Fostering Hope- Foster Community of Vintage 242

Fostering Hope- Foster Community of Vintage 242 Fostering Hope is the fostering community of Vintage 242 Church.

National Foster Care Day 2020

It’s National Foster Care day!! Pray for our ten foster families and the SEVENTEEN foster children we have the honor of currently serving!



UPDATE: Due to the overwhelming response to our free online training offer, we are moving the free access to these trainings to a different platform.

Thank you for your patience as we pause free access to TBRI 101 and TBRI & Trauma-Informed Classrooms until Monday, April 13.

Details on how to access these trainings at no cost will be available beginning Monday, April 13 through June 30, 2020. We will provide an update on this page as well as at
We're offering FREE 30-day access to our digital trainings through May 31!

We hope these resources are helpful to parents, professionals and students alike during this time of social distancing.

Visit to learn more.

‘At 11, his adoptive parents abandoned him at a hospital, never to return. ‘Mr. Peter, can I call you my Dad?’ I began t...
‘At 11, his adoptive parents abandoned him at a hospital, never to return. ‘Mr. Peter, can I call you my Dad?’ I began to cry uncontrollably.’: Single dad adopts 11-year-old boy from foster care after biological, adoptive family abandon him

‘At 11, his adoptive parents abandoned him at a hospital, never to return. ‘Mr. Peter, can I call you my Dad?’ I began to cry uncontrollably.’: Single dad adopts 11-year-old boy from foster care after biological, adoptive family abandon him

"I received a call from my social worker. 'Can you take in an 11-year-old boy, just for the weekend?' His birth family abandoned him at 2 years old and now, his adoptive family of 9 years left him at a hospital like some disposable object, never to return. All their promises of a forever family were...

Let us know if you are interested in more information!!! Email

Let us know if you are interested in more information!!! Email [email protected].

Pray for this little one!

Pray for this little one!

A 3-week-old boy whose parents were arrested Friday was allegedly beaten so badly that Barrow County authorities said they had never seen anything like it.

The man and woman were arrested after the mother took the child to Northeast Georgia Medical Center with multiple broken bones and internal injuries, Barrow County Sheriff Jud Smith told

“Very horrific pain this child was in,” Smith said. “It’s nothing like we've ever seen.”

Jarrett McCloud, 20, and Megan Richmond, 22, both of Winder, remain in the Barrow County jail without bond.

Nurses at the hospital told Smith that “they've never seen a child this dramatically beaten survive.”

“He’s a tough little fella,” Smith added.

The parents were arrested following a custody hearing, which took place after the boy was taken to the hospital, Smith said. A judge did not grant McCloud and Richmond temporary custody.

The Division of Family and Children Services was called, “and immediately the child was taken out of their care, Smith said. “When that hearing was done, we took the mother into custody and shortly after that the father was taken into custody.”

Smith said Richmond took the baby to the hospital and said he wouldn’t stop crying.

“Not only was it internal physical injuries; there were visible outward injuries,” he said. Pictures of the injuries were too graphic to be released to the public.

The child is still in excruciating pain, Smith said, and doctors are using a lot of “hands-on” care to stabilize his condition.

Real Life Foster Mom

Real Life Foster Mom

“I don’t know how you do it, love them, take care of them & then watch them leave, I couldn’t do it.”

Listen, I know he won’t be here long & I know when he leaves, i’ll end up with a broken heart...again; but here’s the truth, when we choose to do what God has called us to, we aren’t choosing the ‘easy’. We’re choosing to be His hands & feet—to walk alongside broken families, through a broken system.

& no, it’s never easy for me knowing all this hard work might bear fruit for his future that I may never get to see; but I make the choice to get up everyday & do it. Even through the unimaginable hurt, I choose to give away my time, my love & myself. I choose sleepless nights, too many appointments, paperwork & trauma. I choose all of this expecting nothing in return because I can’t imagine what would happen if nobody stood on the front-line, hand in hand with these children; defending them, loving them, fearlessly fighting for them.

So if you’re wondering “if you could ever”—I promise, you can.

If Jesus is calling you to walk through this broken, uncomfortable but totally worth it life—maybe it’s time for you to take the next step. Expect Him to lead you, comfort you & use you in ways you can’t even imagine.

As for me, I’ve loved a child, watched them leave & I survived. I am a foster parent.
#ThisIsFosterCare #StandingOnTheFrontLine

Foster the Family

Foster the Family

Another phone call from the principal. It’s picture day, for goodness’ sake. Picture day is supposed to be fun. What could possibly go wrong on picture day? We can’t ever expect, we rarely know, we never fully understand. But trauma triggers come in every size and shape and place and sound, and when they come, they pull down everything in their way.

