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Loving Hands Senior Care We provide compassionate, loving, trained staff. To give your loved one best care possible! Let us give you a loving hand!


A very wise, long time business owner. Once told me. "To be successful, keep your word, stay loyal and trustworthy." HWA #bestadvice #thanksfortheguidance #Thanksforbelievinginme #Godalwaysknows


Enjoy the good days! Pray through the hard day's! Our final journey walk is never long enough!


Dealing in Alzheimer's/ dementia care. Communication is essential!!! Rambling, wonder, aggression, etc are signs of communication. Watch, listen and learn triggers. Everyone is different! Just because a patient with Alzheimer's can't talk as we are custom to, does not mean they can't communicate.
Don't ask them alot of questions. It causes confusion and frustration when they cannot remember. When conversating, go to their world. Whatever they talk about go along with. Don't change subjects. Don't correct them when they remember something differently. We can't understand their battle. We can have empathy and compassion! Always give lots of Love!!!!


A long time visit waited: I walk in, as any other time she won't remember my name. When she sees my face. Her big smile assures me she knows who I am! #nonamesneeded #lovebeyondwords #alwaysaspecialplace


Most famous question asked "how do you do this job's? Anyone of my ladies or guys will tell you, it's not always easy! In every situation it's rewarding to us in some way. Every person no matter the illness or decline will touch some part of your heart. If we are given the privilege, we will walk their final journey in this life beside them.
In any situation, we are all human. We become very attached to clients. Many will teach us things that if not for them we would never learn. This is old wisdom you are not likely to find in a book. Many will show unconditional love although we are not blood. I call this golden love!
There are never any way to prepare someone in any situation for death. I would like to tell my Caregivers it gets easier with time. However, I haven't found that time. Each one that passes. I will be sad, I may question, cry, laugh, consumed of emotions. In the end it is God's will. And they have earned their wings and join our Father in the ultimate resting place! Nothing can be any sweeter than this!
This is not necessarily a job we chose. More like we are chosen for. I can't explain why. Or exactly how we deal with situations. God guides us and even in the darkest of hardest times he never leaves us. We are in no way angels. Merely humans God gave an amazing experience too!
I am very blessed with an incredible team to work with. Each one is unique as each client. Each situation adds a chapter to this beautiful life. God always knows where we need to be.
#heisfixingmygrammer #blueday #ourday #coffeeday #remember


I will be working on updating this page and trying to keep it up to date. Since it is being used more frequently!


Happy Thanksgiving from Loving hands senior care! Enjoy your blessing with family and friends! Be a blessing to someone!


November is National Family Caregivers month!! Give a helping hand and a pray for the family members that go thru this journey. It is not always an easy one. Love to all the caregivers that take this journey with the families. Again, it is not always easy. Although it is a blessed one.


Thanks to all my girls for helping durning my recover from spine surgery. I have had to be out a while and they are on top of everything! Thank you girls and love you very much! Y'all are the best group!


No matter how much we seem to help our clients!! They bless us so much more!!!!


We offer a variety of senior care service! We do 24/7 care, trips, Dr visits, shopping, adult day care and more! Whatever your need for your loved one is, let us give you a loving hand!


304 Hillcrest Ave
Opelika, AL


(334) 559-1468


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