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Our driving school offers hands-on lessons to students of all ages. To sign up, contact us today to speak with a helpful member of our team. We are always happy to accept new students!

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City and country (or rural) driving have different requirements, with the rules in urban areas changing more rapidly. With the resurgence of bicycling on city streets, it is important for new (and all) drivers to understand the laws regarding biking lanes and how to behave in or near them.


Many crashes involving teenagers also involve excessive speeds. Driving school will cover the risks of speeding, explain the potential consequences of speeding, and will also teach your teen driver about the rules of the road, how to remain safe on the road, and how to become a defensive driver.


The building is only as solid as the foundation on which it rests, and when you or a member of your family takes driving lessons from a trusted driving school, the skills learned will be grounded in the most recent and sound driving practices in use today.


Driving school will teach you driving responsibility, driving concepts, and driving systems, and will also go over basic vehicle parts and how to safely operate a vehicle. Driving school will also teach you basic driving techniques and about traffic control devices.


Recently, the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) released new standards for driving education. These standards serve as effective guidelines for driving schools regarding the scope, methods, and duration of effective driver's training programs.


Distracted driving laws are bringing the dangers of driving while texting, talking, or using other devices to the attention of all drivers. These important issues are covered in driving school, where responsible and defensive driving techniques are taught.


Driving school helps to teach new drivers the rules of the road and also helps all drivers develop the skills needed to remain safe on the road. Driving school also teaches drivers at any level to become more successful defensive drivers.


In 2011, the American Automobile Association (AAA) issued a report regarding unlicensed drivers and the dangers they pose to other vehicle on the roadway. The fascinating but sobering report is quite appropriately titled “Unlicensed to Kill.”


If you are inexperienced, or new to driving, it is important to know what all of the different lines on the road surface mean; not just to make driving easier for you, but because others on the road are expected to be able to identify them and everyone is required to follow the instructions they indicate.


Many driving schools offer special programs for senior drivers. Why? Since 1980, the average age of licensed drivers in the US began to trend upward, and today there are more than 35 million drivers aged 65 or older.


Remember that as an experienced driver you take many things for granted when you head out in your car. For new drivers, this is not the case and the teaching skills of a professional driving instructor will demonstrate and explain the necessity of every process used in driving.


Why attend driving school? Drivers who complete a well-constructed driving school program learn effective defensive driving techniques that are invaluable today, when some studies estimate up to one out of five drivers on the road is unlicensed.


While there are a great many competent drivers on the road, we recommend enrollment in a qualified driving school for young drivers. Doing so is your reassurance that the instructor has been certified in proper technique and is skilled in working with novice or remedial drivers.


When it comes time to have your teenager take driving lessons, send a strong message of the importance of well-honed and practiced skills by taking a refresher course yourself. Not only does this send a strong message of keeping your skills sharp, but it also puts both of you on the same page when you are riding with your teenager.


Why enroll your teen in driving school? In 2011, the American Automobile Association (AAA) reported that nearly half of all drivers who were involved in major accidents and under the age of 34 were unlicensed drivers.


Check your insurance policy – you may find that you are eligible for significant discounts if you or family members on the policy take refresher courses in defensive driving. If this is the case, let us help hone your skills.


Did you know that you can apply for a provisional license up to 3 months before your 17th birthday but it won’t be valid until you turn 17? It’s important to check all the laws and regulations in your state to ensure that you are following the rules correctly.


Car accidents among teenagers is particularly high so as a parent, it is important that you get involved in your child's learning to drive. Most of these accidents are due to inexperience, so the more practice your child gets behind the wheel, the safer they will be.


Traffic tickets lead to fines, points on one’s driver’s license, potential license suspension, and increased insurance rates or insurance cancellation. Attending driving school lessons helps to mitigate these issues and also teaches drivers how to drive more responsibly and avoid future tickets and collisions.


To obtain a provisional license, you must be at least 16 years old, have held your permit for at least 6 months, and prove that you have completed Driver Training. You also must provide a parent/guardian signature on your instruction permit, verifying that you have completed 50 hours of driving practice, 10 hours of which must have been at night.


Did you know that the rules of the road apply in parking lots just as they do on the streets and roads? By adhering strictly to the driving laws in these situations, you protect yourself in the event of an accident or other mishap.


In some cases, attending driving school may lead to dismissal of a driving ticket without having to fight that ticket in traffic court. As a benefit, a better understanding of traffic laws and how to become a more effective, efficient, and responsible driver may also be achieved.


Although it is perfectly legal to listen to music in a car, it is important to listen at a volume that allows you to hear emergency sirens, the warning horn of other drivers, and to remain attentive to what is going on around you.


There are more than 254 million registered passenger vehicles in America. That translates into roughly one car for every two people in the US, and according to some estimates up to 20% of those cars are driven by unlicensed drivers.


Basic driving skills are always covered in driving school courses, which will also examine responsibility, safe operation, and basic vehicle parts. Decision-making, especially in high-pressure driving situations, is covered, as are the driving skills needed for various situations and environments.


Safety is our first priority. According to Michele Fields, general counsel to the Insurance Institute, “The most important thing you can do in any vehicle at any time is wear your seat belt in all seating positions.”


The world record for failing a driving test stands at 771 times! A Korean grandmother identified only by her last name of Cha has failed the written part of the test this number of times, but reports say that she is determined to pass it and keeps on trying!


Many states place a hold on when new drivers can take their driving test if they have been taught at home – in some cases by as much as sixty days. Because of the training and certification that driving instructors must go through, students who attend professional driving classes are ready for the road much earlier than those who do not.


Many driving schools will have cars that are fitted with dual breaks so that the instructor has access to the controls should it become necessary in the case of an emergency. This safety precaution may also help the student driver feel more relaxed.


Attending driving school provides driving students with the latest information on driving laws and regulations, which will help them avoid tickets and other on-the-road mishaps. Driving school also promotes safe driving; teaches defensive driving techniques; and teaches techniques for avoiding dangerous driving behaviors, including road rage behaviors


The driving part of a driving test lasts approximately 40 minutes. Your examiner will be looking for an overall safe standard of driving, including one reverse maneuver, road awareness, and confidence. You may also be asked to carry out an emergency stop.


Unless you have nerves of steel, it may not be a good idea to teach your teenager how to drive. When you sit in the passenger’s seat, the right side of the road is a lot closer than you are used to and it can make for some teeth-clenching moments.


Licensing privileges, vehicle ownership and maintenance, general driving maintenance, as well as various maneuvers are covered in driving school. Driver’s license testing and how to prevent score loss, as well as successful defensive driving techniques are covered during driving school courses as well.


Driving schools have a much shorter history than driving does in the United States. Dr. Amos Neyhart established the first driver's education program for high school students in the mid-1930s in State College, Pennsylvania.


According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), driver education and training should be an integral part of the Graduated Driver Licensing system, considered part of a lifelong learning process, and include a phased education strategy.


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The instructors don’t have the parking maneuvers down pat, which will cause you to fail. They don’t even know how to set up the cones right for accurate simulation of the road test site. Pathetic!😏