hope to have them done by the weekend.
Thanks for a wonderful weekend as a spectator, wish I hadn't missed the deadline as the stock was exceptional and I'd always rather be entered.


Finally finished the videos from the Cleveland Shetland Sheepdog Jean Clodwick Memorial Herding Trial held June 9-11. There were some really terrific runs and I've posted a few of them.
Enjoy. I know I did watching them live!

Ice at Hado Bar

Ice was HIT and RHIT and had some lovely runs. Note this video is longer as it is all 3 days and all 4 runs in one video.

This is sheltie, Ice, working sheep and ducks at the Started level on AKC A course (sheep) and B course (ducks) The duck runs were HIT (High in Trial) and RHIT…


After weeks of tearing my hair out because my editing software was not talking to my dvd burning software (made by the same company and bundled in a suite!!) the patch has been released and I can make all those dvd's I owe people.
Please forgive me. All the CSSC videos will go out in Monday's post!!


I started a new job when I returned from Ohio. Sadly, the new gig has had a longer break in period than I thought because we had to jump right in the fire. Things should settle down this week and I'm hoping to have all videos done and rendered by the end of the week. I have 8 videos edited but still need to be rendered.


Thanks to some great clients we have a work around and now all the videos are sorted, labeled, and ready for the editing to begin!!


Hello, due to the discrepancies between the catalog and the actual dog runs all runs from CSSC will be delayed a few days. I am awaiting a final corrected copy so that all scores are correct for all dog runs. I am sorry for any delay and inconvenience this may cause.


Found a simple, if time consuming, work around. I just rendered everything over again in the new version. Whilst I've never had to do that before it did work!! Videos will be in the post tomorrow along with a surprise or two.
Sorry about the long delay folks. This issue won't happen again.
Thank you so much for your patience.


Learning the new software shouldn't be this difficult. Why won't the program write the dvd? It's all made by the same company and is meant to be super easy.... sadly the whole bundle of programs was sold to a new company and it just seems to be, pardon me, fubar'd. Slowly trying to get it all together so that it will, once again, work seamlessly.....


Had a wonderful time at the Mid Florida Herding Association's Spring Trial in Lady Lake this weekend.
It was great to see old friends, make some new friends, and watch a lot of lovely runs.


Hello Everyone! Life has been difficult but I'm looking forward to seeing you for the Spring Trials!
Happy training and trialling until then!


Hello all! Hope this finds you well. Life has been getting in the way fun lately but I'm looking forward to seeing many of you at the herding trial next month.
Happy Training until then.


Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah to all. May you have a wonderful day spent with family and friends, surrounded by love, laughter, and joy.


Watching Hurricane Matthew closely. The weather my prevent me from recording runs at Penn Y Caerau in Lady Lake this weekend.


4 years ago I started this company. I know I've not posted a lot lately but I want to thank each and every one of you who has bought a video and helped me become better each year!
I've got the summer off but I'll see you in the fall!
Happy training and trialling.

Kermit at PYC

Wanted to share a video from the Mid Florida Herding Association trial at Penn Y Caerau a couple weeks ago. This is Shannon Murphy's young corgi Kermit working sheep at the Started level. Such a fun little dog to watch!!


Downloading, sorting, and editing runs from the past weekend. Sadly the rain prevented recording all runs from the second trial Saturday afternoon. I did get all of B and some of Advanced A during the morning trial plus all of Sunday's runs.
Let me know if you want your run and I'll check and see if I was able to record.
Sorry about the inconvenience.


All the videos are finished!
19 videos edited, rendered, uploaded or burned to dvd in 2 days. Hope all the new owners will be happy!


Looking at the forecast for the weekend. Doesn't look good. I'll bring my tent and hope for the best.


Final video took about 3 hours to create and is rendering now. Time to take a soccer break and I will burn the DVD's this evening.


1 more client (8 videos) and then time to burn the DVD's. Goal is to get them in the post tomorrow.
That way I will be completely finished and ready for this weekends trials.


I'm 2/3 done editing. I think I'm going to take a break and finish up tomorrow. Some beautiful runs this past weekend. Hope to see a bunch more at Penn Y Caerau this weekend!!


Videos are downloaded and labeled. Editing will begin in the morning! Should be done before the end of the week!


Sorry we had to miss the AHBA trial today at Linden Hollow.
Hope everyone had a great run!
If you want any of your runs from Saturday or Sunday PM me here or at [email protected]


Orlando, FL


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