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Hyde Park Stove Repair Hyde Park Stove Repair offers oven service, microwave repair, cooktop repair, stovetop repair and appliance repair in Hyde Park Cincinnati.

Hyde Park Stove Repair


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Common Issues Seen in Ovens and Ranges:
Burner won't come on
Swap it with another working burner to determine if it is the burner, the receptacle, or the switch.
Burner too hot, regardless of setting
This is typically a bad switch.
Indicator light stays lit
This is also a bad switch.


Oven door stuck closed
A misaligned self-clean latch or defective ERC, also called the touch pad, clock or the oven control, may be to blame.
Oven not self-cleaning
If the oven has a defective self-clean latch switch or function selector switch, or if the self-clean latch is bent or misaligned, the door will not close properly, preventing cleaning.
Oven not baking/broiler not working
A bad bake igniter or valve may be the culprit. On gas models, the pilot flame may not be wrapping around the thermocouple, as it should. If you aren't getting spark to the pilot, you may need to replace the spark electrode, spark module, and ignition wire.


Oven not heating/poor heating
On gas ovens, if your oven door gasket is damaged or you have a sluggish igniter it will take much longer for your oven to come up to temperature. On electric ovens, the main controller board or a bad relay may be to blame.
Erratic temperatures
A bad bake oven igniter will often cause unstable temperatures in gas ovens. Off temperatures may also be due to thermostat, temperature sensor, selector switch, or calibration dial issues.
Oven will not heat up
You may need to replace your bake or broil heating elements. On gas models, the igniter or gas safety valve should be checked.


Among the specialized services offered by Hyde Park Stove Repair are: Hyde Park stove, Hyde Park oven repair, Stove won’t light up, oven won’t ignite, oven won’t get hot, smell gas, and pilot won’t light. All of these fine repair features can be accessed by calling 513-777-1777.
Hyde Park Stove Repair also performs the following services: Hyde Park oven repair, Hyde Park stove top repair, Hyde Park range repair, Hyde Park commercial stove repair, Hyde Park commercial oven repair, Hyde Park appliance repair. Whatever your need, Hyde Park Stove Repair can handle it.


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