Acdobled ACDOBLED produces LED lights with NO Ballast. LED Street lights, Parking lot lights, High bays, canopy lights and more. Huge Energy & Maintenance Savings.

Commercial LED Lights with No Ballast. Like LED street lights, LED Parking lot lights, LED high bay lights, LED canopy lights, LED Tunnel lights and more...

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How to Choose the Best Commercial LED Lights ?
The answer is simple.
Our No Ballast LED Lights!
Because of the Savings. We are the only Commercial LED lights that save you both on Energy and Maintenance.
Every LED light can save you on energy. It doesn’t matter which one you use the cheap type or high price brand name types. For example converting from a 250 watt HPS fixture to a 100 watt LED fixture. You’ll be saving 150 watt of energy. (250-100=150)
So we agree all LED lights will save you on energy.
I want you think for a moment. What does the conventional lights and your typical LED lights have in common? You guest it. The Ballast or SMPS or driver. Why I’m mentioning this is because it has the same maintenance issues. Every one to two years they break and has to be changed out. So you remain with the same maintenance cost.
The average Ballast replacement cost $450. (Labor cost 2 guys @$75 ea. = $150 plus a lift charge because of the height $300.)
Think of a small business with 100 lights every two years replacing the Ballast cost $45,000. Using our LED lights with No Ballast means you don’t have that maintenance cost for at least 13 years. That means you would have a savings of 13/2 x $45K = $292,500
What can a small business do with an extra $292,500 in there pocket.
Our no Ballast LED lights is now an asset instead of a liability.
This is only the savings part of our no Ballast LED Lights. We haven’t even touch our cutting edge technology yet. I’ll fill you in on that in my next post.
Feel free to contact me for more detail.


No Ballast LED Lights Means Little To No Maintenance Cost.
The major difference between a LED light with a ballast and one without a ballast is maintenance. This results in huge savings. Let me explain.
Every LED light in the market will save you money on energy over conventional lights and that's understandable. Simply because you are using a lower wattage LED to produce the same amount of light as a higher wattage conventional light. Example replacing a 100 watt filament bulb with a 20 watt LED light. The difference of course is 100 - 20 = 80 watts of savings. On average LED lights can save consumers between 50 to 80% on energy depending on the quality you get.
The biggest cost with current commercial lights like street lights, parking lot lights and high bay lights is maintenance. Why is this? It's because they all carry a ballast or SMPS which keeps breaking. The ballast cost is the least expensive part of the replacement job. The labor and lift which is required because of the height of the light is where you will incur the major cost of light repair job.
Here is a break down of an average ballast replacement.
Ballast $100 + Lift $350 + Labor (2 workmen @ $75) $150 = Total $600
Now the common factor between convention metal-halide, high pressure sodium and your typical LED light is the Ballast. Hence your maintenance cost remains the same. As I mentioned before you will save on energy but you will still be stuck with a high maintenance cost.
This is should be your ah-ha moment. The No Ballast LED has little or no maintenance for an average of 13 years. Think for a moment the savings on both energy and maintenance. What can you do with the extra savings! The No Ballast LED light is the only LED in the market that will give you a ROI on your investment.
For more information or to visit our warehouse please give me a call to set up an appointment. Or I can visit your facility to do an evaluation of what the right lights you'll need. Whether it's to give you equal to your existing lights or increase the brightness of your facility. I am just a phone call away 954-272-8560


Everyone is considering converting to LED lights. The revolution of the lighting industry is happening now.
Get the LED light that's revolutionizing the lighting industry. It's the No Ballast LED lights.
Get 10 times the savings with the No Ballast LED Lights than you will with the regular LED lights with Ballast.
How you may ask? It's simple. Every LED light will save you on energy but only our No Ballast LED light will also save you on maintenance. That there my friend is the game changer.
To get more info on our patented technology go to and give us a call to the full features and benefits of this cutting edge technology. Call 954-272-8560 to order. Street lights, parking lot lights and high bays for warehouse, factories and other commercial or industrial use.


Acdob produce the most advance efficient commercial LED Lights. Because ACDOB led light fixtures have no ballast you also save energy on your air conditioner. The Ballast in the high powered Lights produces a lot heat which increases your energy consumption.

If you are considering industrial LED lights give a call we can save you on energy consumption as well as maintenance. Just imagine have little to no maintenance for the next ten (10) to thirteen (13) year. What kind of savings would you have?

Using ACDOB LED Lights is like creating an extra income because of all the savings you'll experience. Call us to learn more about this break through technology. This one call can save you millions of dollars depending on the size of your business. The worlds best LED street lights. There are No Ballast in our street lights, LED parking lot light...
01/27/2017 The worlds best LED street lights. There are No Ballast in our street lights, LED parking lot lights, LED tunnel lights, LED high bay lights and more.

ACDOB LED produces the most superior LED light fixtures using the most advance cutting edge technology. We are bringing the future of LED technologies to the forefront.

For starters our commercial LED light fixtures have no Ballast.

For over fifty years commercial light fixtures like high pressure sodium, mercury v***r and metal halide all carried Ballasts. Which causes the fixtures to be larger, heavier and more difficult to install.

The solution to this is the LED light fixtures.
These are lighter more affordable and more efficient. The problem is that they still carried a Ballast system until now with AC DOB LED.

The Ballast is the week link in both conventional and LED lights. They burn out and have to be replaced every year or two. It's just the nature of things. As a matter of fact the biggest complaint about commercial LED light fixtures in the USA are about Ballast replacement.

You see the problem you had with your old HPS, metal halide and mercury v***r are the same as your typical commercial LED light fixtures. Again until ACDOB LED came in and revolutionized the LED lighting technology.

Before our cutting edge technology you would only able to save on you electrical consumption but your maintenance remained the same. However with this scientific breakthrough you can now save both on your Energy Consumption and your Maintenance. This results in a ROI 50% faster than any other LED fixture in the market.

Don’t get stuck with old technology. Get the best and most technology advance commercial LED lights worldwide. AC DOB LED lights will give you the most savings.

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