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A speech on one of the most influential techniques you can find and use in daily life. They are talking about T.M. (Transcendental Meditation)Movie Stars & Professional athletes Love talking about this. I promise if you YouTube T.M. you will find a fascinating amount of information on the topic. Two movie stars off the top of my head, who use this every day would be Jim Carey & Russel Brand (Post Drugs) Russel replaced drugs with this. As I had talked to a student the first day I was on campus checking out the school, I had asked "How does this feeling compare to doing drugs?" This young man told me " I tell you what, I used to try all sorts of drugs and since I have learned T.M. nothing compares to the Euphoric State you go into when practicing." Thank you readers for giving this video consdideration by viewing my post. I wish the best for all of Us on this planet, and I hope that by the time we die here we can make this a better place again for the future, instead of the (right now) attitude that most of the population has fallen into.

Some good tips on Doterra oils for Dr. Hills FB page.

Some good tips on Doterra oils for Dr. Hills FB page.

Recently, at convention I shared some basic guidelines for essential oil usage. These guidelines are intended as a starting point for individuals using essential oils for the first time.

Click on the link below to learn more about these guidelines!

Please send any specific inquiries or questions to [email protected]

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