“Why can’t our family just be normal?” I bemoaned as I drove back to school. The answer is: We could’ve been, but we chose not to be. We chose to step into brokenness. A brokenness that is not easily mended, a brokenness that writes itself on DNA and belief systems and physiological reactions. But we stepped into this place, and we walk in is still.

And as we walk—and stumble and fall and resent that we have to walk in at all—we remember. We remember that as we pursue and love and offer hope to broken children, we’re mirroring the One who did this for us. We remember that God is a God who stepped into our brokenness, took our brokenness upon Himself, and healed the broken places, by His wounds.

The call to love a child with a broken past sometimes comes as a call from a principal on picture day. It’s a holy call. To die to self and to live in love and to remember always...that above and before being those who love broken people, we’re those who were loved AS broken people.

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Foster the Family

Foster the Family

To the friends + family of foster parents:

As foster parents, we’ve said goodbye to children we’ve loved. We mourn—even as we celebrate—children we’ve parented. There’s a grief we carry in their loss and remembrance.

And when you remember along with us, it means the world.

This morning, I got a note from a friend. I read the first sentence and immediately wept. I’m weeping again as I remember: “If my calculations are correct, it’s *baby boy’s* birthday...” the note began. She hasn’t see this boy in a year and a half. She could’ve/should’ve forgotten him by now. She told me that he isn’t forgotten, that my love for him isn’t either. She affirmed that my loss is real. She reminded me that God is bottling all my tears.

I can think of few times I’ve felt so seen and so loved by a friend. I’ve cried throughout the day, remembering her words, feeling completely overwhelmed by the thought and intention behind them.

Friends and family, we’re so grateful for your help. We appreciate it. We need it. But your love means even more. When you care for us as we care for these kids—asking questions, carrying burdens, offering prayers—it means so much. When you love them as they’re in our homes, and love them still, once they leave—it means everything.

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Foster the Family

Foster the Family

“Do not neglect to show hospitality...” Hebrews 13:2

Real Life Foster Mom

Real Life Foster Mom

*I'm not a saint.
*Don't ask details.
*This journey is hard.
*Think before you speak.
*Bring coffee/wine/tissues.
*Please respect boundaries.
*These kids need love & support.
*Sometimes I need to vent/ugly cry.
*Do some research about foster care.
*Trauma is hell on earth for these kids.
*They aren't bad, they are traumatized.
*I may have to cancel plans last minute.
*If you bring something for one—bring for ALL.
*Don’t wait for us to ask, just BE OUR VILLAGE.
*I still care about things not related to foster care.
*I will defend them just like I would my biological children.
*We need help, love & so much support, be patient & ask if/what we need help with—there is always something.
*This life is exhausting & emotionally draining—BUT, it’s absolutely beautiful to see children conquer their fears & trauma & families to be reunited when possible. #ThisIsFosterCare
~April Martinez~

Sign up!

Sign up!

I am SO excited! 🎉🌈🤩 As of today, if you are a foster parent and have a child in your care between the ages of 3 and 8, you qualify for a free craft kit—whether you live in Oregon, New York, or anywhere in between! 🙌🏻 We’ll even pay for shipping.
I've been wanting to serve foster families across the country for a long time now, and we're finally able to do it thanks to the money we've earned from your subscription purchases and support at our events. These kits will be full-size (12x9x2”) 📦💥 and loaded with crafts that help kids express themselves and connect with the families they’re placed with.
Finally, we can reach beyond the borders of Oregon to truly help make the world a happier, craftier place. 🌎🎨👊🏻 If you know a deserving family, point them our way. You can find all the info and submit a request for a kit at 💫

If you’d like to learn more please join us this Sunday! Sign up online at  Childcare provided and...

If you’d like to learn more please join us this Sunday! Sign up online at
Childcare provided and lunch will be catered.

Foster the Family

Foster the Family

Here's to the dads...
Who aren't fathers through biology but are dads just the same.
Who decided to care and serve and provide and nurture, when they had no reason to have to.
Who have stepped in a child's life and story and heart.
Who only ever wanted a simple, quiet life and have signed on for chaos.
Who have said good-bye and carry heartache.
Who have chosen to enter and reorient a child’s life forever, committing to share love and last names, no matter what may come.
Who, in a culture that focuses on protecting your own, stepped in for another's.
Who open their hearts and homes, for a short time or for forever.
Who are driven to action, by compassion or conviction.
Who care for "the fatherless."
Here's to the foster + adoptive dads.

Happy Father's Day.

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Mamas and Papas stroller with telescoping handle, bassinet that can be front or rear facing, 4 independent wheels. Good for infant to tot. Used for 2 years intermittently. Initial cost $450! We want to gift it to someone who NEEDS it not someone who “may” be able to use it (otherwise we’d keep it for someday grandkids). Who is in need of this item?

Foster the Family

Foster the Family

20+ kids out in the world, walking around with pieces of my heart. A devastating privilege.

