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A Bore Meer Car Corp. We offer consulting services to collision repair shops and provide automotive advice to the consumer. AATI Collision Master Technician
I-CAR GOLD Certified


Collision repair shop:

In the last seven days we have written over $20,000 in supplement items for different shops. We guarantee if the insurance company has written $1,500 on an estimate, we'll get you another $1,000 minimum. Are we worth the $50 investment? You bet we are!


Did they fix it right?¿Lo repararon de la manera correcta?

Did they fix it right?
¿Lo repararon de la manera correcta?

To my friends NOT in the collision business. Please look at this!!!! You think your car is fixed properlty, it looks fine from the outside ... BUT it's not. The first photos we just pulled the carpet back in the trunk. No rust protection in rear quarter or rear fender . Then inside the fender where you can't see there is raw, unprotected welds, & exposed metal that over time will rust from the inside out. This car only has 2000 miles on it , it belongs to a dental student who said "I'll keep this car for 10 years. " This could have been a big problem. GET YOUR CAR INSPECTED AFTER A COLLISION REPAIR. If your car was fixed in the last 4 years let me look at it. Visual inspection is free!

A must watch. ABMCC

A must watch. ABMCC

Anderson Cooper, CNN to Air Episode on Collision Industry Issues:

Feb. 9, 2015—The Feb. 10 episode of Anderson Cooper’s AC360 program on CNN will focus on several key issues facing the collision repair industry, including insurer steering, improper repairs performed by shops, and the myriad of insurance-related litigation prevalent in today’s industry.

As of this writing, the episode is scheduled to air at 8 p.m. EST.

FenderBender reported on the issues being highlighted in a January feature story.

Billy Walkowiak of Collision Safety Consultants in Belmont, N.C., along with other members of the auto and collision repair industry will appear in the episode, outlining and inspecting some of the improper repairs that are becoming more common.

“They wanted to assign a fatality that was the result of using second hand, reconditioned, or recycled parts from non-branded companies,” Walkowiak told FenderBender of the original goal for the program. “I said that they were missing the point, and that part of the problem is how shops utilize improper repair procedures. These shops don’t follow OEM guidelines and just don’t have the knowledge to make repairs according to the SOPs outlined by the OEM manufacturers.”

Coverage in the episode will also highlight litigation currently going on in federal court in Orlando, Fla., where collision repair facilities from multiple states are suing insurers for antitrust violations, steering, and price fixing.

The office of the Attorney General in Louisiana is also set to appear in the episode to outline the problems the state is having with claims that have been filed accusing insurance companies of steering.

More than anything, though, Walkowiak said he wants people to walk away from the episode with a better understanding of how many shops are not educated to proper repair practices, and should be of greater concern to consumers and members of the repair industry.

“I’m in business to provide safe and proper repairs,” Walkowiak said. “These improper repairs, they’re not even due to greed. You’ll see improperly installed airbags, and poor attempts to repair convoluted areas. You can’t fix a car today the way you did 20 years ago. It’s a lack of knowledge and training. You can’t re-engineer a vehicle.”

IN ENGLISH:Today we inspected and wrote a supplement on this car. A supplement is written for additional monies needed f...

Today we inspected and wrote a supplement on this car. A supplement is written for additional monies needed for the vehicle repair. The original estimate was $1800. We wrote an additional $4400. No exaggeration. This is your insurance looking out for you?
If you own or manage a collision repair shop, isn't it worth calling us?
Consumer: Call us. YOU'RE GETTING A RAW DEAL!
Collision center: Call us. YOU'RE WORKING FOR FREE!

Hoy le revisamos el estimado a este carro en el taller de un cliente para ver si le hacia falta un suplemento. Suplementos se escriben cuando hay que pedirle mas dinero para la reparacion de el auto a la compañia de seguro. El estimado original fue escrito por $1800. Nosotros le escribimos $4400 sobre eso. Sin exageracion.
¿Esta es la compañia aseguradora ayudando su cliente?
¿Si eres dueño o gerente de taller, no vale la pena llamarnos?
Consumidor: Llamenos. Le estan robando el valor de su auto.
Taller de colision: Llamenos. Estas trabajando de gratis.

Thanks to Billy at CSC for this.ABMCC. Are you getting a fair deal for your vehicle total loss?Call us.

Thanks to Billy at CSC for this.
ABMCC. Are you getting a fair deal for your vehicle total loss?
Call us.


Thanks to my lil bro Walter, got my logo on profile.

A Bore Meer Car Corp.

A Bore Meer Car Corp.

ABMCC. We'll check it for you.

ABMCC. We'll check it for you.

Why is proper collision repair so important? Today's cars are so advanced you need proper training and proper equipment. Just because the shop is Cerified or a "dealer " does not mean they are qualified or that you will get a correct repair . Carmakers use a variety of materials and steel strengths in a car's frame to redistribute crash forces and protect passengers. In this 2015 Volvo XC90 there are five different grades of steel and lightweight aluminum. By using softer metals on the exterior parts and gradually using stronger steel through the crush zone and as part of the passenger cell, the violent energy from the impact can be controlled, keeping the humans inside safe. The XC90's seven massive airbags will also help. Most shops don't do quality control checks. Get your car inspected after its repaied! Make sure your family is safe .



