Kraken Customs - High End Customized Jeep Wranglers For Exclusive Clients.

Kraken Customs - High End Customized Jeep Wranglers  For Exclusive Clients. Jeeps I’ve built but now selling my last one as I’m moving on to bigger and better things.


Many people have asked about the specs of the red Jeep with list of customizations. Here it is:

2017 Jeep Wrangler Kraken Custom - $95,000
* Firecracker Red Clear Coat Exterior Paint
* Black Interior Color
* Cloth Seats with' Adjustable Head Restraints
* 3.6 Liter V6 24 Valve VVT Engine
* 5-Speed Automatic Transmission

* Command-Trac® Shift-on-the-Fly Part-Time 4WD
* Next Generation Dana® 44 Heavy Duty Rear Axle
* Next Generation Dana® 30 Solid Front Axle
* UPGRADED 4.88 Front / Rear Axle Ratio
* 22.5-Gallon Fuel Tank
* Advanced Multistage Front Airbags
* Electronic Stability Control
* UPGRADED 4-Wheel Disc Mopar Big Brakes
* Traction Control
* Electronic Roll Mitigation
* Hill Start Assist
* Trailer Sway Damping
* Sentry Key® Theft Deterrent System
* UPGRADED Viper Security Alarm with IOS/Android App with GPS, Geofence and secondary hidden battery (will warn you on your phone if Jeep leaves area and will allow you to see in real time exact location and speed on a map. Secondary battery is hidden so even if main battery is disconnected, alarm and GPS will still work).
* Tire Pressure Monitor with Warning Lamp
* SpeedControl

* Auto-Dimming Mirror with Reading Lamps
* Air Conditioning
* Power Windows with Front One-Touch-Down Feature
* Power Door Locks
* Remote Keyless Entry
* Leather-Wrapped Steering Wheel
* Steering Wheel Mounted Audio Controls
* Tilt Steering Column
* Audio Jack Input for Mobile Devices
* Temperature and Compass Gauge
* 11'5-Volt Auxilian/ Power Outlet
* Driver Seat Height Adjuster
* Rear 60/40 Folding Seat
* Rear Compartment Covered Storage
* Front Dome with On / Off Switch Lamp
* Red Anniversary Edition Trail Rated Badge
* Deep Tint Sunscreen Windows
* UPGRADED Smittybilt Side Steps
* Two Front Tow Hooks and Two Rear Tow Hook
* Automatic Headlamps
* Power Heated Mirrors

* Connectivity Group
* Tire Pressure Monitoring Display
* Uconnect® Voice Command with Bluetooth®
* Electronic Vehicle Information Center
* Max Trailer Tow Package
* Class II Receiver Hitch
* Trailer Tow with 4-Pin Connector Wiring
* Hill Descent Control
* Anti-Spin Rear Differential
* Trac-Lok® Differential Rear Axle
* Freedom Top® Black 3-Piece Hard Top
* Freedom Panel Storage Bag
* Rear Window Defroster
* Rear Window Wiper / Washer
* Alpine® Premium 9-Speakers w/AII Weather Subwoofer Radio 430N
* 40 GB Hard Drive with 28 SB Available
* 6.5-lnch Touchscreen Display
* GPS Navigation
* SiriusXM® Travel Link 5-Yr Travel Link Sub

Kraken Customizations:
* 2" Mopar Lift kit with fox shocks & Driveshaft
* Steering Stabilizer Bar with Fox Shock
* Teraflex Adjustable Control Arms - All 8 - Front and Rear
* Teraflex Sway Bar Quick Disconnects
* Rubicon Transmission and Oil Pan Skid Plate
* Rubicon Gas Tank Skid Plate
* Rubicon Transfer Case Skid Plate
* Gears - 4.88 Ratio
* Superchip Programmer - Gears and Tire Size Adjusted
* Bluetooth Pedal Commander
* Flowmaster Cat Back, Black Powder Coated Exhaust
* Mopar Big Brakes
* Mopar Cold Air Intake
* HID Projector Headlights with Color Changing Halos & Center Eye - Remote Control and IOS/Android App
* Additional JL 10" Stealth Sub Woofer
* JL Amp 300 Watts Monoblock IPX6 Water Resistant
* Bass Volume Control K**b
* Backup Camera
* Short Antena
* Promax heat reduction hood custom painted
* Smittybilt XRC Front Fenders
* Smittybilt XRC Rear Fenders
* Smittybilt XRC Side Cladding
* Smittybilt SRC Classic Sidestep with Step
* Smittybilt SRC Gen2 Rear Bumper with integrated LED backup lights
* Smittybilt Heavy Duty Spare Tire Carrier
* Smittybilt XRC 9,500lb Winch
* Factor 55 ProLink shackle mount.
* FabFour Grumper Grill/Front Bumper
* FabFour Limb Risers
* 20x12 Fuel Cleaver wheels (5)
* 37/13.50R20 Nitto Ridge Grappler Tires (5)
* 2 Rigid DOT Approved LED Fog Lights
* 50" Rigid Radiance White Backlight Light Bar - Top
* Rigid Top Light Bar Bracket
* 30" Rigid Radiance White Backlight Light Bar - Bottom
* sPOD 6 Dual LED Switch Panel with Battery Power Gage and Source System
* Professional Installation By Authorized Jeep Dealership
* Custom Red Interior Steering Wheel Accent
* Custom Red Interior Door Handle Accent
* Custom Red Interior Cluster Accent
* Custom Red Interior Gear Accent
* Custom Red Interior Climate Control Accent
* Custom Red Interior Center Console Switches Accent
* Custom Red Interior Emergency Brake Accent
* Custom Painting - Hood
* Custom Painting - Wheels
* Aerolidz Lightbar Cover - Includes American Flag and red filter to change light bar color to red if you wish.


