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On Site Mobile Mechanic Honest, reliable, and affordable. No need to leave your house :) Flat rates for all jobs done! Some exclusions apply...ex., extremely rusty bolts that take 5x longer to come out.

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If you haven't cut your A/C on in a while you might want to :)

Also, turn on the "outside" air on your car.. find the vents on your front windshield.. roll down all windows.. spray lysol (scented or unscented) for about 15 to 20 seconds each vent. This will help eliminate any bacteria in the venting system :)

Leave windows down for a bit. Run A/C, heat, and non A/C mode.


If you need any work done on your car(s) what better time than now, while you're home? Stay inside while I work. No interaction needed.

Extremely well priced, and impeccable service.

If you're tired of watching Netflix then watch me work :)


Want HOT heat this winter? Flush your vehicle's cooling system. $125 depending on make and model. Also, believe it or no...

Want HOT heat this winter? Flush your vehicle's cooling system. $125 depending on make and model.

Also, believe it or not it is actually good to run the a/c a few times during winter to run the compressor.




A/C not as cold as it used to be? Unless you have a leak, your condenser may be dirty. Try cleaning it with some dish soap and water.

Locate your condenser. Softly brush off any visible bugs or blockages, but be careful to not damage the "fins" ; they're brittle. Mix some dish soap and water in a spray bottle. 9:1 ratio water to soap. Spray the heck out of the condenser. Wait 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse off with garden hose or spray nozzle, but don't use the "jet" setting.

Take your vehicle for a ride and enjoy the cold air :)

If you need help with your a/c then call me or send me a message.


It's that time of the year to turn your a/c on, change your engine and cabin air filters, and freshen up the HVAC system. If you need help give me a call :)


Just like your body, your car/truck needs fresh fluids and good energy..

Oil, transmission fluid, and coolant all need to be changed regularly. New spark plugs every 50K to 80K depending on your vehicle's needs.

A few hundred dollars every year on proper maintenance means a happy engine and transmission :)


Is your vehicle ready for the cold?

Heat working?
Oil changed to a lower temp oil?

Battery terminals clean?

Call me to get your vehicle ready for all winter has to offer!


Guess what, just as we need oxygen to breathe, so does your engine.

Have you ever cleaned your throttle body? This is what sucks the air in when you press your gas pedal. Every time you turn your car off small deposits of carbon build up on the walls of the throttle body. Pretty soon it's like your engine has the lungs of a 90 year old smoker.. not good.

Keep your engine running at optimum with an air system cleaning.

$125 to change air filter, clean throttle body, maf, and idle control valve.


When's the last time you flushed out your cooling system / changed the coolant (antifreeze) in your vehicle? New coolant will keep your radiator, heat, thermostat, water pump, and most importantly your engine running as it should.

We're quickly approaching fall and winter. Don't wait till it's too late.

$100 including fluids to flush your old coolant with new fluid.


When installing a new air filter it's a good idea to clean your throttle body and idle control valve every year to maintain optimum engine efficiency.

If your engine can't "breathe" properly you'll lose a little power and also mpgs.

A healthy engine is a happy engine :)


Just some standard rates..

Brakes (per axle) $75 , plus parts = $125

Full synthetic oil change - $65

**Tune-Up Special**
Spark plugs, air filter, oil change, clean throttle body and MAF (if equipped) - $240

Standard mileage rate is $0.25/mile $5 per 20 miles

Don't wait in a shop or take off work. Relax in your house. I'll come to you :)


Have you been changing your transmission fluid every 30,000 miles? A "new" transmission is $1,500 - $5,000. Why not pay $100 every 2 or 3 years to keep it shifting like new?

Have 4 wheel drive? Change differential fluids and transfer case fluids to keep your 4x4 functioning properly.

Give me a call. It'll only take an hour at most for transmission fluid, a little longer for 4x4 service.


Did you know your car has a "cabin" air filter? They should be changed every 20 to 30,000 miles. Keep your car smelling fresh; not moldy!


Do you change your brake fluid every 2 years? Did you know that's a requirement to pass inspection in Europe?!

It is extremely important to get rid of all the old brake fluid in the system and replace it with new stuff every two years because brake fluid is hygroscopic. The fluid in the system absorbs moisture from the air through the hoses and all the very small holes not noticeable to the human eye which induces water into the system and ultimately lowers the boiling point for the fluid. This causes the fluid to drop in level, color, and doesn't maintain its functionality like it does when it is new. A new bottle of brake fluid is only about 8 or $10.

What other fluids have you been neglecting?

Out with the old, in with the new :)


Did a brake job for a customer, front and rear brakes. Cleaned calipers, brushed off rust, greased EVERYTHING just like it was new again.

Changed out spark plugs, oil change, cleaned throttle body, idle control valve, and new air filter.

Blew out all the dirt and debris from the engine bay.

All for $200 in labor.

Get phenomenal work for 1/3 to 1/2 the cost. And relax at home while I do the work.


When's the last time you changed your major fluids? Brake fluid, coolant, power steering, TRANSMISSION?

Old fluid breaks down and loses its lubrication ability. That's why pumps fail, transmissions slip, and your heat & a/c don't work like they did when your car was new.

Why not spend $100-$200 and keep those systems running like new?

Ex. 10 quarts of transmission fluid @ $7/qt = $70 VS used/new transmission.. $1,500/$3,000.

No brainer :)

Message me. Let's do a drain & fill.




Need an oil change, brakes, tune-up, etc?

Why drive somewhere and wait around only to be overcharged on basic services?

Why not have the convenience of a mechanic who will come to you, do the work, and save some $$$?

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Winter is HERE! Flush your cooling system and make sure your vehicle's heat is HOT, not warm :) $125 depending on make and model. 703-282-8395