Erin-Go-Bragh Dairy Goats

Erin-Go-Bragh Dairy Goats Dairy Goats

We have been raising goats since 1982, focusing on Oberhasli Dairy Goats since 1992.


Breeding season started late, but looks like we will have two waves of kidding. We are pretty excited about the breedings we have planned. With the generosity of my close friend we are adding some amazing genetics to the Oberhasli herd. Thank you to Suzanne of Ober-D’Rainbow Caprines. I just can’t wait to see babies starting in April.


We have been busy breeding does this week. Evidently when I was talking on synchronizing does so they would kid in waves...they were listening. I just didn’t expect everyone in one week 🤪🤪🤪


For those goat showing friends in the Spokane area, I found white pants very reasonably priced at the Spokane Discount on North Division, right next to car toys. Brand new pants, I think I paid less than $10/pair. Great time to stock up.


First time using the hoof boss I bought at Convention...goats thought I was 🤪🤪🤪


Note to self: shearing angoras is different than clipping dairy goats 😳😂😳😂 but I did finish them 👍

Kidding season has begun, twin does from Clarity (one didn’t make it 😢) and twin bucks from Dill.

Kidding season has begun, twin does from Clarity (one didn’t make it 😢) and twin bucks from Dill.

So, we don’t just have Dairy goat any more. Meet Harley, Quin and Shazam.

So, we don’t just have Dairy goat any more. Meet Harley, Quin and Shazam.


A new announcement is coming...


Sad day on the farm tonight. Came home after work, went out to milk and found a doe kid with a severely broken leg. Open fracture just below the hock, not fixable unfortunately. She’s no longer in pain, not my favorite part of farming.

Emma and Riffe in showmanship at the NEWDGA show last month. FYI the goat Emma is showing is older than she is 😉

Emma and Riffe in showmanship at the NEWDGA show last month. FYI the goat Emma is showing is older than she is 😉

I forgot to post this earlier. Riffe and Emma with Erin-Go-Bragh Brass Miki at the NEWDGA show last month. She was three...

I forgot to post this earlier. Riffe and Emma with Erin-Go-Bragh Brass Miki at the NEWDGA show last month. She was three times first and GCH once. She’s the first earless goat with my herdname.


After some considerable thought, I have decided to officially announce my intention to run in the District 7 Director election. Let me introduce myself to those who may not know me very well. I have been raising goats continuously under the Erin Go Bragh herdname since 1982. I grew up through the 4-H program until I aged out. I received my first ADGA judges license in 1997, and am currently an Advanced Judge. I have attended and taught classes over the years at the NWODGA Conference. I served on the Fair Board of the Thurston County fair for more than 10 years, and was also the open class dairy goat superintendent.

I’ve been married to my husband Jim since 1995 and we have three children, Riley 14, Riffe 12, and Emma 9 years. I have been a licensed Pharmacist since 1994, and currently work in a compounding Pharmacy. I enjoy crafts including quilting, spinning, bead work and recently painting among other things.

As a ADGA lifetime member and Judge I have attended many conferences, conventions, and shows both local and national, spending time with many ADGA and District 7 members. The needs, views and opinions of members varies greatly. I value these differences and will listen to each member and take each view into consideration. I have a strong desire to support our youth, as they are the future of ADGA. I have been to many board of directors meetings over the years and am familiar with the challenges the association faces and the dedication required. I look forward to helping move ADGA into the future. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Thank you for your consideration,

Amy C. Akramoff
Member #1044965

Kidding seasons has begun! Buck/doe twins out of an AI breeding 🎉🎉

Kidding seasons has begun! Buck/doe twins out of an AI breeding 🎉🎉


Two AI’s done tonight, keeping my 🤞🏻


All the CIDRs stayed in place! On a side note, they are easier to remove than insert, especially when they aren't the friendly ones


Ok, 17 CIDRs placed...keeping my fingers crossed they all stay in place so I can have February kids next spring 🤞🏻


Three kids disbudded, all the Oberhasli kids tattooed, chicken coop taking a break before cleaning out the kid pen. Not too bad so far...