From a Friend Todd Hoffman who trains First responders all across the country on extrication techniques, new vehicle technology, and accident scene safety. :
Hey Billy Csc Walkowiak - I just looked at a crashed vehicle where the passenger was killed because the car was "Clipped" through the windshield and the non-reinforced joint failed causing the lower windshield post to strike the passenger in the head (even though she was properly belted in place). She was removed from Life Support due to the loss of all brain activity. Was this loss of life more important than totaling the car ?????? WHEN IS SOMEONE GOING TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IMPROPER REPAIRS ?!?!

Vehicle loss of value do to auto collision, diminished value .

Check out these links. Valuable information folks. Are you getting a correct repair? These videos describe some improper work performed in the Carolinas. This is happening here, in South Florida, every day. Ask the right questions. Are they blueprinting for repairs? What parts are they using? Get help from the professionals. Call ABMCC. WE WILL GET IT RIGHT!

Diminished Value

Nice 370! This car's sweet and fast. I'll get you a great deal on it. 6 speed, all power with Nismo wing and accessories...

Nice 370! This car's sweet and fast. I'll get you a great deal on it. 6 speed, all power with Nismo wing and accessories. Florida rebuild title, but had light damage. Certified with a limited warranty. I'll show you the pictures of damage from the auction site. Nice Christmas present!

Your Vehicle, Your Choice

Wrecked your car? Check this out.

So we have received several emails from vehicle owners recently asking about labor rate charges and if there shops charges seemed to be fair and reasonable... Here is our answer to that question.

First, usually when we are asked about "labor rate" charges, we generally reply, "Why are you asking?"....Usually this question has been prompted by an insurance company using a "labor rate" to determine if a shop is high or low and usually the biggest propaganda tool insurance companies use to steer you to their contract, DRP, or preferred shops! This is a very inaccurate way to determine if a shop is high or low!

Lets be real here...no two shops are the same! They do NOT offer the same services, the same facilities, the same management training and cost, the same technician training and cost, the same warranties, nor the same expectations of the completed job! Furthermore, labor charges are just one aspect of most repairs. Most repairs will require at least one or several more components such as paint & repair material cost, parts cost and sublet cost. For example, a high end collision repair shop with loads of accolades and training bids a complete repair for $5000 and includes labor billed at $65, but its competitor bids the same job at $6000 and includes labor billed at $52...Which repair shop is lowest?

The point is to not allow an insurance company to steer you away from the shop of your choice because of a "labor rate" difference as it may have NO bearing on the price of the repair!

Autotech Collision Service

What your insurance doesn't tell you.

I have a State Farm appraiser in my shop and I explained to him that, Toyota requires a seat weight calibration for any Toyota vehicle involved in an accident. His answer to me was that his boss told him that since other shops in my area are not doing this procedure therefore is is not necessary and he is not allowed to reimburse my customer for this necessary safety related procedure. That's your good neighbor hard at work!!
Consumers need to be educated and they need to choose a shop that looks out for their best interest, not what's best to save $$$ for the insurance company!!

How a Post Collision Repair Inspection Could Save a Life (See Video Description*)

This is a company in North Carolina that provides the same service we do. We are not affiliated with them, but we do recommend the after repair inspection on your vehicle. Remember, it's you and your family in that vehicle. Is it repaired correctly? We'll tell you.

*THE VEHICLE DEPICTED IN THIS VIDEO WAS NOT REPAIRED AT A HONDA DEALERSHIP. http://www.collisionsafetyconsultants.com/ If you've been in an accident and want...

I-CAR Steering and Suspension Damage Analysis (DAM06)

We can provide this service for you. Finding a certified shop. Getting you the correct funds (insurance collision consulting). Including transportation, repair management, with daily videos of your repair, legal help, and blueprinted QC after repair.

Happy Holidays!

Proper alignment serves as the foundation for many important vehicle systems. If collision-related damage is not identified up-front, systems such as steerin...


Hello everyone! Hope your Thanksgiving was a happy and healthy one. The holiday season has arrived. We hope to be a beacon for your automotive questions in this happy but stressful time of year.
We had a question this week on how much we thought you should receive on your vehicle trade-in. We have the best available resources and market knowledge to correctly summize the amount. We were able to give our client the ability to go in to a bargaining situation with the adequate knowledge of what they should receive upon trading in their vehicle. Just one of the many ways ABMCC can help turn the tide in your favor.


We wanted to start letting all of you know how we could be of service with all of your collision needs.
An automobile collision can be a traumatizing event. It means damage to your property, dealing with repair shops, insurance companies, and god forbid personal injury. We can help with making your collision situation a better one. From helping you find a certified collision repair center, making sure your property (vehicle) is repaired to factory standards, replacement transportation, and deminished vehicle value.
We will be posting videos and pictures, along with tips on every day care for your automobile.
We also offer consulting for your auto collision repair shops, have access to thousands of auction vehicles.
We hope to hear from you and make a difference in your collision experience.

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We're back. If you don't know about my medical issues, that's why we haven't posted, in a long time. I'm working on changing the company name. The new name will be ABMCC Auto Collision Consultants. Hopefully, this declaration, will make the Facebook gods happy. Step number one if you have a car accident, don't trust anyone. Especially, an insurance company. Your insurance company is looking to save money, at your expense. Ask me, and I will show you. In black, and white. With documented proof. Thanks for reading. Drive safe, and enjoy your Sunday.