Bulkaroo A members-only personal shopping service for bulk store items.


If you had a child in college, would you be interested in a service where you shop for groceries that are delivered to your son or daughter at school?


Hey everyone! Don't forget, Bulkaroo currently delivers on Saturday but we will deliver more frequently as we get more members! Make sure to get orders in by 5pm on Thursdays for Saturday deliveries. We hope everyone is enjoying the site!



Ordering grocery and other supplies online for home delivery is certainly a different and new way of performing an old task, but we think you'll dig it!!


Great feedback from members to highlight our organic food and other organic products!  Consider it done.  Bulkaroo has v...

Great feedback from members to highlight our organic food and other organic products! Consider it done. Bulkaroo has various organic products already and we will add more.




Did you know - Bulkaroo can shop for ANY item to find the best price. Members can simply contact us to shop it!


Not looking forward to traveling out to do the shopping?

Bulkaroo members shop from the comfort of their own home and have their products delivered!

Try Bulkaroo FREE FOR 30 DAYS. If you don't agree that Bulkaroo is a convenient way to shop and save money you pay nothing.

Don't wait! Sign up now to check out the shopping area!

The ESVA now has a different way to shop for grocery, pharmacy and office products!


Know anyone with a sweet tooth?

The Bulkaroo candy aisle is AH-mazing with more than 80 varieties of CHOCOLATE candy! That includes healthy options like Skinny Cow brands!


Cheers to family, friends and freedom. Everyone have a safe and happy 4th of July!!


Guys and gals...a personal shopper and grocery delivery membership might be a pretty good gift for the person who does all the shopping in the house!

But guys...don't JUST buy the Bulkaroo membership for her...that would be like the time you bought her a vacuum cleaner for her birthday...and that didn't end well, did it? :)



Hey!  Our thanks to Shore Life, LLC, for becoming a member!  Our very first personal/business membership!  We think we c...
ShoreLife / Shop

Hey! Our thanks to Shore Life, LLC, for becoming a member! Our very first personal/business membership!

We think we can help a lot I businesses on the ESVA and right now we are giving full access to the site with only a $10 yearly membership fee!

No more mad dashes to the store to round up supplies for your office parties...let Bulkaroo shop and deliver the goods!

Don't forget to check out Shore Life products at




What's everyone's favorite memory of the July 4th holiday?

I always liked sitting on top of the little league dugouts at the Onancock Carnival Grounds and watching the fireworks!!

Dont forget! Our beta-test membership deal is available through midnight of the 4th of July and all members get a 30 day free trial!


Have a great holiday week everyone!


Did you know that every product at Bulkaroo.com is able to be donated by members to the local food bank with just a few ...

Did you know that every product at Bulkaroo.com is able to be donated by members to the local food bank with just a few clicks of A button? We'll even deliver it to the Food Bank for you!


A BIG THANK YOU to the ESVA. We have members who have signed up from Wallops Island to Cape Charles and we are looking forward to serving all of you!

If you, or someone you know, could use a home grocery delivery and personal shopping service, please try us out. All new members get a 30-day free trial and we are offering %75 off the yearly membership cost for life for our first 100 members!

If you have questions before signing up, drop us a line at [email protected].

We are owned locally on the ESVA.



Did you know - Bulkaroo doesn't just deliver groceries...we also have a pharmacy, baby AND office shopping section!

You can also make individual requests of our personal shoppers if you have a large purchase item you are looking for.


12-pack Kraft Mac n Cheese Dinner $11.78!!

Charmin Ultra Soft - 36 Family Rolls $22.40!!

All Ultra with Stainlifter 225 oz (146 loads) $16.50!!

Prions Dog Chow 50lb bag $28.30!!

Pantene Pro-V 40oz Bottle with Pump $7.82!!!!


Did you know that Bulkaroo isn't leaving out the folks on Tangier Island?? We'll deliver your products for pickup at the Onancock Wharf!

BULKAROO - Sign Up / Sign In

There are about 45 early beta tester slots left. Membership is FREE for 30 days and after that only $10 a year FOR LIFE for these early beta testers. Our first delivery to the Eastern Shore will be on Saturday, June 29th.

It's a great way to lock in your $10 membership rate (normally $39.99/year) but you need to hurry because the offer closes on July 4th, or when we run out. Sign up today! http://bulkaroo.com/login/

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Got some feedback to post more prices...and we're happy to do it!!

* 24 ct variety pack - 20oz Gatorade Fierce only $15.67

* Huggies Little Snuggler Diapers (size 1) - 216 ct only $46.00!!!

* Hot Pockets - ham and cheese, 17 ct only $15.20!!

* Stouffer's Party Size Mac n Cheese (4lb) only $9.42!!

* Digiorno Rising Crust Pepperoni Pizza (3-pack) only $16.50!!!

These are our every day prices...we encourage you to price shop and decide! Our early membership deal is filling up quickly however!

Happy Friday!

The Bulkaroo Crew


Today's feature products at Bulkaroo are just in time for the 4th of July!

