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J & D Auto & Tire We are a full service repair facility. We do tires, brakes, alignment, a/c service, engine work and anything else that needs to be done.


Good Morning everyone...just wanted to let you know that i will be leaving J&D after 14 years. I'm very sad to leave but i got a job offer i couldn't turn down that will be better for me and my family long term. I will miss the guys and all the customers, some i have become really good friends with. My last day will be October 23rd i hope to see some of you before i leave but if not please know that its been a pleasure working with you all these years...


How fast did October arrive??

Summer is gone, cool air has arrived, leaves are falling, it’s beautiful outside right now!!! Enjoy it while it’s here, it won’t last long, before you know it we’ll be shoveling snow.

Since we are caught in between season it is difficult to come up with a monthly special that would be beneficial to customers, so instead, we are going to feed you. We figured the men would like that. If you spend $300 or more on repairs we will give you a $25 gift card to a local restaurant, have dinner on us.

This is only offered to our facebook customer so please don’t forget to mention this


Today was my anniversary working at J&D does anyone know how long I have been here?


I know I’m way late with the August special so we will run it until the end of September.

This month we are going to run a special on brakes. Now. I’m not going to throw this low ball number to get your attention only to get you in the door and sell you every brake part on your car. I will tell you that brake rotors have to be replaced on most cars every time the brakes are serviced, they just aren’t made thick enough to be able to reuse them. Our front brake service runs $140 on most cars and the rotors typically average about $50 each, out rear brake service is $150 on most cars and the rotors are also about $50 each. We will discount your total brake repair by 10% that is an average savings of $50 for a four wheel brake service. You do not have to get a four wheel brake service for the discount, if you only need fronts then we would take the 10% off that and the same with the rears.

Our second special of the month will simply be a free tire rotation with any service. Do you need an oil change, get your tires rotated for free. Do you need a coolant flush or transmission flush, free rotation!

Please keep in mind these are specials that we only give to our Email and Facebook customers, not everybody, so you must tell Jody when making your appointment that you saw this on Facebook or by email to get the special pricing.

Thank you,
Todd and the staff at J&D Auto and Tire


Don't forget about our monthly specials only 2 weeks left to take advantage of them!!

We are going to run a couple of specials this month to try and help those that are getting ready for a vacation trip. First, to make sure your trip will be safe, we will offer our comprehensive inspection for a mere $34.95, this is a thorough inspection of your vehicle, if nothing else its good piece of mind.
For our second special we will offer a tire discount
for the remainder of July. we will discount all tires by 10%, I don't do the fake inflation either, i will show you the normal cost of the tires on my computer and take 10% off of that price. Along with that i will offer the Nitrogen refill for $29.95 with a purchase of a set of 4 tires.
Call for an appointment today and remember to mention the special when making your appointment!


Welcome to mid summer hear and drought conditions, yeah right!! I feel like I should be thinking of a special to run during the spring, nonetheless, it is July!

We hope everyone enjoyed the July 4th holiday, be sure to take a moment to cherish all of the good things we have in the country and even some of the things that are not so good, we are still the UNITED STATES!

We are going to run a couple of specials this month to try and help those that are getting ready for a vacation trip. First, to make sure your trip will be safe, we will offer our comprehensive inspection for a mere $34.95, this is a thorough inspection of your vehicle, if nothing else its good piece of mind.

For our second special we will offer a tire discount
for the remainder of July. we will discount all tires by 10%, I don't do the fake inflation either, i will show you the normal cost of the tires on my computer and take 10% off of that price. Along with that i will offer the Nitrogen refill for $29.95 with a purchase of a set of 4 tires.

Call for an appointment today and remember to mention the special when making your appointment!

Thanks and have a great July!!


Happy Mothers Day!!!

To celebrate Mothers Day, next week we will give all MOM's 1/2 off your oil change. If you have already had your oil changed in May we will give you a rain check for this special on your next oil change service.

Now. just so we don't exclude everyone else, we will also run an A/C special. We will perform an A/C Evacuation and Recharge for $49.95, Freon is additional (usually $15-$20)

As always this special is for those receiving this email or on our page. So please mention this when making your appointment :)

Todd and Jody


March specials!!!

Monroe shocks & struts is having a promotion that we are passing on to our customers. You can get up to $120 prepaid Visa card on purchase of a set of 4 Quick Struts. However, most cars would qualify for $60 or $90 prepaid card depending on what your vehicle requires. If you think you are in need of a new suspension just call us and we can price out the shocks and/or struts cost for your vehicle, i will let you know what your rebate will be worth.

