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Give Back Genie Give Back Genie Consulting equips womenpreneurs with simple and practical ways to build their business, increase their income, build their brand and to put an end to trading hours for dollars.

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Dannie's Daily Dose: More sales are made with friendship rather than salesmanship.


Dannie's Daily Dose: The hot button is a bridge thatn can get you from the presentation to the sale!


Dannie's Daily Dose: The hot button is an elevator. It will go all the way to the top floor. It only works if you push the button.


Dannie's Daily Dose:Listen for repeated statements.Something said 2x is at the front of your customers mind, this is considered a Hot button


Dannie's Daily Dose: Hot button questions may include: Asking about issues of pride, personal interest, goal related, or status & situations


Dannie's Daily Dose: Always find your customers HOT buttons by asking questions in order to move forward in the selling process.


Dannie's Daily Dose: Always Tell the TRUTH! Knowone likes to be lied to. Plus, your customers will respect you more.


Dannie's Daily Dose: Always give your clients a choice, but make consultive recommendations that will assist in solving their issue!


Dannie's Daily Dose: Never SELL your clients on products/services because ppl hate to be sold but they love to buy.


Dannie's Daily Dose: Qualify the buyer. Don't waste time with someone who can't make purchasing decisions.


Dannie's Daily Dose:Give your customers the best way to pay. Alternative options such as payment plans are beneficial.


Dannie's Daily Dose: Share similar situations with your customers to reassure them that your service/product has solved issues previously.


Dannie's Daily Dose: Always give your potential customer a good reason why your service/product is perfect for them...benefits#


Dannie's Daily Dose: You have been given a bag of cement and bucket of water. You can build a stepping stone or a stumbling block.


Dannie's Daily Dose:Become solution oriented.Every obstacle presents an oppty. If you're too busy focusing on the problem,the oppty will pass.


Dannie's Daily Dose: Work on your skills DAILY! 1hr a day for 7 days a week=9+ full weeks of learning. How much could your career advance???


Dannie's Daily Dose: Spend more time figuring out solutions than whining about problems.


Dannie's Daily Dose: Know where you are and where you should be. Managing your time is one of the key goals to being successful!


Dannie's Daily Dose: Use testimonials. The strongest salesperson on your team is a reference from a satisfied customers.Testimonials are truth


Dannie's Daily Dose: Persist until you accomplish your goal! It may take longer, appear to be harder than expected, or even seem challenging


Dannie's Daily Dose: It is just as powerful to prevent problems as it is to handle them. Double confirm every commitment!!!


Dannie's Daily Dose: STOP blaming others for your situation. If you are consistently blaming others, it ain't them its YOU!!!


Dannie's Daily Dose: Stop blaming circumstances for your situation! It's YOU! You have a choice.Don't blame the path change the path!!


Dannie's Daily Dose: Focused energy provides the drive you need to achieve your dreams in a competitive market!


Dannie's Daily Dose: Guard your present customers with your life. They will be the lifeline of your business.


Dannie's Daily Dose: Sell the benefits of your service/product vs features. Customers don't care how it works as much as they care how it...


Dannie's Daily Dose: Be on time for appointments. Lateness says, "I don't respect your time."


Dannie's Daily Dose: Be sincere. If you are sincere about helping, it will show.


Dannie's Daily Dose: Believe in yourself..If you don't think you can do it, who will?


Dannie's Daily Dose: Post it Note your way to achievement. Post your goals around your house on mirrors, walls, or even your wallet.


Dannie's Daily Dose: Excuses are tools of the incompetent those who use them build monuments to nowhere and seldom amount to anything!


Dannie's Daily Dose: OWN IT! Take responsibility and ownership of your job, work habits, yourself, and your customers.


Dannie's Daily Dose: Figure out your daily dose & do that no matter what.Constantly achieving each day shows you that any goal is attainable.


Dannie's Daily Dose: What you do off the job will determine your success on the job. Invest your money in books and training.


Dannie's Daily Dose: Learn the joy of rejection. Once you overcome this obstacle then selling will become easy!


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