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Hey my two wheeled family.

You and I know what season we are in!! Riding season! So you remember, when riding we can get sunburn really bad, especially if we did not put on sunscreen. So, as you ride out remember to cover up!

Remember to watch out for the monkeys in cages!
With love for all my family!


Hello my two wheeled family.

I know it has been a long time since my last post. I am still healing from my accident and it has put my business at a very slowed pace. But, i am still chugging along still breathing and living well.

So, a little update.

I have been busy building a prototype remote controlled lawn mower. At this moment i have the name label, color scheme, rear drive system, the remote control system, electrical system and the deck/blade combination figured out. Now setting up the steering system and geometry of it. Finally how to set up the leveling system so that setting cut height can still be used. Currently i have it set for a two inch cut, most popular setting.

If you want to know more about it or wish to contribute. Please dont hesitate on messaging me about it.

Till next time, keep safe, and watch out for the monkeys in those metal cages. God bless.


Hello my two wheeled family. I want to open the floor to you all. What is the main problem area on a bike (dont matter what it is) and want to learn more about it. It being cleaning a carburetor to what the difference between led and conventional bulb on a bike. Respond below with your wants and needs.


What's up my two wheeled family!

It's been a while since I posted, how you all missed me as much as I have y'all. Quick update, both incisions are healed about 99 percent and my ROM is at 93 or so. I don't have much grip or the ability to carry things as well. I will say that I am blessed to it not being worse and I am breathing, walking and working(slowly), ha ha ha.

So, I'm going to start taking in little jobs I.E. oil changes, some electrical issues/installments..... So on and so forth. Remember to check those fluids, tire pressures and the grease points on your steed. Lastly those chains and drive hubs, make sure your chain is not to far stretched or missing o rings(if installed) and that gear oil in the drive hub is not full of metal chunks/shavings.


Hey friends, I what to say thanks for yalls prayers and best wishes.

I had a motorcycle wreck on Saturday, March the 3rd. I broke my left arm in half. It has been put back together with rods and screws. I have three broken ribs which are still making me learn how to breathe.

At this time, I will not be able to take any motorcycles in at the moment. If you do wish for me to take a look over your bike or even help diagnose an issue, please feel free to bring it by or give me a call!

Love each and everyone of my friends and family.
Be safe out there, those steel cages can't see.... The people behind the wheel sometimes can't see you either.


Good afternoon my friends. As we spring forward in time we also spring forward in riding our iron steeds. Speaking about springs..... One of the major aspects that we overlook on our bikes is our suspension. Check those wipers on the front forks to see if they are wiping more fluid from leaking seals. On the rear shock(s) check to see if there is more buildup on the bottom, buildup could be a sign of a leaky shock from the dirt from riding sticking to the fluid. Be safe out there my friends.


Hello my friends, it is starting to get warmer outside, we know what that means. It's riding season! Please remember to check your bikes over before riding them. Check for rot on the tires, hoses for brakes, chain cleaning and lubed, fluid levels on the brake system, clutch system, greese your fittings and check your oil. Safety is paramount, please practice it EVERYTIME you ride. Much love for my motorcycle family! God bless!


Good evening to the members of my two wheeled family. I still like my four wheeled cousins..... Ha ha ha. It's still a little chilly for riding at the moment, at least for some of us. Just remember, our bikes will love it but we have to take into consideration for us. If your going to ride in these conditions make sure you have layers, try not to sweat too much and make sure that your hands are covered. Be safe out there my friends, come home in one peice. Those steel cages can't see and sometimes the drivers can't either.


Man o'man what a day. Overcasted and dreary, drizzle from time to time. For the motorcyclists out there that rides in rain or wet conditions make sure your tires are in good working order. Traction coefficient forces are reduced up to 80 percent depending on the treadwear. Be safe out there my friends.


Good afternoon my friends,

Remember that Saturday is the kick off for Sunday (no punt intended) ha ha ha. No really, today here in Crosby, we have had on and off drizzle most of the day. Tomorrow though, in the 70's and sunny (hopefully), that being said, today make you check over your gear, bike and route.
Gear for rips, tears, stiching and zipper function. Bike tire pressure, oil level, brake master cylinder fluid level, oil leak (to include fork), chain lubrication (unless a hub, then oil level). No frayed wires, lights, horn and all hoses connected that should be.

Tomorrow let us be safe and have fun riding!


What a beautiful day coming to a close. Today was a wonderful day for it has reminded me of why I do what I do.
I want to thank one of my customers today. I don't think I have seen a bigger smile than the one that was presented. With that you hear words like "man she is a lot more peppy" or "this is more than what I expected".... Just in that alone, those small instances, do not take them for granted.
That my friends is what I try to recreate every day, I too love the feeling of my two wheels underneath me running better than what they were and that smile from ear to ear.


I'm doing a special at the moment of get four oil changes and get the fifth one free.

Give me some input to what you guys think about that promotion and hit me with some other ideas.

Thank you all, without you this will be just a dream.


Thank you for looking at my page. Just starting off hoping to make this thing big.

Please like and follow

I have a lot in store in regards of the business and things I am wanting to accomplish.

Motorcycles for Veterans
Homes for homeless Veterans
Skills training for Veterans


Ramsey Road
Crosby, TX

Opening Hours

Monday 9am - 5pm
Tuesday 9am - 5pm
Wednesday 9am - 3pm
Thursday 9am - 5pm
Friday 9am - 5pm


(540) 293-4485



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