We build exclusive, highly modified Jeeps with the best after market parts.
They start at $89,000 all the way to $2 million (gold or platinum accents, gems encrusted interiors custom built to your specific taste).
The red one is only $95,000, but if you want things added, engine swapped, you name it, we can do it and quote you the difference.

You've made it in life. Do you really want to spend $100K, $200K, $1 million on a vehicle anyone can go to a dealership and get as well?
I pulled up at the beach next to a Lamborghini. Within 30 seconds, my Jeep was surrounded by girls who wanted to ride in it, and guys who wanted to drive it.
NOT ONE PERSON WAS LOOKING AT THE LAMBO. The driver was so pi**ed, he drove off, burning rubber and taking off as fast as he could. Everyone turned to look and laughed.
You don't want to be that guy or girl, do you?
You can take all the doors off and top off and make it the ultimate convertible.

We only make a few each year, and they are all different. Driving one with the Kraken marking shows that you have arrived and you only want the best.
We use the most expensive, reliable parts, rated the best by Trade publications and people who drive Jeeps (no Chinese made fiberglass replicas of parts that are metal from original manufacturer, no cheap stereos, cheap LED light bars and headlights, etc...)
We have seen too many other custom dealers cut corners to make a bigger profit and it makes us cringe!
What makes us different is that Kraken Jeeps are not meant to only look good on the road. They are built to take you off-road with the best of them. Lift kits, upgraded gears, control arms, lockers, axels, drivetrains, brakes, exhaust, skid plates, even engines starting with minor upgrades all the way to turbos, super chargers, and even full engine swaps with HEMI, Corvette LS1 or LS3. Yes, we can make that beast do a quarter mile in high 12 seconds. Awesome!
We can customize the interior with the most state of the art, clean, and loud entertainment system on the market. Any color scheme and materials for the seats.
All about how much you want to spend.
We can show you all the different options and color schemes before you build it on a PC. There are hundreds of thousands of possibilities. Bumpers, grills, hoods, wheels, fenders,'s so much fun. Want to make a black Kevlar armored looking, or want hot pink with fuchsia accents? No problem!
Even the least expensive model will allow you to go off-road with as much confidence as you do on the highway.
Each Jeep is inspected by the owner and thoroughly tested to insure it meets the highest quality standards.
We do not hire mechanics to do all of this work. We only take it to specialized partners who have decades of experience customizing Jeeps. One is even a custom shops at an authorized Jeep/Dodge/Chrysler dealership, who are sent to training at Jeep factory every year to ensure they know them better than anyone.
Again, nothing but the best!

Customizing any other car, especially super cars with your personal touch will instantly lower its value by a minimum of 30% instantly and as much as 60%.
Doing it to a Jeep increases its value and makes it worth more than what you paid for it for the next 2 years minimum.
I paid $28,000 for my wife's brand new Wrangler Unlimited Sport in 2015. 15 miles on it. Do a search for what a 2015 cost today. Bet that until the end of 2017, you'll find plenty for more than that. Only vehicle I know that actually gains value after you buy one brand new.

And for the first time, you can park at the mall or give keys to the valet knowing that you will not get a dent or curb scratch on your wheel that will cost you at least $1,000 to fix and be worried all night, walking around inspecting it every time you come back to it. Other car doors hit the metal side step or tire, not body. And if door gets dinged, it's cheap to fix. Tires are taller than curbs so never scratch the wheels. LOL

So what are you waiting for? Show your Individuality! Don't be like that other guy down the street. Enjoy your life. And show that you are part of an exclusive group to own a Kraken Custom.

