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It’s important to remember that your car’s air conditioning system can have a lot of moving parts going to keep it functioning. Whether you believe there’s an issue with the air filter or something more serious, we’re always happy to help you diagnose and correct the trouble.


When your truck is carrying precious cargo like your family, it pays to give it the attention and protection it deserves. Accessories like mud guards, truck liners, and bug deflectors keep your truck protected whether you're hauling wood or squiring your kids around town.


In most cases, problems with transmissions are usually the result of dirty or low levels of transmission fluid. However, if the fluid level has dropped, the reason needs to be identified so that repairs can be made if needed.


We offer quality suspension and premium shocks for all makes and models. No car will be turned away and our professionals have the experience to get your car fixed and back on its wheels in no time! Contact us today for more information.


If you feel you are swimming with the dolphins every time you drive, bouncing up and down after going over the smallest bump, the problem may be with the car’s shock absorbers, especially if they have more than 70,000 miles on them.


If you changed your transmission fluid yourself, and now your car shifts even more poorly than it did prior to the change, contaminants may be in the fluid. Bring it in to us for a diagnostic look.


Transmission problems will behave differently depending on whether you're driving a manual or automatic transmission. Fortunately, transmission specialists are experts at both manual and automatic transmissions, so they can help figure out what's wrong no matter what kind you use.


Synthetic auto oils offer many benefits over regular oil. They can stand the extremes of engine temperatures, boost effective horsepower, contain fewer contaminants that contribute to sludge buildup, and flow faster than regular oil.


Expand the cargo capacity of your pickup with bed racks. Regardless of whether the bed is covered or opened, we can outfit the truck with a rack system that not only handles all storage needs, but also complements the look of your ride.


Many of the hoses and fittings used in your car's A/C system are made of durable rubber. However, the heat and cold can cause the rubber to crack and fail, leading to a problematic leak. An A/C expert can go over all your hoses and fix or replace any bad ones.


Shocks are an important part of your suspension system and critical to the smoothness and safety of the overall ride. They both absorb any larger-than-average bumps and keep all your wheels planted on the road.


Roll-up covers can provide more security than standard soft tonneau covers, if used in conjunction with a locking tailgate. The vinyl cover is attached to a rear rail, which locks into the framework of the truck bed.


No part of your truck receives as much use as your steering wheel. Over time, steering wheels begin to breakdown due to use and heating from exposure. Check out our line of replacement steering wheel covers to find the style that fits your truck best.


Being able to cover your pickup’s bed can be convenient, but sometimes you don’t need to open the lift the entire cover to get what you need. Luckily, Tonneau covers are available with opening doors on either side.


While caps are securely attached to your truck, they can be removed if the need arises. A tonneau cover can be removed by two people, while other caps will require four people to remove (and return) a cap. Only a few tools are needed.


While the Automatic Safety Transmission (AST), an invention by General Motors, was certainly revolutionary for its time, it never really inspired the driving public and did not result in large sales numbers.


While the road you're driving on may look smooth, the truth is that there are tons of bumps and rough areas, and going over these at high speed could send your car wheels flying off the road. Suspension counteracts these bumps to keep your wheels on the road.


Most of your car's A/C is in the engine compartment, except for one part: The evaporator. This is usually located above the footwell on the passenger side, and is where the refrigerant evaporates, taking the heat from the air around it as it does.


One of the fluids that should be checked on a regular basis in your vehicle is the brake fluid. Your car should not consume brake fluid. Low brake fluid may indicate either a leak in the brake line or worn brake surfaces.


The onboard computer in your car coordinates almost all aspects of its various systems and functions. If the transmission slips, the computer compensates by increasing the line pressure to prevent further damage.


A lot of modern engines use thinner viscosities than earlier engines for a variety of reasons, one of which you'll really appreciate on a cold morning. A thinner motor oil makes it much easier for an engine to start when cold.


Automatic transmissions typically have between 800 and 1,000 seperate parts that make up an entire unit. This is counting the clutch plates, "o" rings, and nuts and bolts.


While most people don’t give their car’s air conditioning system much thought during the cooler months of the year, it’s smart to bring it in for service well before you need it. Whether it’s been acting up or you want to ensure you can stay cool when it matters most, we’re always here for you.


Although we can certainly understand not wanting to be without your vehicle for weeks on end during repairs, you may be driving around without working air conditioning for no reason. Let’s talk about how quickly we can get it fixed so you can get back on the road.


We recommend that you do not put aftermarket springs on your car if you are leaving stock shocks in place. The two are not compatible. We will be happy to suggest spring-shock combinations that will improve the way your car handles.


Steel truck racks are very strong, and are available in models ranging from single ladder units to those engineered for heavy duty hauling. Steel racks are generally powder-coated to extend their service life.


Most car engines are four-stroke engines. This means a piston goes down, up, down, up to complete a cycle. When your engine's running, each piston does this thousands of times every minute, generating a lot of heat and friction. No wonder a car needs oil and coolant.


One of the first tasks performed with an engine rebuild is that the lower half of the engine is removed and sent to a machine shop, where it is taken apart, cleaned, and the problem assessed. If necessary, this is where the piston rings (and pistons themselves if necessary) as well as the bearings are replaced.


When your car’s air conditioning isn’t working during the hottest month of the year, you may find that your love of driving takes a significant hit. Let’s talk about how we can help you restore your love of driving by getting your AC working when you need it most.


Current research suggests that adding a cover to the rear cargo area of your pickup will save up to a mile a gallon on fuel costs. With the right cover, your truck will look better longer, too.


If you are preparing your vehicle for a trip, and you will be towing a trailer, you may want to upgrade to an oil with a greater viscosity when you change your oil, especially if you will be towing in warmer climes.


Automatic transmission fluid (or ATF) is red to make sure it stands out from other engine fluids. It smells sweet, but transmission problems will turn the fluid dark red and give it a burnt smell.


The first American car company was Duryea Motor Wagon Company, founded in 1893. If you've never heard of them, it's because they were quickly overshadowed by Olds Motor Vehicle Company, which eventually became Oldsmobile.


Conventional auto suspension systems are actually complex systems that are made up of many different components. Beyond the springs and shock absorbers, there are also a variety of control arms, shafts, rods, bushings, joints, and knuckles involved.


One of the benefits of investing in a pickup truck cover is that it greatly expands your storage space. With a protective lid, you can store everything from tools to groceries in the back of your truck, leaving more room for your passengers.


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I just want to thank you guys again for going out of your way and getting my car back on the road you guys are amazing thank you again i appreciated the quick service!!!!