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PHR Automotive Headlight Restoration , Turning Yellow and faded headlights clear again starting at $30.00 per vehicle !! New replacement oem headlight and taillight assemblies installed ,bulb replacement, door handles interior exterior

Serving Aubuirn / Opelika Area. PHR Auto is here to help keeping you and your car or truck looking great. Our services include Headlight Restoration turning old faded and yellow headlights to new and crystal clear.Headlight Restoration starting at $30.00 and up -New headlight and taillight assemblies installed onto car. Interior items include door clips,carpet kits,emergency brake release clips, headliner retainers. Headlight taillight bulbs , vent shades , floor mats and more . Give us a call today !! 334-707-1133


Are your blinkers busted or taillight cracked from a minor fender bender? Holding moisture causing bulbs to blow ? We are here to help New taillight and headlight assemblies for most make and models - call us with info and let us give you a price today ! We sell and install onto vehicle 334-707-1133


Headlight restoration for all cars and trucks starting @ $30 per vehicle call 334-707-1133 to set up appointment


Wiper blade replacement for most trucks , cars and suv's .. Starting at $6.50 per blade


Headlights dirty and yellow ? Come see us at PHR in Opelika to get your cars headlights and taillights cleaned , not only for the looks but for safety at night during the winter months .. Be able to see clear at night .call for appointment or walk ins welcome


Pin stripes old and cracked ? And making your vehicle look older then it really is ? Let us at PHR automotive take care of you.


Saturday Nov 9 Only .. 10am--until --Headlight & Taillight restoration for $40 ..give us a call to set up a time or drop by.334-707-1133


Door clips ,headliner clips, rear view mirrors, interior & exterior door handles , headlight / taillight/ blinker / running light bulbs , mirrors , headlight / taillight assemblies , headlight /taillight restoration , oil change specials , aluminum polishing , aluminum tool box cleaning , welding repair on aluminum boats and anything aluminum , or steel -- and many more are just a few of the common things day to day we do..Give us a call to set up a appointment


Why Do Headlights Become Hazy, Cloudy or Yellowed?
You clean and keep your car in top shape, but can’t help noticing that your headlights are becoming fogged up despite your best efforts to keep them clean. So, why do headlights become hazy, cloudy or yellowed even when you keep them clean?


There was a time when headlights were made of glass. Those days are long gone. They are now made of hard plastics that are specifically tempered for the job. This material is known as polycarbonate plastic. It is very strong, but it also is naturally porous. To combat this, the manufacturer of your headlights covered them with a protective film. The film works well for a few years, but then starts to fall apart. Given the fact it is exposed to heat from the bulb, UV rays from constant exposure to the sun and harsh chemicals that come up off the road, it probably should not be a surprise that the film eventually fades. Regardless, this allows the plastic to become oxidized, which gives the headlights the foggy look

Big Problem

Most people believe the foggy headlight is a problem simply because it looks bad. While this is definitely true, there is also a safety issue involved. The oxidation of the plastic headlight causes the light output from the internal bulbs to be diffused. This effectively means that the beam from each headlight is weakened, and produces a reduced area of coverage. The less you can see, the more chance there is you could run into something. In fact, it has been suggested that as many as 9 out of 10 accidents at night are related in some manner to problems with the headlights. In short, you need to fix them.


The first thought you might have when it comes to fixing your headlights is simply to buy new ones. Go ahead and call the dealer. We’ll ring up 911 so they can revive you after you faint when hearing the price the dealer charges. The problem is cars are built as modules now. You can’t just buy the headlight cover. You have to buy the entire light assembly and it is costly. And not just exotic cars: A 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee rings up at $1,500.00 for a set of lenses. That’s right… One Thousand, Five Hundred dollars! Fortunately, there is another option that is nowhere near as expensive and it works.


Opelika, AL


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