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Deem's Automotive This company offers a full service auto repair shop. In addition, the company offers fleet repairs and towing services.

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Your tires are the only thing that connect your vehicle to the road, so it makes sense that they play such a big role in...

Your tires are the only thing that connect your vehicle to the road, so it makes sense that they play such a big role in your safety on the road. Its recommended to inspect your tires every month and rotate them every 6,000 to 8,000 miles.
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Did you know the worlds first speeding ticket was issued in 1902? How fast do you think the motorist was travelling?? 🚔🚔


We are doing transmission flushes for 169.99 for most cars .


We are doing transmission flushes for the next 2 weeks for 169.99 no matter what kind of car at Deem's Automotive


Your car suspension system serves several functions in your car’s operation. Not only does it control how the car rides and handles bumps on the road, but it also helps keep your vehicle on the road and minimizes flip/rollover risks.


When your car breaks down, your first thought is the cost of the tow truck back into town. Then, there's the impact to your family of not having a vehicle. You can avoid all of that hassle by calling us for remote auto repair.


If your Toyota is on a recall list, but you cannot get to the dealer, bring it into us to take care of the issue. As technicians specializing in Toyotas, we can handle these problems and provide the required documentation for your insurance.


If you love the heated seat in your car, you can thank Saab. In fact, one of the company’s senior executives suffered from severe back pain that grew worse in cold weather, so in 1971 an enterprising Saab engineer invented the heated driver’s seat.


Car handling and driveability rely on the friction created between the tires and the road, which is created by the tires remaining in proper contact with the surface. When tires, shocks, or the other parts of the suspension system do not perform as they should, friction is diminished and handling and safety compromised.


One of the biggest complaints about Volvos is that their headlights and brake lights tend to prematurely burn out. A gentle tap on the lens can sometimes get them to come back on again. Another trick is to use petroleum jelly applied at the end of the bulb.


When auto radiator pressures reach 15 pounds per square inch (psi), then pressure valves open up and coolant can escape. Located on the bottom of the overflow tank, this overflow tube is what allows this coolant to escape, which keeps air out of the system.


Looking for service for your imported car but can’t find exactly the quality you want at the price you’re comfortable paying? That can be a challenge- but there are options available that can offer you both of those things.


A distributor cap routes the charge to the various spark plugs, which makes it a vital part. However, like most parts, it can wear out with age and eventually needs to be replaced. A VW repair expert will make sure the new one gets your pistons running smoothly.


Always make sure your Saab service history is up-to-date. Not only does it keep everything current, but it also enhances the resale value and makes it more attractive to buyers if you have it available when the time comes to sell.


It’s important to remember that doing anything related to your front wheels or suspension will usually require a new alignment. Without it, you may discover you aren’t getting the full benefit of the new suspension.


If it weren’t for the New York advertising agency Doyle, Dan Bernbach, we wouldn’t have the name Beetle. Before the Beetle ads, the car was only known as the Type 1. Our specialized mechanics prefer the Beetle name.


Not sure what that strange W button near the gear shift is? It activates winter mode on your vehicle, which starts your car off in third gear to enhance traction on slippery surfaces. Turn it off when it’s not needed to improve performance and fuel use.


Old, worn out suspension components have a negative impact on the rest of your steering. It can cause your front end to fall out of alignment, and create excessive wear on your tires.


Axle and suspension woes are among the most prevalent mechanical problems for European cars. This can begin as a simple pulling to one side (a minor, easily fixable alignment problem) or a more serious "wobbling" feeling (shocks, struts, or) in which drive-ability is directly impacted.


Can Lexus hybrid vehicles really make a difference for the environment? Studies show that hybrid vehicles put out 66 percent fewer emissions. These, along with greenhouse gases, have been shown to be dangerous to the protective ozone layer of the atmosphere.


Brake inspections and tire rotations should be performed at regular intervals for optimum performance. Our expert technicians perform all routine maintenance of all or your car’s systems according to manufacturer specifications.


If you regularly take your Jeep offroading, then it’s important that you give your vehicle a thorough cleaning afterward. Excess mud can actually add quite a bit of weight to your vehicle and can even cause corrosion if left for a long time.


One of the most common car repairs in the country involves replacing a missing or broken gas cap, according to a survey of 170,000 car repairs between 1996 and 2010. This can lead to reduced gas mileage, experts say.


We know that finances are an issue these days, and saving on car maintenance costs is important. But we caution customers that their Audi is a complex machine, so they should not attempt to work on their vehicle themselves if they do not completely understand the project.


If you have a used Volkswagen diesel vehicle, such as a Golf or Jetta, you are enjoying the benefits of not having to deal with an electronic fuel ignition system. The diesel engine generally lasts longer and requires less maintenance than traditional engines.


The compressor belt is the trigger for many air-conditioning repairs. An air-conditioning expert can check that belt to make sure it's tight and has no unusual signs of wear and tear.


One problem often encountered by hybrid car owners has to do with the engine light coming on or staying on without necessarily indicating a particular problem with the vehicle. Fortunately, in most cases, this is a simple sensor glitch and is easily repaired.


At a lot of dealerships or mechanics shops, you don't get a chance to talk to the technician doing the diagnosis, but not with an auto diagnostics service. The technician will work directly with you, so you know exactly what's going on with your car.


Radiator leaks do not often require extensive repairs, but they still need to be addressed so you can ensure proper water and coolant levels. If you have a minor radiator leak, we can quickly repair it and get you on your way.


Leaf springs, found on must trucks (and cars made before 1985) are layers of metal attached to the axle. Each layer is called a "leaf" simply because that is what they resemble. Our professionals can service and repair vehicles that have this type of suspension component.


Does turning the heat on help to cool a car’s engine? Actually yes. But, a vehicle should not need to have the heat turned on to help control the engine temperature – and if this issue occurs it is a sign that a vehicle check-up is needed.


Changing filters is an essential part of car maintenance. Make a point to have filters checked regularly, especially before a long road trip.


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