Empowered to Connect

Empowered to Connect

Co-regulation is the foundation of self-regulation.
(Big people too)



#fostermoms pray perspective.

My first foster baby arrived before our license was live. I had no idea what I had gotten myself into when a transporter plopped a toddler-still strapped into her heavy 5-point harness car seat-on my front living room floor. Her sister was placed in another home and over the next several months, the other foster mom shocked me with her desire to help and serve bio mom. She was open to relationship in dimensions I had never experienced.

I was uncomfortable and uneasy at times-many many times. I struggled to navigate and understand someone’s view that wasn’t my own. And I didn’t know exactly what to pray as my heart desired things my head couldn’t comprehend.

God slowly taught me to step back and see things from someone else’s space.

Isaiah 55:8 says "My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts," says the LORD. "And my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine.”

Even when we don’t know how to pray, we can honor God with his truth that our plans rarely line up with his. And as we surrender our life and the lives of those we have been given to love, he grows our faith and blesses the people along our path.

And since that first baby, I’ve encountered time and time again people and places that have been nothing like I imagined they would be. I’ve hated it and I’ve loved it all at once. From reunifications I’ve been unsupportive of to visitations I’ve opposed, God has taught me that he sees what I cannot and he can be trusted as I continue to take one forward step of obedience at a time.

He changes my perspective, allows me to see others as he does, leads me to deeper waters of trust, challenges me with circumstances I’d never choose and draws my heart to prove him faithful over and over and over again.

God, give us your perspective.

Real Life Foster Mom

Real Life Foster Mom

The Foster Life is on point. #FosterCare

This Hard Calling

This Hard Calling

All. The. Waiting. All the exhaustion.

I’ll be honest, some days I’m waiting for God to call me out of this mess and back into the comfortable ignorance that once was mine.

I don’t want to care or see or feel the weight of all the wrong this world offers up.

And even so many years in, the enemy whispers his lies.

{You heard Him wrong}
[He didn’t really call you]

But I’ve learned how to struggle thru and find space to quiet my soul to take in the truth. If you’re in this season of heaviness and defeat, foster mama friend-stand firm, train your ears to hear only truth and trust that God is present.

#standfirm #heartruth #trusthim

Real Life Foster Mom

Real Life Foster Mom


Adoptive & Foster Parenting

Adoptive & Foster Parenting

LOVE this quote.

cr: I Love Adoption //

Atlanta Falcons

What a story!

When Calvin Ridley was first placed in foster care, he told the social worker that he wanted to play professional football.

On Sunday, he will honor SOS Children's Villages-Florida for #MyCauseMyCleats.

(via NFL)

We are excited to STAND for children in foster care and commit to making a difference in our community in this arena! ST...

We are excited to STAND for children in foster care and commit to making a difference in our community in this arena! STAND SUNDAY is this Sunday, and we will be praying alongside other churches across our nation for this crisis.

This Hard Calling

This Hard Calling

Keep saying yes.

Often, I hear my nagging (or empowering) voice in my head saying keep going, keep opening your home, keep taking those kids in, keep showing up, keep answering the call.

While this appears heroic and slightly insane, rest assured I’m only human. I’m still doubting daily my ability to do any good and make an impact on the kids I call my own. Speaking of my own, can {we}, all the people, stop asking foster parents “how many of your own do you have?”
Insert awkward silence, forced smile, eye roll.

I digress.

Keep saying yes.

It’s more than a phrase, it’s a way of life. It’s yes to all things inconvenient. It’s yes to so many interruptions and missed meetings. It’s yes to more people, more paperwork and more places to be.

It’s yes to more mouths to feed and more laundry to keep up with-more screaming and crying and tantrums and trauma. It’s more baggage and bs than we really wanna fess up to.

And with the YES, or the ...yes? we are met with our humanity in all its desperate darkness and many times it’s staring straight back at us from the filthy bathroom mirror as we stare for signs of who we once were.

The yes wrecks us. And I hate the wrecking sometimes. I hate the sorrow and heartache I carry with me. I hate the hardening of my heart that I fight to feel. I’m torn into shreds of the girl I once was-the girl who didn’t know and hadn’t yet seen.

One thing is certain, our yes will carry us to places we never knew existed and are still afraid to face. We will find pieces of our own hearts strewn across the pavement and we’ll wonder if we can ever be whole again. But we’re really wondering if we were really whole before this mess began-before we uttered that brave and blind word yes.

My undoing is my first taste of freedom.

My YES is where I find hope and redemption and a relentless pursuit of my heart by a God who wants my life laid down and my hands opened wide in surrender for whatever step-for whatever yes-he invites me into next.

#keepsayingyes #undone


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Dresser free to a foster family in need! Pick-up in Woodstock! Great condition except one drawer is difficult to open and close.