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Moore Transmission Get In Gear With... We service foreign and domestic automobiles, light and medium duty trucks. We also specialize in any 4x4 vehicles, Jeeps, Broncos, etc…Moore Transmission has the tools and experience to do the job right.

We honor extended factory warranties and offer 36 month / 36,000 mile warranties on the work we perform with longer warranties also available on all transmission service.

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“When someone said to Diogenes, ‘Most people laugh at you’, he replied, ‘And doubtless donkeys laugh at them; but just as they pay no heed to the donkeys, I pay none to them.’”


Thought of the day:

"You are never too important to be nice to people"

Jon Batiste


Could you kill innocent people because you were angry or hurt? Really think about that. I have heard people say they thought if they had a gun in their car, they might kill someone out of road rage. My question is this - they had a lethal weapon - a driver can use a car to kill and maim. More people are killed in car accidents than almost anything else outside of illness in our country. But, they didn’t do it. Why?

You could kill someone. Why don’t you? Why don’t we do that when we are angry? When you are angry with people or a group of people why don’t you make a pipe bomb or an explosive out of a pressure cooker then plot, plan and kill people?

Maybe when you find the answer to that we will find more of what we need in this world. Figure out what stops you.

This is a human issue. This is a moral issue. This is a values issue. This is an attention grabbing, cry for help, vengeance, out of control, no regard for submitting to the fallen world we live in, entitlement, expectations issue.

When did people grow up thinking they were so entitled to being free from pain that when they do feel it they feel someone else or a group of people should pay for it with their life? When did people become so numb to right and wrong? When did people stop caring for others more than themselves? When did people start believing their pain was so much more than someone else’s that their pain became more important than another human life?

Find the answer to that and you will find the answers to stopping one human from killing others in an unprotected and almost entirely unarmed zone where there is no expectation of being harmed themselves.

No person and no law fixes a problem of this magnitude. Murder is against the law and it’s not stopping people who kill others so the world will see them. It’s not stopping people who want their pain to be someone else’s problem. It’s not stopping people who think their pain will be lessened by hurting others. This is not a one man, one woman or one law problem.

Bureaucracy cannot fix the human spirit. This is not someone else’s problem to fix. This is a societal, cultural epidemic that takes each person being their brother’s keeper. This is every single person being aware, present and in the moments of children’s lives. This is not farming out the responsibility to government, police or schools.

This is you and me changing our ways and raising our children differently. This is you and me showing young people the world is hard at times, sometimes for a long time IN EVERY HUMAN LIFE. No one gets through this world without struggle.

This is you and me teaching our kids struggle is real and EXPECTED in life. It is you and me being hands on in teaching kids to be courageous and capable of enduring in the face of adversity. This is you and me finding the right help for our kids and not turning a blind eye. This is you and me turning off video games and electronics and getting back to human contact. This is every single person in this country looking to themselves, not the government to fix this epidemic disregard for responsibility and human life.

Sad day here at Moore Transmission. Guess I knew the day would eventually come. It's been a good run. Time to say good b...

Sad day here at Moore Transmission. Guess I knew the day would eventually come. It's been a good run. Time to say good bye to the old and hello to the new. I finally on this day will have to go buy a new box of staples. After 19 yrs my original box said "No more, move on dude" and it was over. Think I'll put it in a trophy case :D

Sad day here at Moore Transmission. Guess I knew the day would eventually come. It's been a good run. Time to say good bye to the old and hello to the new. I finally on this day will have to go buy a new box of staples. After 19 yrs my original box said "No more, move on dude" and it was over. Think I'll put it in a trophy case :D