* 24 pack of Ballpark Hot Dogs only $7.29!!

* 40 pack of Prairie Ridge Beef Patties only $29.48!!

* 32 pack of Coca-Cola 12-oz cans only $11.58!!!

Visit bulkaroo.com to see all the other great deals!

Done forget to share with folks you think may be interested in saving some money and having their groceries delivered.

We are making a special lifetime offer to the first 100 members to sign up!



Did you know that you can get a membership to Bulkaroo but have the products you buy delivered to a different address?

Bulkaroo is now open for business! Visit www.bulkaroo.com to sign up.


BULKAROO - Sign Up / Sign In

Great news, folks! After many months of development, Bulkaroo.com is finally ready for beta-testers!

If you’d like to try Bulkaroo (a members-only personal shopping service for bulk store items delivered to your door) be sure to sign up before July 4th, 2013.

We’re slashing our membership prices permanently for our first 100 early beta testers by 75% - but your account needs to be created by midnight on July 4th, 2013 (Eastern Time.) To put this in perspective, our baseline membership plan is $39.99 per year, but you'll just pay $10 a year for that plan. And your membership rate is locked for life!

Signing up takes just a minute and all accounts come with a 30 day free trial. Bulkaroo staff members are ready and willing to help you get started. So... what’s stopping you? :)


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Let's see if we can push up to 100 likes!

100 is a very important number and will be the basis of a special offer to our FB followers VERY soon. If you are on the ESVA, please share if you know someone who may need, or be interested, in saving some money and having their groceries delivered!

Thanks everyone!


The Bulkaroo Crew

Wal-Mart has no U.S. grocery delivery expansion plans for now


Maybe Wal-Mart is looking for "interest" in the wrong location. Those who need delivery don't live in big cities do they?

By Jessica Wohl ROGERS, Arkansas (Reuters) - Wal-Mart Stores Inc has no immediate plans to expand its U.S. online grocery delivery beyond a test in California because it is not yet conv...


We really are dying to put up some screen shots of the Bulkaroo shopping website. The people who are smarter than I am tell me we have to wait just about another week or so...

I hope we have put together something that will give the ESVA some options at least.


Details, details! We are hammering out the details. Be on the lookout for the Kangaroo!!!


Senseless things happening in the world today. Senseless.

Bulkaroo wants to remind everyone to consider how you can participate in helping those that help us.  As residents, or f...

Bulkaroo wants to remind everyone to consider how you can participate in helping those that help us. As residents, or family members, of those who live in Accomack County, support your local Fire, LEO and support personnel! See the flyer below for a great way to show your support.

Though Bulkaroo hasn't begun its business on the Shore, we would like thank our service personnel. We hope that our small donation provides some measure of comfort or normalcy during this decidedly abnormal time.

Also, our thanks to those who are taking their personal time to organize donations and distribution of supplies to those who are working hard to protect the county.

Thank you all.

Scott Lilliston

~like the Bulkaroo page to get updates on the launch of the site as well as questions from the staff about how to improve the website.


Working hard AND making progress. Still on our timeline. We are looking forward to serving the ESVA! Tell your friends to like Bulkaroo!


Happy Valentines Day everyone!!!


Ever wanted to shop in bulk but live too far away from one of the big box stores to justify a membership? Bulkaroo is going to solve that problem! In 2013, members of Bulkaroo will be able to shop online for groceries and supplies and have their items delivered to their door.

While Bulkaroo won't replace your local grocer, it is worth noting that many local grocery store chains still charge more for everyday items in rural areas. They say it's harder to deliver to those areas, yet they still don't sell items in bulk. Why?

Every order from members of www.bulkaroo.com will be shopped over various memberships and suppliers to find the best known price for each item in bulk. We'll package your order to make sure we get you the products you want, as well as the best price, and deliver it to you.

A Bulkaroo membership could be valuable in many ways. Throwing a large holiday party and need time to prepare? Want to go to your son's baseball game or daughter's dance recital rather than shop for groceries? Let Bulkaroo do the shopping!

We like to think we will find you the best of the best prices for items you use every day! We are looking forward to serving all of you.

Please, if you know any folks or relatives on the ESVA, have them "like" our page to get updates on our progress and answer occasional questions from the Bulkaroo staff about how we can improve our website and service.

Thanks for reading!


The Bulkaroo Crew

We're working hard to build Bulkaroo.com. In the meantime, stay tuned for updates by joining our newsletter. We promise not to spam you :)


Thanks everyone for the recent page "likes"!! We hope to see you all soon.

Share www.bulkaroo.com and don't forget to let us know if you have an ESVA product that you may want to sell through the website!

We're working hard to build Bulkaroo.com. In the meantime, stay tuned for updates by joining our newsletter. We promise not to spam you :)


Hi everyone! Bulkaroo is coming closer and closer to existence. We are going to be able to sign up customers soon and fill your bulk-grocery delivery orders. We want to do something special for the first group of members. We will announce that in the coming weeks! Spread the word, and happy holidays!

The Bulkaroo Crew


Onley, VA


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