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Been super busy around here lately haven't been on here have had to many cars and trucks to fix thanks to all our great customers. But its the time of year to think about all the holiday traveling you will be doing this winter. With as bad as they say its going to be now is the time to be sure your car is ready. Does it need an oil change, windshield wipers, brakes, tires, or just a good honest inspection to see what your need. call to set up an appointment and we will give you a lil piece of mind for your winter tracles . Call 6831878 Thank you for your business


Haven't been on the page in a lil while to much going on but I guess that's a good thing. I am working on a new special so your cars don't get forgotten in the back to school craziness. Just stay tuned. Thank you all for your continued business and support.

American racing wheels and almost new 225/60/16 uni 5 lug 550 obo

American racing wheels and almost new 225/60/16 uni 5 lug 550 obo

Before and after 3.5 in lift and leveling kit on front

Before and after 3.5 in lift and leveling kit on front


Value of Preventative Auto Maintenance
Spending more than $400 annually on maintenance and repairs may sound like a lot, but it's nothing compared to the added expense of buying a new car, especially if your current car is paid off. In fact, by some estimates, every five years you drive your car after paying it off saves you the monetary equivalent of a new car.
To understand how, let's compare a new car to a paid-off car with standard maintenance. To make it interesting, let's stack the deck in the new car's favor by saying that you drive 24,000 miles (38,624 kilometers) per year, which is double the national average. In five years, that adds up to 120,000 miles (193,121 kilometers) under your wheels, which translates to 35 to 40 oil changes. At $40 apiece, you're looking at $1,400 to $1,600 -- let's call it $1,500. Figure in another $2,200 for miscellaneous service costs (filters, hoses, tire rotations and so on) and another $1,500 for a few major items like a timing belt replacement, new brakes and shock absorbers. Tally that up and you get $5,200, or around $1,040 per year.
Now let's compare that to a new car. According to the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA), the average price of a new car sold in the United States in 2009 was $28,966, but we'll lowball it and say you found a good deal at $24,000 and financed $20,000 at 7 percent interest for 48 months. That comes out to a monthly payment of just under $479, which tallies to $5,747 per year [source: U.S. Federal Trade Commission].
In other words, for the cost of owning a new car for one year, you could own a paid-off car for five years, drive it into the ground, and still have money left over for tolls.


I got new and used tires 14 15 16 17 inch tires for cars and trucks

285/65/16 nitto Terra grapplers around two hundred miles on them they are wrapped around some 8 lug Chevy wheels extra c...

285/65/16 nitto Terra grapplers around two hundred miles on them they are wrapped around some 8 lug Chevy wheels extra center caps to go with they are new $800 they're at the shop come look


We have no phones here at the shop today only facebook and text so get me on here or at 5736831878 thank you all don't forget we offer tires new some used and flat repairs


Need tires or tire repair we can do that just stop by and we will fix you up


We hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful day!!
We now have our patches and weights in and we are offering tire repairs!!

Also we are booked until Monday with the exception of a few short appointments still open! So if your needing in give us a call
1-573-360-0095 Monday thru Friday 7am -5 pm


Tire machines came in today just waiting on waiting on the weights and patches we'll be in the tire business


We will be closing at 2:30 Everyone be safe and stay warm!!!!


I want to take a min to tell all our customers thank you for all the business you have given us. On that note we're booked until wed at 2 got a one hour spot then 2 hours 3 to 5 so pretty much Thursday and Friday open for now. Again THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH!


Appointments are going Fast! We are now down to 3-5 on Friday and 3-5 Monday .... Open Tuesday thru Friday of next week as it stands but like I said they are going fast. We hate having to turn people away so we will do are best to get you in.


We have only a few appointments left this week. We are booked until Friday morning and only have 7-10 am and 11 - 1 and 2-5 left so be sure to call soon if you are needing in!


Remember if the cold kills your battery I can come install a new one so your not out freezing trying to jump it every morning this week


Hope every ones year has started off good. Now offering new batteries installed.


We will be closing at 12:00 tomorrow! We will re-open as usual on Thursday 12/26/13. We hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday!