Oh, and when the Zombie apocalypse comes, you'll really thank me. LOL

® Projectors #4.88 #4.88gears

2017 Jeep Wrangler Kraken Custom Off Roading 4

Ever wonder what it's like driving this beast? This video might give you a small taste.
You've made it in life. You don't want to drive the same vehicle everybody else do you? Mercedes? Lamborghini? Ferrari? Anyone can go to a dealership and get one if you have the money. Set yourself apart from those guys and drive over them if you wish. This is a one of a kind.
I parked in front of a Lamborghini in the street in Clearwater Beach, and in seconds, I had a crowd of people around the Jeep. Girls all wanted a ride and guys all want to drive it.
NOT ONE Person around the Lambo. The owner walked up while I was there and gave me the dirtiest look.
He peeled off, and I swear, everyone looked and laughed.
Time to treat yourself and have some fun!!!

Hitting the sand area. This is so much fun. You need to get one of these!!!! Check out more videos of this Jeep Off Roading https://www...


We are working on another Jeep. Get ready. It will be mean looking! Will start posting a few teasers soon!


A few videos to show that this beast is not built for looks only. It will take you anywhere you want to go!


Here are some answers to Questions I've been asked a few times:

Q: Why do you drive the Jeeps at least 3,000 miles before selling them? You'd make more money if they were brand new. What if I want one brand new?
A: Some people do not know that when you replace suspension on a Jeep and lift it, you have to return to the shop after a couple thousand miles to tighten everything up.
Since many of our clients are out of state, we want to protect them and our reputation by making sure everything is done right.
We can sell you a brand new one as long as you understand you will have to take it to a local shop to get that done, and since we don't know where you will be taking it, we cannot be certain they will do this properly.

Q: Can you put a Supercharger or turbo on one?
A: Absolutely. We are currently in talks with Prodigy Performance (also located in FL a couple hours away from us) who were the first to make a stock Wrangler do a quarter mile under 12.8 seconds just by adding their turbo kit. Nobody better in the industry.
We also can do a supercharger if you would like (though turbo has always been better in our opinion).
Keep in mind this will void the manufacture warranty. That's why we only use Prodigy. It should not have any negative long term impact on the engine or transmission (unless like anything else you beat it up non stop, just like anything else. Just saw a video of kids playing for a few hours racing down the street with a new Dodge Demon, and the engine blew within a few hours. Saw a Brand new Z06 drop transmission after drag racing back to back to back for a couple hours).

Q: Is that gorgeous red one still for sale? What have you done to it?
A: Yes. Price is now $98,000. Here's the list:
• 2" Mopar Lift Kit
• Mopar Stabilizer Bar with shock
• Mopar Cold Air Intake
• Magnaflow Catback Exaust System
• Gear Ratio upgraded to 4.88 for higher power, takeoff speed, and improved Fuel Economy.
• XRC Front Fenders
• XRC Rear Fenders and corner guards
• XRC Body Cladding
• XRC Gen2 Rear Bumper with LED Backup Lights
• XRC Gen2 Heavy Rear Spare Tire Carrier
• XRC 9,500lbs Winch
• SRC Side Armor Sidestep
• FabFour Grumper (grill and bumper)
• Black Mountain Custom Metal Hood
• Locking Hood Latches
• HID Projectors Revision 2 Chroma headlights with color changing Halos AND demon eyes (separate color for either) controlled via app on phone and included wireless remote.
• JW Speaker Smoked Rear LED Brake Lights
• 50" Rigid Radiance Windshield Light bar with backlighting
• 30" Rigid Radiance under grill Light bar with backlighting
• Rugged Ridge Fog Light Cubes
• SPOD 6 switch center console with voltage meter. Currently to turn on back lighting on light bars, full lights on each light bars, Headlights Demon Eyes, Headlights Halos.
• 20" Fuel Cleaver Wheels
• 37" Nitto Grappler Tires
• Metal Door Handle Inserts
• Backup Camera
• Tow Package
• UConnect Bluetooth and vehicle info package
• Full Power Outlet - plug in anything with regular plug.
• Automatic
• Power Windows
• Power Locks
• Power side mirrors
• Automatic Headlights - Turn on automatically at night if you wish.
• Jeep Upgraded 403N Radio with 6.5" Screen with Navigation, Satellite, Bluetooth, DVD, Hard Drive, USB, etc...
Upgraded Alpine 9 speaker with sound bar and subwoofer.
• Additional JL Amplifier
• Additional 12" Subwoofer
• Separated Volume control for additional sub only. Light or booming bass, you chose.
• Viper Alarm system with hidden secondary battery, GPS, and phone notifications. Use your phone to see exactly where it is, how fast it's going, and get notified if it leaves a specific area.
• Custom Painting - Hood Red with black strip and black rivets
• Custom Painting - Fenders outline and side vents.
• Custom Painting - Wheels - Cleaver accents
• Custom Painting - Rods
• Custom Painting - Interior - Steering wheel, around dash, shifter, cup holders, switches, etc...

Q: Are you working on another? When can we see it?
A: Yes, we are currently working on another. Hint. It's all black!
Should be complete sometime before August. Stay tuned.


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