In all the years, I have been in the transmission industry and an ATRA member I have meet and spoken to many other transmission shop owners. Many generally are only interested in one thing, money. Don’t get me wrong we all need it. But at the same time, I believe there must be some sort of trust, kind of relationship with the customer, and general understanding that people need to be taken care of when they spend money with you for repairs which can be very costly at times. Few shop owners I have dealt with can balance all of this most of the time or usually just could care a less for the customer satisfaction. Don’t get me wrong, we have all had our headaches with employees, misunderstandings, warranty work, and so on. It’s just part of the business and things just don’t always go the way we’d hope them to go. However, when it comes down to it there’s nothing worse than having a customer broke down in another city or state. Those things just happen. It’s at those times a customer hopes he has a transmission shop that will honor their workmanship.
So, to my point…. I have done many ATRA warranty repairs for other shops all over the country. Until a week ago I have yet to have such a positive dealing with another shop owner as I have had with Rick Melvin, owner of Tranco Transmisisons in Port Angeles, Washington. To be honest I was losing faith in our industry and understanding why so many people are so distrusting of transmission people. I thought I maybe the only guy left that was more worried about making sure our workmanship was the very best out there, until I spoke to Rick. Quality repairs are not cheap, period. Honesty is will take a shop a long way and the word I believe gets around. Standing behind your work is priceless.
I am glad I could help out somebody in the business that seems to be the same caliber as I believe I am. Not only did Rick want to make sure his customer was taken care of and at the same time was willing to share a little trade secret for a particular repair with me as well.
So, my hats off to Rick Melvin. If I am ever looking for the next vacation destination, I believe it will be in your part of our country. It was my pleasure speaking and dealing with you.

And BTW, the bag of “Bigfoot Poop” you sent me is still making me laugh.

Thanks again,

Ronnie Moore
Moore Transmission


Thought for the day: Or maybe more like a social media challenge.
As a truly "small" business owner, as opposed to some Trump supporter who speaks at his convention who claims to be a small business owner yet owns 6 business with 10 to 30 million in annual sales and is an ex movie star. Right, you're small business owner.

Anyways. I understand it's virtually impossible to make every customer happy. I understand my business isn't right for every person who comes in or calls. Obviously, Moore Transmission can't be a perfect fit for everybody. Good or bad it's part of doing business. I get that. I do strive to make every customer we do business with as happy as I possibly can, not always possible but I try.
Since 1998, I been in business here in Alvin and deal with maybe on average let us say 700 to 1,000 people every year. Not counting people we see but go else where. In that let us call it 18 years here I have dealt with all sorts of strange things. But one thing still amazes and surprises me, and I will get to that in a minute.

Friends, family, strangers and just people in general, oh I couldn't possibly know the number but I am sure it's a lot get on social media for everything, get on google and look up anything and basically everything, post pictures about vacations, tell stories about lord knows everything, tweet when they are going to the store, or whatever..... So you get the idea, everybody is online all the time doing something.

So to my point. It cracks me up to see 1 (one) customer of mine on average about every 3 or 4 years, 1 (one) ... go to some website like google, yext, ypone, yelp or whatever else is out there "on the line" :)... and post up some fabricated crap about the business. 1 (one) out of 3000 or 4000 every 3 or 4 years (less than 1% call it) will post up something so ridiculous like ... we changed a $25 sensor they provided us on their transmission and now their windows don't roll up or down on the car they just bought for 500.00 bucks, or the sensor they gave us fixed their transmission but now their motor is knocking, battery is dead, tires are going flat, steering wheel is shaking now, or the a/c quite working. Like I have done every time something like this happens , I as the owner will try and make them happy and look at the car again and make sure when we changed the fluid in their transmission we didn't by mistake rotate their tires or take their muffler off. 99.9% of time of course its nothing to do with our workmanship. But of course that 1 (one) customer who spend $100.00 bucks with ya out of 3 or 4 years will be the 1 (one) who writes or posts some unbelievable stuff about the business. I get it everybody has bad days and somebody everyday is going through something I have no idea what is going on in their lives. But Really???

So here is my proposal to my facebook friends, their friends or whomever.
In order to improve upon being the best possible source for transmission repairs in this area and surrounding area I am offering up this...

I will give anybody again anybody, $10 cash money or gift card (your choice) to where ever he or she wants FOR A REVIEW GOOD OR BAD if you have dealt with my business Moore Transmission in the past or your car is in here now, on any website not just Facebook that has a place to post reviews about my business here. Again, GOOD OR BAD !!!
I would like to hear it. But please let's say one review per household.

Thank You Facebook Community for allowing me this opportunity to vent and try improve a business I care deeply about.


Thought for the day:
Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass ... it's about learning to dance in the rain!


Theme of the Week:
With Life being like a Roller-Coaster Ride, you may enjoy the ride more if you just loosen up.


Theme of the Week:
"Every job is a self-portrait of the person who did it. Autograph your work with excellence." -- Jessica Guidobono


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