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We are growing our business to specialize in all early 1990 to 2000 Nissan parts. Starting with OEM to the RAREST parts, hard to find and out of production. Also selling full restored chassis and restored vehicles. There are always new things to learn and we pride ourselves on bringing you as much as we can.


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How To Remove Rust Naturally

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Mechanic Memes

I can't believe the vehicle was actually functional. 300,000 miles that's some good oil.

Make sure to change your oil every 300,000 Miles or 300 months.

Beautiful work of art

Beautiful work of art

Awesome 1972 Datsun S30 Fairlady Z

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Very useful product.

Some of the expanding Quik-Latch Mini Latch lineup. Current colors and finishes available are: billet, polished, red, blue, white, black, orange and purple. More colors are on the way!

These latches are currently most popular as a multi purpose automotive fastener for interior and exterior applications. They are also adaptable across a wide range of industries. The push button release and snap shut design along with corrosion resistant materials make this product an easy choice when considering which fastener to utilize.

Interested in learning more or making a purchase? Check out or you can email us [email protected] call 254-247-7962

Innovate Motorsports

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Running E85 fuel? Our new ethanol gauge line has everything you need! Monitor ethanol content and fuel temperature with our affordable MTX-L gauge, or upgrade to the Ethanol Advanced line to add boost, fuel pressure and air/fuel ratio!

I love articles like these because they are so informative
Top 10 tips to make your car nicer to drive

I love articles like these because they are so informative

We love old cars, but sometimes they’re not the best to drive, so here are some top tips to get them up to scratch without breaking the bank Spending money on parts of your car that you can’t see, or that don’t give it more performance can often feel like a chore. But sometimes spending money where…



NISMO has got involved with the #BackToTheFuture hype today. Would you rock this look?

Dash cover and price is not bad.
1988-1993 Nissan 240SX Dash Cap Cover/Overlay

Dash cover and price is not bad.

Fits: 1988-1993 Nissan 240SX Nissan 240SX Dash Cover ABS Vacuum Molded Plastic Dash Cover. Looks and Feels Like Original Dashboard. Cell Grain Texture Part # 10-890 Nissan 240SX Dash cover Dash Cover can be painted to match color of interior Rejuvenate the life of your vehicle by enhancing…


For the UK there were various trim levels but it never used GL/SL etc. that other Nissan models used.

The early models had highback sports style seats with a fixed headrest. The seats, door cards and glove box were fabric in a blue and brown stripe/flecked pattern. It had 13 hole "tear drop" alloy wheels, which gave a lower Cd than later 7 spoke wheels. The carpets were a short loop pile in black. A spoiler was fitted on the back of the hatch, this has an overhang to the rear.

On the introduction of the smooth bumper facelift Nissan also offered the "200SX Executive". This doesn't appear on the car at all but only on the UK vehicle Log Book. The Executive was a locally enhanced specification produced by the UK importer AFG. At launch and as tested by the press it initially had limited slip differential, leather seats (high back seats re-trimmed in UK), leather trimmed steering wheel and gear knob, headlamp washers, air con, sun roof and a multi change CD player in the boot. Some cars that were sold as Executive arrived without sunroof so a local accessory sun roof was fitted during the upgrade. It very quickly lost the CD player and the leather seats for low back seats with adjustable head rests. During the period that the Executive was sold the base model was downgraded to steel wheels. As most cars with steel wheels have had alloy wheels fitted and the grey waffle fabric trim on seats and doors was common, it's no longer easy to tell an Executive from a base model and the log book must be checked. The cabin carpet was now a long "cut" pile in a pale blue.

When the Executive was discontinued all 200SX got the 7 spoke alloys.

Late model UK cars produced from June '93 and mainly sold in 1994 had a much higher trim level, often confused with the Executive. They had low back grey Leather seats, a slot CD player / radio and 3 CD storage drawers in the space below. The CD player also required use of a separate amplifier mounted under the CD player. The door and glove box trim was a suede like pale blue/grey Alcantara. The last European spec 200SX was made in Dec '93. Sales in the UK continued throughout '94.

West Germany[edit]

German cars had a solenoid operated variable pressure windscreen wiper. It increases wiper blade pressure at speeds over 75 mph. This was to prevent the blades lifting off the screen at high speed.

In 1989 a low back seat was introduced, headlamp aiming control was added.
Itasha - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Itasha (痛車?, literally "painful car") is a Japanese term for an otaku fad of individuals decorating the bodies of their cars with fictional characters of anime, manga, or video games (especially bishōjo game or eroge). These characters are predominately "cute" female. The decorations usually involve…

- Rare Impul 913 Steering Wheel made by MOMO - Imported from Japan, real JDM Item, not available in US - Leather  - Blac...

- Rare Impul 913 Steering Wheel made by MOMO
- Imported from Japan, real JDM Item, not available in US
- Leather
- Black Anodized Face
- Includes Authentic Impul MOMO Horn Button
- 360mm Diameter
- Manufactured 11-89
- Very Nice Piece!
- Will Fit any car with correct steering wheel adapter
- Fits On NRG and most Quick releases

Japanese Cars Culture (National Geographic)


Japanese Cars Culture / Megafactories (National Geographic) Japanese Cars Culture Megafactories National Geographic Japanese Cars Culture (National Geographi...



rocketbunny S14 bodykit !!!
(o ̄∀ ̄)ノ April release !
+6666 wheels 17inc 10j -30 10.5j -60

The Tool That Fits Like a Glove®


Mechanix Wear makes high performance work gloves for automotive, racing, construction, industrial, safety, gardening, and home improvement.


Very cool surprise.

When we delivered the first 2015 GT-R NISMO in the United States, we couldn't just hand over the keys. Not without one huge surprise.




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