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Spending my Monday a nice boat! This one is getting wrapped later this week so it came in for a wash, interior cleaning,...

Spending my Monday a nice boat!

This one is getting wrapped later this week so it came in for a wash, interior cleaning, and buff/wax the center sections that won't be wrapped per customer's request.

Here's a few photos.

And yes, I will do yours as well if you're interested!
Feel free to message or text me for an estimate 615-388-1228 🤙


Chasing dreams and enjoying some fantastic November weather! Today's cars are a Maserati Granturismo and a Mercedes S63 AMG.


Production correction/enhancement job.

Happy Friday!


Finishing up a project from this weekend. Painted the door and enjoyed something new for a change.
Gotta hand it to those dent guys, it's not as easy as it looks!


I've let this page become stagnant for a couple of years. How's about it starts getting used again?
I'll start with a because why not.


Sos pad VS. car.
The customer was able to save over $800 by choosing NPS over the shop next door!!
Before & after


One pass with the 3D polish using the RUPES USA, Inc. Polisher. I've still yet to use my paint sealants, but I should be able to get a video up in a few days to display a proper before and after of my hydrophobic lineup.

If you'd like to schedule an appointment for a FREE estimate on your paint needs, please message, call, or text today. Thanks for viewing!


Isolated paint correction & touch up. Some scratches were down to the metal. Looks great now!


With a new year came a new tool & new products to try. Here's an example of the Rupes in action with a just speed polish. This was a product testing vehicle, a far cry from a true paint correction. Stay tuned for the next one!


A little paint correction on a metallic black Mazda Cx-9. Couple before and after photos.


Stay tuned. Coatings will be available by appointment for automobiles & motorcycles soon.


A little paint correction on this 15 model King Ranch.


Fender flare on a new 4Runner & bumper on a new Highlander.


Sorry for the drastic change in lighting, this one didn't get finished until the evening. Once I started I realised I had to fix a previous repair (unknown shop) and rebuild a couple body lines in addition to the obvious damage.. Came out superb!


Headlamp restoration


Before & after photos. 2013 Toyota Camry. Was requested to save it from going to a body shop if possible. After many hours of tlc they ended up saving $1000 or more. Car looks stupendous, customer is ecstatic, and another one in the books for Nash Paint Service!


2009 Audi R8 from Good Friday.


SS Silverado bumper & fender.


Brand new 2016 F350 bed flare


Unorthodox stand, but premium quality prep & paints for this pearl white 2014 Toyota Prius. Certified car & should sell by the end of the night!


Silver Toyota Camry & blue BMW 330ci. No parts replaced on the Camry.


Happy labor day!! Just finished up this beautiful Mercedes for a long time customer. He calls me every time he gets a new German automobile haha. Glad to take care of him as always.

Edit: Also removed the stick on spoiler from the trunk and quarter panels.


Random side projects from last year. Can't wait to have a shop so I can get back into it!


Have a wonderful & safe Independence Day.


Front & back of my new business cards! They look even better in person than these renderings! Huge thanks to my buddy Mitch & his roommate!!


Nash Paint Service's cover photo


Bmw Z4 & Mazda 3 before & after. Bmw had poor previous paint repair that was failing, the Mazda shook hands with a light pole in the parking lot. Went ahead and plastic welded the bmw front plate bracket holes per the customer's request.


Before & after deep scratches. 2015 Mazda 6. You would never guess this car suffered the abuse & neglect once it was finished. Another happy car!


Chrysler Crossfire headlamp restoration utilizing automotive clear coats. Looks better in the day, shines better driving at night.


I currently have Wednesdays open & plan to stay in Lafayette on that day each week until my schedule changes again. If you have a need for my services on your vehicle(s) feel free to contact me! Thanks & have a great day!


Nash Paint Service's cover photo


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