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D&J's is a family run business and has been serving the Upper Bucks County and the Lehigh Valley since 1984. One of the cleanest salvage yards and complete PA auto service stations you will ever find. We are located in a beautiful rural residential setting in the northern most part of beautiful Springfield Township, Bucks County. We proudly recycle and strive to make sure we do our part to keep the environment clean. We are a one stop facility for all of your vehicle needs. We started out as a salvage yard providing customers with quality used auto parts for their vehicles, along with selling used vehicles.


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When shopping at an auto salvage yard, the more information you can provide about your car, the better. At the very least, you should have your engine prefix, frame/chassis number, and vehicle identification number written down.


Did you know that it is common for salvage yards to keep older cars in good body condition and sell them to car builders and collectors? The purpose of this is to allow builders and collectors to restore cars for their own entertainment.


Not only can buying used auto parts at the salvage yard save you a significant amount of money, but it can also help the environment. Landfills are full of car parts, and by recycling you can help keep those numbers down.


Some common items you can find at salvage yards are transmissions and motors that may have many miles left on them. Purchasing these items at a salvage yard is often much less costly than buying them directly.


During the 1990s, new technology entered the salvage yard industry, making it easier than ever for people to rebuild and refurbish their used vehicles.


Did you know that you can find used tires at salvage yards? This can be extremely helpful if you need to replace the tires on your car but want to avoid the expense associated with new tires.


Auto salvage yards are also known as auto recyclers, as they prevent the waste of reusable auto parts and materials by removing them from non-operable cars. This is not only economically feasible, but it contributes to the environmental effort.


One of the best places to look for windshields and windows is at a salvage yard, since you can often find these items in perfect condition and for an extremely low price.


Did you know that salvage yards often carry car parts for vehicles that are no longer in production? From tires to plugs to entire engines, you can find all sorts of out-of-production car parts at a salvage yard.


Did you know that cars are the number-one recycled product in the United States? This is likely because more than 85 percent of the materials in vehicles are recyclable.


Have a vehicle that holds a lot of sentimental value that you'd like to keep running? Contact us with your part needs to keep your costs low and your car on the road!


Did you know that the practice of buying totaled cars and stripping them of parts has been around since the first decade of the 20th century?


In most cases, the part you get from the salvage yard won't match the exact color and finish of your automobile. It may be necessary to repaint a portion of your car after repair.


If you are a car collector, one of the best ways to save both time and money on restoring your vehicles is by purchasing your parts at a salvage yard.


Did you know that you can search for used and salvaged car parts by image even if you do not know the name of the specific parts you need? This makes finding your car parts easy even if you are unfamiliar with them initially.


Used auto parts in high demand are often removed from the cars ahead of time and stored in the salvage yard's warehouse. That way, a customer requesting one of these parts can receive it immediately.


Did you know that many salvage yards began to specialize in providing parts for specific types of vehicles in the 1980s? This brought about major changes in the auto salvaging industry.


Did you know that used auto parts are available for just about every year, make, and vehicle model on the road today?


Come to us for:

• Title Transfers with Temporary Tags Issued
• Vehicle Renewals
• Duplicate Registrations, Stickers, Plates, and Weight Class Stickers
• Duplicate Titles Processed on the Spot and Mailed from Harrisburg the Next Day
• Change of Address on Your Registrations — New Registration Card Printed on the Spot!
• In-Transit Plates Issued Electronically
• Reconstructed Titles Processed and Registration Issued Immediately
• Vehicle Records
• Restoration Letters
• Driver License Renewals
• Changes of Address
• Driver License Abstracts Printed


In the United Kingdom, car salvage yards are referred to as car breakers, whereas motorcycle salvage yards are known as bike breakers.


If you are rebuilding your vehicle's engine, a salvage yard is the perfect place to start. In most cases, a rebuilt engine only requires half of the energy needed to create a new one.


Buying used auto parts from a salvage yard is a good way to ensure that you have quality Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts in your car. Recycled parts, unlike many aftermarket parts, are of the same quality as the parts they're replacing.


Did you know that you can often find unbroken windshields and windows at salvage yards? These are a great option if you need to replace the glass in your car and want to save money in the process.


Did you know that you help keep materials out of landfills by choosing used or salvaged car parts over new ones?


As more people choose used auto parts, the severity of accident repair is reduced, which ultimately results in fewer vehicles that are a total loss.


Are you thinking about potential repair and replacement costs as part of your car buying process? Remember that some vehicles have more readily available used parts depending on their popularity in the market.


If you aren't sure about using a particular used auto part on your car, let's talk about your concerns. It may be that the part you want to buy isn't as damaged as you may think.


Did you know that motor vehicles are the number-one recycled product in America? This is likely because more than 85 percent of the materials in these (by weight) are recyclable.


Own a used car? Using salvage auto parts can help you keep maintenance repairs affordable and keep your vehicle running at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new car.


These days, a visit to a salvage yard to find a used auto part won't necessarily involve sorting through piles of scrapped cars. Instead, the salvage industry has adopted computer systems to handle more detailed inventory tracking and reporting.


Did you know that salvage yards were unorganized throughout the 1960s and 1970s? However, the 1980s brought about significant changes to the salvage yard industry as many yards began specializing in specific types of cars.


Did you know that our salvage yard is set up to make it easy to dismantle and recycle just about every square inch of a vehicle? This not only provides more materials for our consumers, but also benefits the environment.


Certain auto parts are a sure thing when you buy them from a salvage yard. These included body panels and any body parts, exhaust pipes and manifolds, intake manifolds, ABS controllers, and coolant reservoirs and cooling fans.


Did you know that salvage yards are a great place to search for aftermarket parts for your vehicle? Whether you want an exhaust kit or rear spoiler to enhance your car, you would be surprised what you can find at a salvage yard.


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