I am in the shop today so remember if you lock your keys in or it won't start give me a call 5736831878


You know you live in the bootheel when you look out the shop door and see the salt truck come by for the 5th time in two days as you watch them in your short sleeve shirt


In the spirit of Christmas we are taking donations for toys for tots! So From now until Dec 20th for every toy you donate we will let you draw a 5%,10%,or 15% off any service! The coupon can be used that day or on a future purchase!


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who has given us so much to be thankful for


We are getting booked up for today and tomorrow. So make your appointment today. We will be CLOSED Thursday for thanksgiving.


our random number generator gave us a number and the person who won a free Oil change was Renee Thresher . So call or come by to schedule your appointment!


Thanks to all of your support we have reached the 100 LIKE mark. We will be using a random number generator to determine the winner of the free Premium Oil Change (5qt). So keep watching it will be posted by end of business today!


still trying to crack that 100 mark help us and you could win an oil change


we have had a few people ask how soon they need to make an appointment.... So to let everyone know we are booked today and are booked tomorrow morning and are starting to get appointments for Friday as well. Generally we stay about a day out. We try to work with everyone on getting you scheduled for a time that works, and if you here in town we will come pick up your vehicle from home or work if that makes it easier. So call or come by and will get you in!
573-683-1878 Dearl
573-838-8056 Brittany
573-360-0095 Office
*if you try to call the office and don't get us call our cell*


We just want to say Thanks to all the veterans.
Also we are booked today and all day tomorrow. So if your needing an appointment call us so we can get you scheduled, and don't forget about our winterization special. We could see our first snow flurries tomorrow... so DON'T WAIT!


Is your car ready for the cold months ahead? If your not sure bring it by and I will check it bumper to bumper prices starting at $125. That includes new wipers, air filter, fuel filter, oil change up to 5qt, check antifreeze level adjust if needed, all fluids checked topped off including deicer washer fluid, check brakes, check steering, grease, and check adjust tire pressures. Might have forgot to list something but pretty much anything on there I check and give you a report on the findings.

Isn't she pretty

Isn't she pretty


Help us get to 100 likes and I'll give away a 5qt premium oil change that's only 15 likes so get started

Almost finished up with the gto

Almost finished up with the gto


Happy Halloween Everyone We have had some of the cutest trick or treaters(sp?) in the office today! Be safe tonight !

Someone misplaced their nuts

Someone misplaced their nuts


Things are busy around here. We have been booked almost everyday this week and are starting to get booked up a few days next week as well. So if your needing something done get with us soon so we can get you scheduled in.
We appreciate everyone's business and support!

Before and afters still needs a little touch up

Before and afters still needs a little touch up


If anyone sees Dearl Woodard today be sure to tell him Happy Birthday

Dearl's Garage's cover photo

Dearl's Garage's cover photo

67 gto project

67 gto project

Cupcakes my son and his nana made for my bday

Cupcakes my son and his nana made for my bday

Special work day for a special project

Special work day for a special project


Since we can not get an accurate count of the share and "likes" being that facebook and its privacy settings were not our friend with the contest anyone who is our friend on facebook and mentions this and makes an appointment within the next two weeks will receive 5% off of there service. We are sincerely sorry for any confusion this may have caused, and we will make sure that the next contest we do is more accurate on the winner. Again we are so sorry about this. However this is the only way we know to make things fair since there seems to be know way to determine the winner.
So be sure to mention this and use code 05291 when making an appointment within the next two weeks. We hope this is ok with everyone, and we will be doing another contest soon so be sure to watch for updates.
Dearl's Garage


Good Morning Everyone!
Sorry I haven't been in the shop to update everyone on the contest, our little man has been sick since Saturday Night.
So here is the deal with the contest I am only showing 12 shares and 4 "likes" on the status I know this is incorrect because I Remember seeing some of you like the status and then share the post. Facebook says this is due to some of your privacy settings not sure how to resolve this issue but trust me by the end of today I will try to have a solution that will make everyone happy so sorry for this we greatly appreciate all who participated!...
Also if anyone knows how to fix this shoot me a message or text. otherwise we will be coming up with a different solution!


Just in a lock out kit and jump start box. So if you get to your car and find your keys locked inside or its just dead. You know who to call


Just in a lock out kit and jump start box. So if you get to your car and find your keys locked inside or its just dead. You know who to call


415 E Main St
East Prairie, MO


(573) 360-0095


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