I know if you look out your window right now it seems difficult to imagine that spring is around the corner, for many people spring means its time to start traveling. If your planning a trip with your vehicle we can provide you with a great peace-of-mind by performing a comprehensive inspection before you start your travels. A comprehensive inspection is a thorough inspection of many areas of your vehicle, we cant predict everything that may cause your vehicle to fail but there are many areas that give signs of failure. Todd has been stranded on vacation, it wasn't' fun, especially since his family was involved. This month we will discount the comprehensive inspection from $49.95 to $34.95, a savings of $15, its a great service that can ensure a great trip.

Along with the comprehensive inspection discount we will also offer free Nitrogen charge with a purchase of any set of tires. One way or another we are gonna show you the benefits of Nitrogen, even if we have to give it away. We want you to have a great service out of the tires we sell you so you will buy your next set from us also. This is a savings of $59.95....Two ways to get great service out of your tires in frequent tire rotations and Nitrogen instead of air, we will offer them both at no charge. The tire rotations are free as long as we have your vehicle in for other services, you just have to ask.

We wish everyone a great St. Patrick's Day, please be safe, there are a lot of people that like the green beer.

Bring on spring and warmer weather, Cardinals baseball, and sunshine, we have had it with winter!!

Todd, Jody, Brent, Chris and Brian

When making your appointment remember to mention these specials they are only offered to you receiving this email and anyone that LIKES our page...



February is the month to make sure our loved ones know that we love them. so take a moment and let them know.
Do something special for them!!
Speaking of doing something special, we are going to do a couple of specials to show our appreciation for you.
We are going to run an alignment special, you will save $30 on alignments, our Front End Alignment is normally $89.95 and a 4 Wheel Alignment is $119.95. So by the time March rolls around you will have the opportunity to get your wheels and your love life straightened out!!!!
Now, to make sure your car is really handling properly we will also run a special on tires. For the month of February we will discount tires 15%, in case you haven't checked we are very competitive on our tire prices, give Todd the chance to price some out for you! And just because we are so nice we will let you use both specials at the same time if needed.

Make sure you mention this special when making your appointment these specials are only offered to our email and Facebook friends.

Have a great February and look forward to hearing from you!!

Todd and Jody


Happy Monday!!! I hope you all had a Very Merry Christmas! I had a great time on my cruise and Todd made it without me..lol You only have 2 more days to take advantage of our December specials, oil change at $18.95 and a free battery check. Please call me to schedule your appointment. We will be closed Thursday, January 1, New Years Day so look for our new specials to come out Friday! I hope you all have a great New Years Eve and be safe!


Happy Friday everyone!

Just wanted to let you all know that we do have gift certificates available to purchase. You can get them for a Oil Change or if you prefer you can get them in $25 increments.

Would make a Great Christmas present!



Merry Christmas!!!!

We want to start by wishing a blessed Christmas Holiday season to all. Hopefully all your Christmas wishes will come true.

We will continue to do free battery checks for the month of December, this only takes a few minutes and can save you from a huge inconvenience. Many took advantage of this so for those that couldn't make it, we will extent it.

We will also run a special on our standard oil change service, we will discount it to $18.95; that's a savings of $8.

Don't forget, we are still running a special on Nitrogen charge until the end of the year.

Thanks to everyone for your support throughout the year, not only for your business support but also personal support throughout Todd's surgery, it makes us realize that many of you are not just customers you are friends!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Todd, Brent, Jody, Chris and David

Remember to tell us when making your appointment that you would like the monthly special, this is only offered to email and Facebook friends. And i would like to tell everyone to take it easy on Todd Dec 15-22 because i will be on a Cruise ship in the sun!


We want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!!! We will be closed tomorrow and Friday to be with our families.



So what!!! I know that’s what’s going through your mind. It’s time for me to educate you on the benefits of Nitrogen filled tires.
1. If you have alloy or aluminum rims, the oxygen in air causes oxidation to the inside of your rim, oxidation is the core cause of rot or deterioration; installing nitrogen eliminates oxygen.
2. The rate of pressure loss using Nitrogen is much less than standard air, this helps to increase tire life by keeping tire inflation correct. Proper tire inflation will also improve fuel mileage, however, don’t expect a large increase. Studies indicate about .5% for every 1 pound of pressure, it’s not going to prove miraculous.
3. Nitrogen helps to keep tire temperature lower while driving. This will also help to extend the life of the tire but also increase the safety and reliability of the tire
4. For vehicles with the tire pressure monitoring system, the tire pressure sensor is located inside of the wheel, moisture inside the wheel can cause deterioration to the sensor. Because Nitrogen has virtually no moisture content it will reduce deterioration to the expensive tire pressure sensor.
So there you have your free class on the effects of Nitrogen in your tires. To break in our new equipment we will run a special for the remainder of the year. The normal cost is $59.95 but for the rest of the year we will reduce the cost to $39.95!!
Call us if you have any more questions or to make an appointment.


