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From Aviation Week via Tom Owen
"The WSJ also has an interesting article explaining how Bombardier and AirBus outsmart Boeing. AirBus (without putting up a cent) has taken a 50.01% stake in Bombardier and will build their jet in Alabama, thus avoiding the Boeing lobby tariffs.

I think it pretty cool deal, creating more jobs in the US. Trump will like it. Boeing pushed too far it seems.

Although I prefer Boeing as an airplane maker, their senior management acts like congress in that they promise the world, but sits on their hands, only relying on their past achievements."


We seem to be expanding our network to include USC, University of South Carolina, Mechanical Engineering. Our Auburn office is all Wichita State University engineers and now consulting with USC and Tuskegee University. Makes me wonder if Auburn University knows we are in their backyard.



Move it back, and you speed up. Here's why.


Attending the MRO Americus Trade Show this week in Orlando. Hope to see old friends, make new ones, and drum up some business. Regardless we plan on having fun


Long afternoon today teaching our young aircraft engineers by doing hands on airplane activities. Installing nutplates and removing and reinstalling panels including the nose cone and we needed to prepare the plane for more training for our "On the Job Training" students tomorrow.

Spent the rest of the afternoon explaining different ways manufacturers, maintenance, and airlines process repairs and obtain approvals. We like the DER route ourselves.


We are trying to get part of the T-100 action in Tuskegee.



Here's how they work:


Our OJT course for recent enginerring graduates and students starts Saturday here in Auburn, AL. We consider this critical skill for young engineers entering the work force. On the job and hands on experience with actual aircraft and doing the repair by designing, drafting, analyzing, fabricating, and installing a complete repair all by themselves. Knowing and confident about aircraft structure applying the fundamentals taught at Auburn University. There may be some drill runs, bruised knuckles, and mild cursing happening.


We are also looking into purchasing a Cessna 182 complimenting our Cessna 150.


After a long hiatus, we are getting our act together. We have been side tracked because we follow the money and the money wasn't in aircraft rental. Aftr all we are inexpensive!

One of our isues is finding an airport to operate out of. Surprisingly, between poorly maintained, poor facilities, poor airport and non compete clauses, we are looking at options.

We want a long enough and decently asphalt covered runway at a publically operated airport that wants our business. Simple right? Nope.

We have decided to look into Reeves Airport, 41A at Tallasee even though further away from Auburn tan preferred, we've heard they want us.

We may bring a full service FBO to them. I hope so but time will tell. Let negotiations begin!


Tuskegee Airmen Flying Tigers, LLC name is great but you can't cheer to it so doing business as TAFT Air.

Fleet is a C150, $80 wet introduction rate at Moton Field. Future plans call for a Flight Simulator for instrument rating followed by a C182 or Cirrus SR22 and our own hangar.


Finally, we are official. Tuskegee Airmen Flying Tigers, LLC is officially a corporation and doing business as TAFT or TAFT Air.

Cessna 150 is available at $80/hr wet (means with fuel included) Moton Field, Tuskegee


680 N College St., Suite B
Auburn, AL


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