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From Claims Journal….

Today’s windshields are poised to start thinking for themselves – but at what cost?

When windshields were introduced in the early 1900s, they were not sophisticated devices. In fact, they were optional. Motorists got to choose whether their new car would come with or without a windshield. The nicest ones had hinges so that if the glass got dirty, the driver could simply fold it down.

As driving speeds increased, windshields transitioned from optional to necessary, and 100 years of innovation ensued. Motorists eventually stopped using hinged glass after Mary Anderson invented wiper blades, and when Édouard Bénédictus discovered laminated glass in a lab accident, the stage was set for safety glass in windshields. Today, windshields are poised to start thinking for themselves.

Advanced driver assistance systems: making windshields smarter

Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) may be found in any part of a vehicle, but the windshield offers the best vantage point for many functions. Calibrated glass can initiate emergency braking, parking assistance, pedestrian detection, adaptive cruise control and more.

Basic sensors already alert drivers of a passing vehicle entering a blind spot. Other ADAS applications include functions such as lane-departure warning alerts, auto correction to keep wheels inside lane markers, and collision avoidance.

Clearly there are safety benefits in these innovations. There are also new questions, especially where calibration is concerned:

· Smart windshield calibration requires special training and specialized equipment. How will this affect the timing and availability of repair?

· When a driver files a claim, how will smart windshields affect the cost an insurer pays for glass replacement?

· If sensors and cameras are improperly calibrated, they may not work. What unforeseen risks and liabilities may follow?

These questions carry some urgency as calibrated windshields will soon become a standard vehicle feature. By 2020, these types of sensors and mini cameras will become standard safety features no longer exclusive to luxury brands.

Last fall, 10 automakers agreed to install automatic braking systems to help prevent collisions, said New York Times contributor Bill Vlasic. They didn’t agree to a timeframe, so regulators may still push to make ADAS required by law, “just as airbags were mandated a generation ago,” said Vlasic.

Before the regulatory landscape changes, it’s wise for insurers to ask the critical questions.

How will calibration affect windshield repair costs?

An auto glass or collision repair shop that’s contracted to replace calibrated glass may need to hire out to perform the re-calibration or even the entire glass repair. There’s an inevitable delay built into that equation.

If the shop opts to acquire the scanners and training to perform the repair in-house, it faces a significant investment. According to Bill George, a director at NSG Pilkington, there is no scanner that re-calibrates all vehicle models and makes – in fact many require their own unique scanners. These scanners are expensive (several thousand dollars each), so it’s easy to see how many shops simply could not afford to service calibrated glass for a wide range of vehicle makes and models.

How will it impact customer experience?

A shop that outsources re-calibration would need to educate its team on the policies surrounding those services for multiple manufacturers, and schedule the re-calibration carefully to expedite the repair. Even so, customers could face longer wait times.

If shops fail to carefully check each vehicle manufacturer’s procedures before writing estimates, and unexpected requirements arise later, it could have a big impact on work efficiency, repair times and customer satisfaction.

How will it affect premiums and other costs for insurers?

These investments will impact the cost of repair. The question is, who will bear the brunt of that cost? Will it be the policyholder, manufacturer, repair shop or insurer? It’s possible that in some cases, windshield replacement could be more cost effective than re-calibration.

Could ADAS vendors be liable for malfunction?

Yes, potentially. If the system malfunctions, it could interfere with a vehicle’s normal operation and drivability. Alternatively, if a driver has become reliant on sensor-facilitated features, and those features fail to work as expected and an accident ensues, who is at fault? While the answers to liability questions are still unknown, the legal implications will emerge and evolve over time.


1 new DW01254 windshield, fits; 1996-2009 FORD L-SERIES H.D. TRUCK, $300 installed.


1 new DW01530 windshield, fits; 2004-2009 CADILLAC SRX, $279 installed.


1 new FW02980 windshield, fits; 2010-2012 TOYOTA AVALON 4D w R/S, $300 installed.


1 used oe FW02593 windshield, fits; 2006-2009 RANGE ROVER SPORT HTD RS, $450 installed.


1 new FW02766 windshield, fits; 2008- LAND ROVER LR2 HTD RS, $600 installed.


1 new FW02512 windshield, fits; 2005-2009 LAND ROVER LR3 SOL RS, $450 installed.


1 used oe FW02307 windshield, fits; 2003-2004 RANGE ROVER HTD RS, $550 installed.


1 used oe FW02514 windshield, fits; 2005-2009 LAND ROVER LR3 HTD RS, $500 installed.


1 new FW02083 windshield, fits; 1996-2002 JAGUAR XJ6 XJ12 4D SDN, $300 installed


1 new FW02664 windshield, fits; 2005-2008 JAG X 4D SDN/WGN, $325 installed.


1 used oe FW02146 windshield, fits; 2000-2002 JAG S TYPE 4D SD RS/HTD WPR PK, $500 installed.


1 used oe FW03175 windshield, fits; 2010- JAGUAR XF 4D HTD RS ENC ACOUST SOL, $599 installed.


1 used FW02465 windshield, fits; 2004-2005 JAGUAR XJ8 XJR XJ8L 4D SED RAIN SNS, $350 installed.


1 used DW01589 windshield, fits; 2005-2008 CORVETTE 2DR CONV/CPE SOLAR HUD/ANT, $600 installed.


1 new DW01326 windshield, fits; 1999-2002 COUGAR 2D CPE, $250 installed.


1 new FW00594 windshield, fits; 1988-1995 ISUZU RODEO 4D, $209 installed


2 new FW02029 windshield, fits; 1997-2004 PORSCHE BOXSTER 2D CONV, $369 installed.


1 used oeFW02960 windshield, fits; 2008-2010 INFINITI M35 M45 4D w/RS, $300 installed.


1 used oe FW03137 windshield 2009- INFINTI G37/Q60 2D CONV w/rain sensor, $300 installed.


1 used FW02364 windshield, fits; 2003-2004 TOYOTA TUNDRA 2D STD/EXT CAB $209 installed.


1 new FW02439 windshield, fits; 2004-2005 SOLARA/2D COUPE $259 installed.


1 New FW726 windshield, fits; 1993-1997 LEXUS GS300 4D, $269 installed.


1 new FW02412 windshield, fit; 2004-2009 LEXUS RX300 $289 installed.


1 new FW02275 windshield 2002-2003 MITSUBISHI LANCER 4D SEDAN $220 installed all inclusive.


2 new FW02370 windshield, fits; 2003-2003 MITSUBISHI OUTLANDER 4D UTL W/CMPAS $250 installed all inclusive.


1 new FW02150 windshield, fits; 2000-2005 MITSUB ECLIPSE 2D COUPE $220 installed all inclusive.


1 New FW716 windshield, fits:
1992 - 1993 JAGUAR XJ-S 2 DOOR COUPE
$350 installed


! used FW02881 windshield, fits: 2005-2011 MERCEDES SLK 350 2DR CONV with rain sensor, $339 installed.


1 new FW00654 windshield ifts 1990-1995 MERCEDES 300 500SL 2D CPE or CONV $285 installed.


1 new FW02045 windshield, fits 1998-2000 C220/230/280/36AMG/43AMG 4D w/rain sensor $300 installed all inclusive.


1 new FW02079 windshield, fits 1998-2002 MERCEDES BENZ CLK 2D COUPE $325 installed all inclusive.


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