Pretty excited another AI breeding is getting close to kidding...Erin-Go-Bragh Bravo B*Leave is bred to Heaven's Hollow Solomon. Due 3/18/17, maybe she could hit St. Patty's day 😉


Beyond excited, Basil just gave me my new junior herdsire out of Haycreeks Salute Spartacus! Basil is 10 years young and a favorite of our entire family. Looking like he's a single, but that's ok 😃


Spring must be here, first doe kidded...very cute single LaMancha buck kid. Oh, and it's snowing huge flakes right now too! ❄️❄️❄️


Well, I thought I missed does in heat while my back was out...guess I was wrong. Five in heat today, three bred and two waiting to be AI'd tomorrow. Who knows what will happen next?


Evidently something is in the air, three does in heat last night, two more tonight...Three bred so far, here's hoping we may get some end of February kids next year :)


Got entries done for the Spokane Fair, children really wanted to go...


Another round of disbudding in the books. Tattooed the ones with ears. Only one doe left to kid and I can pack away the disbudding equipment...LaMancha tattooing will wait until tails get bigger 😉


So far this week: 4 does kidded with 5 does and 2 bucks, one doe in labor, four does overdue and on due tomorrow. And I'm running out of newborn collars. At least I don't need help telling the LaMancha kids apart 😉 but only one doe left due to kid isn't an Oberhasli...

Kids enjoying the sunshine today.

Kids enjoying the sunshine today.


Success! All the kids on the ground disbudded, all those with ears tattooed. 18 kids total. Now I think I need a break before the second half of the herd kids. Next ones are due Friday 😳


Rough day, had to say goodbye to two does yesterday. Good news is both gave me a daughter to keep. 😢


Ok, first wave over...12 does kidded with 19 kids. More singles than I like, but healthy kids and I'll take it.


Well my Togg herd doubled yesterday, from one to two 😜


Ok, still kidding around here before a two week break. Two LaManchas gave me three bucks and two does, a single buck and another set of twin does the other day and a set of buck/doe twins today from the Oberhasli. So, total so far is 6 bucks and 9 does...with three does over due. Looking like an Oberhasli doe year so far...(I hope I didn't just jinx myself) 😉


So far today three kids born from two does...all doe kids!


Single doe kid from a first freshener this morning, still have a couple over due...not sure what they're waiting for...


Still waiting for kidding season to really begin. One first freshener kidded in the middle of the night Friday, out in the rain and the single buck did not make it. 😢 Here's hoping for some kids to play with soon...


Breeding season is winding down, hopefully only three does left to breed if all the rest settled. Boy am I ready to not be handling smelly bucks...


Back from convention and the does greeted me with flagging tails. Five does bred before I've been home five hours. Here's hoping for a busy March 😃


More does bred last night and today, maybe breeding season is finally here?

8th place Best three junior does

8th place Best three junior does


First two does bred today, here's hoping the rest are not waiting until I'm gone at Convention!

Erin-Go-Bragh Dairy Goats

Erin-Go-Bragh Dairy Goats

Kids helping mom show

Kids helping mom show


Looks like we're ready for the fair. I'm leaving today to judge In Salt Lake City and Jim will have to take the goats into The Spokane Interstate Fair alone, so everything had to be ready today. I hope I didn't forget anything... Spokane friends, please look after my husband until I get back Thursday, thanks!


Ok, I have to admit I'm getting old. I clipped five goats today and I'm exhausted. I think I need to teach the children how to clip for me 😃


Looking like we're going to get back in the showring this summer. Tentative plans for Spokane County Interstate Fair and The Washington State Fair in Puyallup. Wish us luck, first shows after moving twice in one year.


Anybody else getting excited about breeding season coming?


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