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Amboy Transmission Inc. Staten Island, NY Transmission Shop Amboy Transmission Specialists, Inc. Since 1984, Amboy Transmission Specialists, Inc.

has offered expert transmission repair and service to all of Staten Island, NY. Operated by a lifelong Staten Island resident, Amboy Transmission Specialists offers free estimates, free computer diagnostics, free towing and a free road test for your vehicle. We service all makes and models, foreign and domestic. We are licensed, bonded and insured for your protection and are registered with the Ne

has offered expert transmission repair and service to all of Staten Island, NY. Operated by a lifelong Staten Island resident, Amboy Transmission Specialists offers free estimates, free computer diagnostics, free towing and a free road test for your vehicle. We service all makes and models, foreign and domestic. We are licensed, bonded and insured for your protection and are registered with the Ne

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Did you know that the automatic transmission was invented in 1940 by a team of brothers from Boston? The Sturtevant brothers’ first transmission originally had two forward speeds governed by flyweights that were driven by the engine.


If you are having difficulty assessing the state of your transmission fluid on the dipstick, one option is to drip it onto a white paper towel. As the fluid deteriorates, it becomes more brownish. It’s typically a good idea to have it changed before it becomes too dark.


Heat kills transmissions. The hotter your car is running, the more likely it is to damage parts of the transmission. The ideal temperature for your transmission is between 175 and 225 degrees Fahrenheit.


One thing that makes Honda's Hondamatic so unique is the fact that it is not similar to other automatic transmissions or manual transmissions.


As part of caring for your vehicle, it’s important to always make sure that you have an adequate amount of transmission fluid. Low fluid levels will not only cause your car to shift roughly, but eventually can cause expensive transmission damage and costly repairs.


Is the shifting from one gear to the next taking longer or seeming harder in your car? If so, it might be time to see our transmission experts.


The 1948 Oldsmobile was the first car model to use a true automatic transmission. This was called the "Hydro-Matic" and was developed by Earl Thompson of General Motors.


If you suddenly do not have any forward or reverse gears or find that your gears are slipping, it could mean one of several things. This is most often caused by low transmission fluid levels, a defective vacuum or linkage controls, an internal clutch problem, or band failure.


Did you know that the first auto transmission technologies were first developed in the early 1900s? Germany soon applied the latest in gear and transmission technology for use in military and marine applications.


If your engine revs while you are driving at slow speeds, this can be a sign of a faulty transmission. It’s strongly advised to have the transmission checked by a professional to avoid any potential damage.


City drivers are probably best suited to an automatic transmission. Having to shift in low gears to get around town is a burden. Manual transmissions also wear faster when constant shifting is required.


The most common failure of transmissions comes from heat buildup. This can happen when your transmission’s fluid is breaking down and hasn’t been changed as recommended, or you could be driving your car frequently in heavy stop-and-go traffic.


It’s important to remember that not all transmission repairs are costly. If you notice an issue with the transmission early on, you may be surprised at how affordable repairs are.


We recognize that no one likes to be stuck in car limbo. When you work with us, we’ll be sure to keep in contact with you about any changes regarding how long your transmission repairs will take.


Most mechanics will agree that manual transmissions are less costly to fix and are less likely to need repairing than automatic transmissions are. Cars with manual transmissions are often less expensive at the dealer as well.


Have you been hesitant to bring your car in for repairs because you’re worried about how much it will cost to fix? Remember, transmission issues usually get worse the longer you wait.


Transmission fluid acts as a lubricant between gears and clutches inside the transmission, preventing excessive heat buildup. This is why making sure that your fluid is clean and non-contaminated is one of the most important maintenance steps you can take.


During the special features-centric period of automatic transmissions during the 1980s, push-button shifting was introduced. This innovation was the first to use a two-cable mechanism.


Automatic transmissions are very complex components that not only require technical expertise, but also specialized equipment and tools to properly diagnose and repair your vehicle’s transmission problems. That's why bringing your car to our professionals is best.


In 1937, semi-automatic car transmissions began to be installed in major automotive brands. GM dubbed these “automatic safety transmissions" (ASTs), as they used planetary gears and a convectional friction clutch to allow for easy shifting.


If transmission fluid flows out the oil filler tube, this could be an indication that your breather vent is clogged, or that your oil filter or screen is clogged. We can quickly identify the problem to determine the best possible repair solution.


Ever wonder how exactly automatic transmissions work? There is actually a sensing mechanism involved, allowing the transmission to respond on its own to the varying speed of your car at any given time. When you are going a certain speed, your transmission sends a signal to your engine to shift into the proper gear.


Talk to a pro about the benefits of rebuilding a transmission versus buying a new transmission. There are many factors to consider, and it will come down to the cost and extent of the repairs needed.


Ignoring the signs of a problem transmission can cost you more money down the road. This is why you should come by for an inspection. We can tell whether your car needs transmission work.


Remember, your vehicle’s transmission system is critical to the function of your car. If you believe there’s an issue with your transmission, this is a repair best left to the professionals.


An overheated transmission can end up really damaging interior components. For instance, when exposed to the heat, rubber seals become hard and brittle, and delicate metal parts can warp, causing the valves to stick.


Did you know that bringing your car in for repairs at the first sign of trouble is the best way to control repair costs? Letting us fix the problem early will help ensure it doesn’t have time to spread to other systems in your car.


If your car has started to make a grinding sound while you’re driving, this usually means it’s time to bring it in for transmission service. Often, this is a torque converter issue.


So what are the benefits of a manual transmission over an automatic one today? Manual transmissions are mainly installed in smaller, sportier cars to provide more intimate handling and also to save on gas mileage.


If you own a vehicle with an automatic transmission from the 1980s, you may notice some early models of economy performance settings, which allow you to reset everything with the push of a button.


We recognize that not everyone who comes to see us will be a car expert. We’re always happy to discuss the transmission repair process and answer any additional questions you might have.


It’s important to remember that, the longer a transmission issue is allowed to go on, the more expensive it can be to repair. For the best results, bring your car in at the first sign of transmission issues.


Honda's Hondamatic is a unique three-speed transmission in the sense that it does not use planetary gears. Instead, the gears slide on parallel shafts.


While many people assume that issues with their car are simply a result of the changing weather, this isn’t always the case. Transmission issues won’t go away on their own, often growing worse by the day.


By checking the transmission fluids and having service checks regularly, your transmission in your car could outlast just about any other part of the car. Many cars go the junkyard with their original transmissions intact.


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