Just a reminder we will be closed Thanksgiving Day (my birthday hehe) and the Friday after. Schedule your appointments now and have a great day!


I want to personally extend my gratitude to all of the great customers that support our business, without you I wouldn't be able to keep the doors open. I hope you will continue to trust us with your vehicle maintenance, I will continue to do what I need to do to keep your trust and your business.



November is a month to give thanks, so to show our appreciation of your ongoing loyalty we are going to run some terrific service specials. Because we perform such a wide variety of different services it is difficult for us to figure out what would help out our customers, so if there is ever anything you would like to see discounts on just let us know.

This months special will be a free, yes free, charging system and battery test. We want to ensure that your vehicle will start once the temperature gets cold. This test on your charging system only takes about 10 minutes, it's very accurate because it is done with a computer so there is no guess work. (no other service needed for this special)

We will also offer a free tire rotation with any paid oil change service, Wow Todd must be getting sick, both specials this month are FREE, take advantage while you can, this will not happen very often.

Again, please mention the specials you want to use when making your appointment, this offer is only available for our Email and Facebook customers.

These specials are good until November 26th, we are closed, the 27th and 28th to spend Thanksgiving with our families.

We hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving, there is so much to be thankful for and we are thankful for each and everyone of our customers.



Good Monday to everyone, please remember our monthly specials when making an appointment. Only 10 more days left to take advantage of our October specials!
Have a great week!


Good Morning!!! I would like to say HAPPY BOSSES DAY to Todd!!!


Welcome to fall, hard to believe we are knocking on winters door! It wont be long before we will be asking for summer to return because we are sick of the cold.
Winter is tough on your vehicle as well so don't let winter sneak up on you and your vehicle without being prepared.
Two of the most important things to have in good condition are tires and coolant, so we are going to run specials on both this month.
We will offer $10 off a coolant system flush again this month. The coolant that is used in vehicles only needs to be flushed every 5 years. Not only does it get weak but it also begins to become acidic due to an imbalance in the PH level. Acid in coolant will become very corrosive to the plastic and aluminum parts on your engine, a coolant flush is a good investment!
For obvious reasons, tires are important all year long but good tread is especially important during winter months. Turn your steering wheel all the way in one direction so you can see the inside tread of the tire, when you look at your tires, many times this area will wear quicker than the outside of the tread. If you need tires we will offer 10% off the normal cost of your tires. We always offer free rotation with every other oil change when you buy a set of 4 tires, this is our policy, not a special. If you have priced out tires from a "tire shop" give us a chance to beat their prices, We can beat them most of the time if you give us a chance.


Happy Friday everyone!! Does anyone know what today is??? Okay i'll tell you it's my (Jody) 13 year anniversary of starting at J&D!
Have a great weekend!!


We lost a long time customer this week, our thoughts and prayers are with his family!


I hope everyone had a great 3 day weekend, sorry if you didn't have yesterday off....please keep in mind our September specials!! Have a great week!


For the September special we will have a few great deals.
First, we will have an oil change special for $16.95, that's $10 off our regular oil change. Secondly, in preparation of winter, we are going to discount cooling system flush $15 off of the normal $92.95.
As if that weren't enough, we will also offer a free tire rotation with an oil change at regular price, sorry can't use this with our other offer..
Please keep in mind these offers are only give to the customers on our email program and customers that like us on Facebook. Please remember to mention that when making your appointment.

Thanks Jody


Well I'm getting back into the swing of things, I cant begin to thank everyone enough for all of the thoughts and prayers for me during my surgery. The concern that was shown toward me was absolutely overwhelming; the cards, the visits, calls to the shop, emails, it is surreal to know that many people care about me....so thank you all from the bottom of my repaired heart!!!



Guess who is back to work today???? It's been 6 long weeks but he is back and doing pretty good! Welcome back Todd!!!


So we got a visitor today TODD!!! So happy to see him! He didn't stay long still weak but looks pretty good. Dr. said he should be able to come back to work on Aug 18th!!!


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